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(F) is it okay if we stop on the stairs for a quick fuck?

(F) Now taking applications for a yoga buddy!

(F) I feel like something is missing from this picture. Help me figure out what it is?

(F) Today seems like the perfect day to stay naked. Who’s joining me?

(F) Do you read the titles or do your eyes go straight to the tits?

(F) Any booty guys out there?

(F) cum warm me up?

(F) To pierce or not to pierce! What would you suggest

(F) push me up against the fence and fuck me please?

(F) hmm any ideas on what I can put between my tits?

(F) Can I convince you to come back to bed?

(F) where would you cum? On me or inside of me?

(F) Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Instead of taking me out to eat, can you just eat me out?

(F) Taking revealed pictures in the snow… crazy or nah?

(F) Play time at work! Will you fill me up? No one has to know..

(F) Any volunteers to fill my pussy? I cum the hardest when both holes are full!

(F) I’d love some company in here..

(F) would anyone be interested in watching me ride my toy??

(F)do you want to see me ride my toy?

(F) Add me to your list of things to do this weekend?

(F) Does anyone else want to add a load?

(F) How does the view look from down there?

(F) would you have pulled out?

(F) My thin twat needs a mouth on it soooo bad! Can anyone help me out?! ?

A question (f)or all the dads out there, where on my my body do you want to cum?

I(f) you had to choose one place to cum, would it be on my tits or my pussy?

(F) Does anyone want to add a load? Where would you cum if you had the choice?

(F) My first day on this sub was a success! You guys made me feel so welcome..I had to post again ?

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