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Pumpkin spice and everything nice (f)

On a scale of 1-10: how much do you want to pull my slutty little braid? (f)

I miss being tan. Which do you all prefer: tan or milky pale skin? (f)

I can’t help myself. This community drives me wild. Tell me your filthy fantasies. I read them all. Your (f)ilth is my fodder.

What do you all think of brunettes with fat breasts and little waists? (f)

Dreaming of doing this right now. I had intercourse once today and got myself off three times. They don’t call it your dirty 30’s for nothing (f)

Are you one of my patients this afternoon or do you just wish you were? (f)

Lingerie for the win. I am enjoying being a young on here (f)

What do you all think about this optical illusion? Kinky enough (f)or you?

Getting into some mischief this afternoon (f)

Leave me a comment or message telling me what you’d like to do to me. Don’t be shy. (F)ilth required.

Ladies and gentleman: beware of curves ahead (f)

What do you all prefer: topless or pantless? Tell this tiny banging (f)uck dildo right now. P.S. I am 5’9” to answer y’all’s question.

Had to end a tiny early as I almost got caught. Keep sending me (f)ilth. It will be good fodder for masturbating to later. It’s making this small lesbo super wet.

Newbie here: Honestly, I can’t believe how wet this makes me. Enjoy me masturbating to your (f)ilthy comments right now.

Touching myself reading all of the sweet comments and messages. Honestly though, does it turn you all on or off that I am an opened minded lesbian? Be honest and (f)rank with me.

One of my favorites. What do you all think of this one? Like I said, the comments and messages are really turning me on. I am being a coed of a newbie. I (f)inally found my outlet.

Trying to not be a whore and post a ton of pics but the comments and messages are really turning this newbie on. I’m a (f)reak. What can I say? My vagina has been aching all day from the comments. This is from a vacation.

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