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Anyone down for a quickie before the kids get home? (F)

40 and 2 kids... would you still do me? (F)

Good morning freeselfshotgirls!! Does anyone like Milfs (f)or breakfast??

Fresh outta the shower... would you suck on them (f)or me??

I had a weak moment.... hope you dont mind ? (f)

My last post for a thin while!! Ive had so much fun and you all have made me feel fantastic!! Hope youve enjoyed my account!! Thank you! ??? (F40)

Happy Hump Day! You know I love humping!!? (F)

My bubble gum and breasts collage! (F)

Anyone up (f)or some mid-morning stretching?! ??

Just got off work....Would anyone lick, bite, pull, suck, smack, motorboat, etc ?? Just so sexy today!!!! (F)

My clam needs attention this morning!! ??? (f)

Week 6!! Love being able to watch ? again!! (F)

Just feels like a undressed kinda day!! Happy Saturday! ? (f)

Good Morning freeselfshotgirls! ? Partial (f)ace reveal ? (Im sorry to my children if youve accidentally gotten off to me lol)

Happy Hump Day!! ? (f)

It is Taco Tuesday after all! ?? (F40)

A mystical filter...I feel like a siren... lol (f)

In the car this time ?? (f40)

The force is strong with this one ?? sorry, I couldnt resist (F40) Happy Taco Tuesday!!

I almost missed Titty Tuesday!!! You know how much I love showing you my tits! (F)

Pink panties and some boobs... just because Mondays blow ?? (f40) Happy Monday!!

Caution! Slippery when wet! ? Moms need naughty time too ? (F)

I (f)orgot to show you the other night.... my Rainbow Brite out(f)it ??? I do love dressing up!! ?

A small more fun before the kids get home (f)rom school ??

What Moms really do on their days of(f) ?...

Nothing clever... just some thigh high Thursday ? (f)

Just wanted to show you some of the toy collection... oh and my BACKBEND ? (F40)

My nickname as a bartender was "Legs"... I just cant seem to (f)igure out why ???

Remember that song... "One Headlight" ?? Its stuck in my head now ? (f)

A petite more than just Titty Tuesday... hope it can spice up those morning meetings a petite ? (f40)

Anyone in the mood for an afternoon anal cream pie?? Too much?? (F40)

Happy Friday! Im 40 and a mother of 2... Still doing okay?? (F)

Another special request... I hope you dont mind (f) ?

Special request!! ? Hope you enjoy! Had (f)un posing for this one!

Full frontal (oc)... (f)eel like being naughty tonight... I believe I have some requests to fill ???...

The girls just wanted to say hi! A small celebratory pic for getting the ac (f)ixed!! ? Can finally feel horny again!!!

Some much needed preshower vitamin D ☀️ (f)

Some much needed preshower vitamin D ☀️ (f)

Special request ? Thank you! Hope you enjoy! ? (f)

Naked naps... one of my (f)avorite things!!

Saw that its Titty Tuesday! ?? Thought Id join in as well ?‍♀️? (f)

I like dressing up and taking pictures... hope you dont mind ? (f)

I like dressing up and taking pictures... hope you dont mind ? (f)

Things that make Mondays better ?? (f)

Things that make Mondays better ?? (f)

The one day a week I dont have to wear anything... (f)

Was thinking about making this my new pro(f)ile pic... ??

1 week old!! If my community only knew what their innocent woman has really been up to lately! Its been so much (f)un!! Thank you all!! ??

Good Morning Sunshine! (F)

Yall! I got spoiled with a new dildo for being such a naughty girl!! Looks like "Test-a-Toy-Tuesday" is already decided ??? you can still help me pick my out(f)it on Monday though...Set those reminders!!???? ps... Dont ask, just do... Ill love it, I promise!! ?

Anyone else love classic YES as much as I do??!! (F)

I hope everyones having a wonder(f)ul day so far!!

Afternoon snack! I made such a mess with my popsicle... can ANYONE help me clean it up before Daddy gets home? (F)

Bored at work... lol (f)

Got a cream pie for my slutiness today ?? (f)

YOU PICKED IT!! ?‍♀️?‍♀️ The dark outfit and purple dildo were voted for what I like to call "Test-a-TOY-Tuesday "... all o(f) your deliciously dirty comments, messages, awards *blushing* all have me beyond turned on!

Morning ride! Would you cum all over me so I can wear it to work like a good petite slut?? (F)

Decisions, decisions.... two outfits and two new toys to try out... maybe you can help me decide??? (F)

Just got off work... hope this brightens your Monday!! (F)

Do you go for the late night snack?? (F)

My new outfit for being such a good small girl this weekend!! ? Thought Id share with you since you all have shared so many wonderful comments and messages with me! Hope you enjoy! ? Happy Sunday!! (F)

Aftermath.... Sunday spankings ?? ... the naughtier I am the more I get!! (F)

Time for my Sunday spankings ?? (f)

Love when he cums on me then keeps going... making me cum even harder...... LOVE being cummed on, in, at....... it really gets me beautiful (f)

Special request.... (f)

Afternoon delight.... (f)- homemade couple

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