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Do you have space (f)or me on your lap?

Care to join me (f)or a quick shower in the gym locker room?

Cuddle(f)uck or PoundTown?

Wanna (f)uck now or later?

Sweet dreams ?(f)

What do you think of my butter(f)ly? ?

Looking (f)or a photographer… any suggestions?

Oops I did it again ??wanna help next time? ?(f)

Going to the lake today, but would you like to join me (f)or a quickie first? ?

Do you like my nipples today? (f)

Good morning (f)rom me to you ?

Care to join me (f)or a workout? My bed is the gym.

Do you want to be large or petite spoon? Is it ok with you i(f) we cuddlefuck too?

(f)or the butt lovers…

I just napped so hard (f) anything else hard around here?

Care to join me (f)or a nap?

Do you pre(f)er to be on top or bottom?

Are you DT(F)?

Do I look like a hand(f)ul or two?

Good morning ☀️ how are you (f)eeling today?

Wanna get on top o(f) me?

Freshly showered and waiting (f)or you. Are you coming?

Do you like sun(f)lowers? ?

Fuck around and (f)ind out. I dare you ?

Good morning(f)rom my bed to yours. Wanna cuddle?

Would you (f)uck me?

Looking (f)or help in the shower… can you lend a hand?

Road-trip (f)un?

It was time (f)or a shower… ?

Want some (f)ruit for breakfast? ???????

(f) cocoa butter lotion

(f)eel like joining me in the shower tonight?

Miss me? (f)

I’m looking (f)or my panties. Has anyone seen them?

Anyone else like to cook dinner topless on (F)ridays?

Want to wrestle? (f)

Monday have you (f)eeling down? Here’s a little distraction ?

Anyone else like to start (F)riday with a good workout?

Case o(f) the Mondays? Hope my hole gives you a nice distraction ?

I (f)eel like I might go wild tonight. How about you?

Just a (f)it young on her yoga mat. Happy Friday! Any fun plans?

What’s your (f)avorite flavor of ice cream?

How do you (f)eel about revealed forest fairies sunbathing amidst the river rocks?

(F)eel like chatting? Let me know ?

Do you like my nipples? (f)

(F)orever climbing onto things to get a better view. Any volunteers to lift me up when I can’t reach something?

The glass was (f)rosted, so I wanted to check if you could see my nipples when I pressed against it. Can you tell it’s me? ?


Good morning ☀️ upvote i(f) you want me to post a shower movie ?

Will you help me lather the soap in my hard to reach areas i(f) I let you do whatever else you want?

Oops I (f)orgot to add a gender tag. Can someone please spank me in the shower to help me remember next time? ?

Love the feeling of (f)resh sheets...

My tummy got wet... (f)

Decided to start getting dressed... (f)

Thanks for the coffee. I’m new here. Any advice? (f)

I just woke up. Will someone please bring me a cup of coffee? (f)

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