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Don’t be sweet Daddy. Tell me what a girl I am and what you want to do to me. I want to make you cheat on your boring girlfriend (F)

Super beauty this morning. I love to read your comments and messages to me which I watch video and masturbate. Is that ok to admit on here? (F)

Daddy: Do you like huge luscious booties? (f)

Daddy: Would you like to put your schlong in between my giant breasts and leave me a surprise? I know you get bored of your wife’s breasts (F)

Daddy: It’s the luck of the Irish. What do you think about jerking off to me? (F)

Hey Daddy: it’s Saturday. Don’t tell your wife you rather jerk it to me than be around her (F)

If you’re wondering what’s underneath the scrub top and bottom (F)

I crave your attention in the morning Daddy. Tell me how much better I am than your partner (F)

Whoops: I guess I forgot my panties Daddy (F)

It’s been a long day Daddy. Tell me what you are thinking about (F)

Daddy: what do you think about girls with large booties and small waists? Do you like it? (F)

Hey Daddy: It’s late. Don’t let your partner know what your doing while you think about me (F)

Truth be told, I love masturbating and reading your messages in the morning. It gets me going Daddy, especially if your partner doesn’t know (F)

I don’t think you can resist jerking off to me while your partner is home Daddy (F)

I know you like my tits but I definitely have a monster ass too Daddy (F)

Daddy: I am superior to your wife. Jerk off to me instead (F)

Since you all seem to like me in a turtle neck on top but nothing underneath, let me know if you all enjoy this one (F)

Daddy: shh, it’s our thin secret. Don’t let your girlfriend see while you longingly look at me (F)

Good Morning fssg. Taking a break from my usual kink posts to remind you to register to vote (f)

What does Daddy think of me like this? (F)

Daddy: I’ll try to not be a home wrecker but if you girlfriend catches you jerking off to me, I can’t promise she won’t be jealous (F)

Hey Daddy: it’s my lunch break. Would you like to jerk off to me? Tell me all about it (F)

Daddy: you can look but you can’t touch. Don’t let your girlfriend see you jerking to me (F)

I know it’s late but I am horny. Daddy: you have no idea what a babe like me could do to a marriage like yours (F, 32)

Daddy: please don’t worry. I am better than your partner anyways (F)

Trying to get the hang of this: what do you all think? (F, 32)

A petite bit about me: I am, indeed, a lesbian. I have a kink for straight, often times married, men jerking off to me and telling me how much they like it. Enjoy ? (F)

Daddy: your partner won’t suspect me if I dress like this, right? The fact that you jerk off to me can be our thin secret (F)

You see, I have a bit of a thing for married men and daddies. Is that OK on here? (F, 32)

It’s been a long day Daddy. Let me help you to take a load off (F, 32)

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