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Morning play turned into eating babygirls tight petite asshole quickly. ? (f&f)

We love spending our mornings touching ourselves to the thought of you guys watching us. ? (f&f)

Do you wish that this was your dick that we keep rubbing our pussies up and down on? ? (f&f)

I love the way her clit feels rubbing against mine. ? (f&f)

The lords chicken isn’t the only meat we wish we had tonight. ? (f/f)

Mama has me on a strict vagitarian diet ? (f&f)

You guys asked for it, so here it is. Spreading each other’s pussies for the first time on fssg. ? (f&f)

Who wants to bang us in front of this mirror so that we can watch? ? (f&f)

Babygirl can take a dick (or should I say strap on)? (f/f)

Happy Tushy Tuesday ? (f&f)

Who want to fill this vagina after babygirl is done with me? ? (f&f)

Sweeter than a peach ? (f&f)

Evening snuggles with my babe ? (f&f)

Strap-on Saturday ??? (f&f)

Couldn’t get back to the bedroom fast enough after dinner with family. I love giving it to mama hard and deep with her favorite toy. ? (f/f)

I love tying up my dirty petite slut ⛓ (f/f)

She loves a finger in her booty ? (f/f)

What did you have for breakfast this morning? ? (f/f)

Cum keep us company ?? (f&f)

Sunset soakinnn ? (f)

Our favorite way to end the day ?? (f&f)

Morning banging is the best sex. Prove us wrong ??‍♀️ (f/f)

We were stuck between posting this one from earlier today, and the one we just posted. Guess that means you guys get two from us tonight! ?? (f/f)

Late night showers together ? (f/f)

Hot-n-ready ? (f&f)

All mine ?? (f&f)

Switched it up this time ? (ff)

My wife wouldn’t stop touching me under the table at family dinner so I made her sneak away with me lol. We’re new, be nice ? (ff)

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