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Do you guys like thick asses fresh out the shower ? (F)(OC)

How’s the view ? (F)(OC)

Happy Halloween (F)(OC)

On or Of(f) (OC)

How do I look in my Calvins ? (F)(OC)

Daddy’s Princess (F)(OC)

Happy (F)riday (OC)

Daddy loves to peak while I shower (F)(OC)

Happy (F)riday (OC)

Goodnight (F)

Happy Monday (F)(OC)

Daddy’s (f)avorite bartender (OC)

How’s my new lace robe look ? (F28)

How’s the view ? (F)(OC)

No panties type of day (F)(OC)

Shower time (F)(OC)

I wonder why hubby loves watching me get dressed in the morning (F)(OC)

Good Morning (F)(OC)

He loves watching me clean around the house (F)

Thick Thursday ? (F)(OC)

Be(F)ore work, hope you all have a great day (OC)

Right before I pulled my panties to the side and daddy slid his dick inside of me(F)

Shower time (F)(OC)

What daddy wakes up to (F)

Daddy got me all oiled up tonight (F)(OC)

Daddy got me all oiled up tonight (F)(OC)

Daddy got me all oiled up tonight (F)(OC)

Last night was (F)un

Daddy’s favorite meal (FM)(OC)

Happy Monday (F)(OC)

Ass up so daddy can play with that hole while I blow his penis (FM)(OC)

Our favorite way to start off the day. Happy Friday. (F)(M)

When daddy says assume the position (OC)(F)

Shower fun. (F)

All homemade gifts come with a bow ? (F)

Just got to the hotel room. (F)

Never know what to eat (F)

Bedtime (F)

Should I keep it on or take it off ? (F)

Daddy’s favorite view (OC)(FM)

My favorite view (FM)

Face down, butt up. That’s the way we like to... (FM)

(F)irst post here, can’t wait to share (M)ore with you.

Best seat in the house (F29)(M26)

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