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Stressed, depressed, could use a good (f)uck

Cant get him of(f) my mind, give me something else to think about

Cant get enough o(f) my favorite fruit

Why dont you suck on them (f)or me

Cant sleep or get him of(f) my mind, why dont you give me something else to think about 😉

So many (f)antasys left unfulfilled

(f)eeling down, could use a friend

a(f)ter almost 3 years my playmate ended things to be with someone else, and it hurts so much worse than I thought it would

how about you tie me up and tease me with this (f)

be a good boy and get on your knees (f)or me

shame I dont ha e anyone to bend me over and (f)uck me at work anymore, I could certainly use it

day 4 no power, nothing to do but (f)uck myself I suppose

the best (f)eeling in the world, which toy would you rather replace

3 days with no power, so cold these nipples could cut glass, I need a good thin slave to help keep me warm (f)

merry Christm-ass! Any chance you have a package (f)or me

powers out, (f)eeling cold and lonely

cum over here and lick this twat (f)or me

I want you on your knees begging (f)or this hole right now like a good small plow slave

I love being stu(f)fed full

can wait (f)or you to destroy this vagina

cant wait to get this tight tiny twat destroyed (f)

happy titty Tuesday, I may need a bigger bra, theyre barely contained (f)

wanna sit on my lap and blow these titties (f)or me?

love teasing my tits at a red light (f)

I hate driving long distances, but atleast I have built in stress balls (f)

A small tease (f)or titty tuesday

I need a nice hard penis in me so (f)ucking bad

Oops, I dropped something, let me grab it legit (f)ast. Dont peek you perv

Powers out again, i(f) only I had someone to keep me warm

Sometimes I really miss getting (f)ucked at office by my old boss at my old job

Will you be a good small slave (f)or me?

Power is out, I could use some help staying warm (f)

You can watch i(f) you want, but dont touch

a long hard day deserves a long hard distraction (f)

wanna peek? (f)

nothing like a nice steamy shower a(f)ter a long hard day, though id prefer something else long and hard

I just want to be tied up and treated like a (f)uck slave

I love being stu(f)fed full

the per(f)ect outfit to get tied up and bent over in

cant wait until he stu(f)fs me full again like the good little slave I am

can you give it to me deep? (f)

just wanted to show o(f)f some new jewelry

this tight tiny twat needs a good pounding (f)

nothing like a beauty steamy shower after a long hard day (f)

this poor small vagina needs some attention (f)

I cant seem to (f)ind a seat, mind if I use your face?

Ive been very naughty, im a(f)raid I may need to be punished

darling its better down where its wetter take it (f)rom me

bassists take ot deeper, but drummers know how to plow (f)

I wish someone would bend me over the table at office and (f)uck me

I could really use a shower buddy to help rub all this soap in (f)

High but certainly not dry (f)

does this bra make my titties look (f)at

would you beat my rear like a drum? (f)

Should I wear this (f)or work tomorrow?

bored at work (f)

cant wait for my small slave to (f)uck me again

youre watching arent you (f)

need these titties sucked so (f)ucking bad, perhaps one person per nipple

loving my new out(f)it

I think my shirt might be a bit to small (f)

these fat titties need a good sucking (f)

My toy hasnt (f)ucked me in so long and I cant stand it anymore ill just have to settle for a dildo I guess

Be a good boy and blow these fat mommy milkers (f)or me

(F)uck Im so pent up, someone suck them now

Havnt heard (f)rom my toy in months now, fuck him and please bang me

God I need a good (f)ucking

Just wanna be stu(f)fed so bad

Wanna suck these big (f)ucking titties for me?

Practice makes per(f)ect

I cant seem to (f)ind a seat, mind if I use your face?

Oops I dropped my phone (f)

I need these large titties sucked so (f)ucking bad

My dildo hasnt responded to my messages so Ill tease you instead (f)

What would you do to these tits? (F)

Im (f)eeling them good vibrations ?

blow me and (f)uck me

Nothing like (f)ucking myself while gaming, I love the risk of someone in voice chat hearing

Wanna (f)uck these fat slave teen tits, I want them covered in cum

Wanna (f)uck these monster titties for me?

Wanna lick? (F)

I need a tiny slave to suck these tittiss (f)or me

2 titties means I need 2 slaves, one dedicated to each nipple (f)

Peekaboob (f)

A tiny underboob tease (f)or your pleasure

A small tease (f)or you

Suck me and (f)uck me please

Wanna suck on these 36D breasts (F)or me?

(F)reah out of the shower, and so soft

Are these fat enough to be considered mommy milkers? (F)

(F)uck or suck?

I just want someone to suck on me (f)or hours

What would you do? (F)

Wanna (f)eel?

I love a handsome (f)ree vibrator

How about a spanking while you blow my breasts (f)

The biggest problem about sleeping in tank tops (f)

I like to put a thrusting dildo between my boobs while masturbating because I like the (f)eel of it between my boobs

(F)really shaved puss ready to play

(F)rashly shaven and ready for you

Couldnt sleep and its now (f)ive am

Wanna drag me around like a thin slave girl? (f)

I pre(f)er vibrators with a handle, so I can jerk them off while I get off

A small tease (f)or you

(F)ar to horny tonight, clothing is just to much

Peekaboo (f)

Think you could (f)it your cock in there?

Anyone else like to game boobs out? (F)ree stress balls when needed 😉

Good morning everyone (f)

Cant sleep, (f)resh piercings are a bit sore

Peekaboo (f)

PoV: my breasts hanging in you (f)ace as I tie you to the bedpost

Some underboob (f)or you

(F)inally got them pierced, im in love and cant stop staring

Wanna worship these big titties (f)or me?

I love (f)eeling my breasts bounce around when I masterbate

Anyone wanna taste? (f)

I love (f)eeling them get pinched and pulled

I(f) only someone could nibble them

I(f) only it was legit

Laying in bed, wishing someone could come (f)ondle them

When no ones around sometimes Ill just grind and rub alone (f)

What would you do with these in your (f)ace?

Peek-a-boob (23f)

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