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(f) high and horny. tell me how I should cum? 🙂

solo tripping 2cb tonight, send movie recommendations? (f)

one of my favorite summer activities is sitting in front of my window undressed during golden hour ? (f)

you, me and this harness. sound like a good time? (f)

pure drunken joy... and no one else in the room caught me ? (f)

maybe I should go out braless more often and see what accidentally happens ? (f)

would you please (f)ill me up before you leave? I know you want to ?

(f)ill me up before you have to go to work... I know you want to ?

does anyone else think post-sex polaroids are a great idea? (f)

theyre so sensitive, wanna touch? ? (f)

just practicing (f)or when you do decide to stick it in my mouth ?

you want to blow on my nipples? well go on, then. (f)

a thin midday horniness never killed anybody ?? (f)

already so wet for you ? (f)

I started my last year of college this week! Cum congratulate me? ? (f)

these ?s cannot be contained ? (f)

bored and beauty (f)

cum tell me what youd do to me ? (f)

come tear this off of me, Ill be waiting 😉 (f)

COVID (f)ree and very happy about it ?

let me put you to sleep with a blowjob goodnight ? (f)

wanna rearrange my guts? ?‍♂️ (f)

wanna netflix and chill? (f)

heres a midday tease for you while I bore myself with emails... (f)

happy new year from me and my +ive covid test... and my tits, I guess (f)

just a lazy saturday morning (f)

keep me company while I write this essay? (f)

date night w me in this dress ⁉️ (f)

can I get an hbd? Its my 21st ? (f)

tired and beautiful ? (f)

hows your sunday going? (f)

Ive been real bratty lately ?‍??‍??‍? (f)

imagine me looking up at u like this ? (f)

any pulp fiction fans out there? (f)

suggestions for high activities? (f)

basking in that post-midterm glow ? (f)

enjoying my saturday night ? (f)

good morning! Im (f)eeling terribly sick ?

in the mood to be praised, indulge me? (f)

do I look like a tease? somebody seems to think so ? (f)

after a long night of partying (f)

(f) u/Robowarrior123 asked me if I enjoy being his slut... whats it look like?

is this college party-appropriate? (f)

come entertain a not-sober me? (f)

been a while! how are we doing? (f)

(f)irst come first served ?

youd let me bounce on your cock, right? (f)

you wake up to this. wwyd? (f)

spread nice and wide (f)or you 😉

heard its too warm out for panties too ? (f)

its too warm out (f)or clothes, isnt it?

do I deserve to cum tonight? (f)

looking (f)or someone to control my lush and make me beg for it. sound fun to you?

no (f)ilter, just large titties

decided to stay in bed and masturbate for as long as I could, really taking lazy sunday to a new level here (f)

trying to nonchalantly (f)lash you :))

practicing how to nonchalantly (f)lash you ?

tuesdays are underrated (f)

(f) come say hi(gh)

trying to make reading more (f)un

wake and bake? (f)

housemate gi(f)ted me this today... interesting

what are you doing this lovely evening? (f)

heres a pre-piercing throwback (f)or you ?

heres hoping (f)or a good week ahead ✨

I unfortunately always have a resting bitch (f)ace

high as balls (f)

heres a reminder to drink water and take your vitamins, and a reward (f)or doing so

(f)elt cute, probably wont delete :))

hows the view (f)rom over there?

high on a (f)riday night yet again ?

(f)riday nights are for self care (weed and orgasms)

had a hard time explaining this in class today ? (f)

(f)reshly marked ?

my booty has been looking a tiny too bare lately. wanna (f)ix that? ?

my rear has been looking a tiny too bare lately. wanna (f)ix that? ?

on my knees (f)or you ?

Nothing like a j (f)or some self care ??

how do we (f)eel about spring? My ? sure seems to like it :))

desperately looking to put of(f) work. Come distract me?

take these babies out (f)or a spin?

my (f)avorite picture of my pierced nipples so far ?

boobs out (f)or u/Robowarrior123 ?

wanna take this of(f)? (20)

(f20) just a bit stoned

Had to toast my buns out in the sun today (f)

working on my resting bitch (f)ace, what do we think?

wwyd to this ass? (f)

any guesses as to how I got this bruise (f19)

being on my knees is one of my (f)avorite things to do (19)

Come (f)ill me up?

(f)ancy spreading me open?

Come over and let me blow you of(f)?

You wake up to this, wyd? (f)

Thoughts? (f)

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