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A little bling for your (f)riday morning ?

Guess what he replaced that plug with shortly a(f)ter taking this picture....?

Now you see it, now you don’t ? (f)

Can you guess my New Years resolution? ? (f)

Double stu(f)fed is the best, change my mind ??

Just because I’m (f)eeling myself on this Friday morning ☺️ have a fantastic day y’all!

Little view from Saturday’s (f)un ? more in the comments

Love that (f)eeling when a plug first pushes in ?

Teaser (f)rom the set of videos I promised ? more to cum! Video in comments!

Oooo y’all I’m about to get (f)uuuucked up ?? think I should post some videos when we get done?

It’s that time, I’ve kept you waiting all day... more in comments ? (f)

Videos to cum... ?? (f)

Throwback Thursday to a (f)antastic booty beating ?

A thin hump day tease to get you through the week ? (f)

My 2020 Stanley cup champs shirt came in so obviously I needed to ride a toy in it as celebration ?⚡️⚡️⚡️ (f)

How a dirty girl gets clean... ish ? (f)

I (f)igured hitting 1k merited a close up of yours truly ? enjoy

Would you bend me over the kitchen counter i(f) I asked nicely?

Would you like me to service your account? ?(f)

Happy (f)riday ?

In case you were wondering i(f) I left it in when I went to office this morning... still there

I may get a tiny wet when I plug my ass ?? (f)

Spread wide so I can take you deep ? (f)

Sunday morning shower picture (f)or you

I always seem to be wet... (f)

Waiting (f)or you to take what you want...

High (f)ive, it’s the weekend ?

Who said pictures o(f) rear plugs can’t be artistic?

As requested, I aim to please ? (f)

I aim to please Sir (f)

All clean on this hump day morning.... ready to help me get dirty all over again? (F) ?

Don’t (f)orget to stop and stretch...

It’s been a hell o(f) a day, wanna cuddle?

When in doubt... booty up! (f)

I’m not actually sorry though.... (f)

Happy (f)riday ?

Which would you choose? (F)

(F)irst of many posts to come ?

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