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Quick sower be(f)ore going to bed

My husband goes crazy (f)or this outfit

(f)eeling good today

Something about the (f)ront and the back ?

Waiting (f)or you in bed

Guess who I’m rooting (f)or

Of(f)-season for me too

Merry Christmas ya (f)ilthy animals

Christmas ever + (f)ootball day! ?

Is it (f)riday yet?

I am once again here to show myself of(f)

Peekaboob Sunday (f)

Oh good, you’re (f)ocused now!

Hi (f)

Next time, you’re gonna need to (f)ocus a petite more

Ready for some (F)oootball

Let’s (F)ucking Go Pats!

Happy Doctor Who day (F)

Happy early thanksgiving (F)

Obligatory (F)TJ

I can’t think o(f) a title

I am ready (f)or Christmas

That Sunday (f)eeling

Good luck (f)or no nut november 😉


Already ready (f)or Monday Night Football!

Getting ready (f)or tomorrow

You know who I’m rooting (f)or!

(F)ootball Sunday is here


Do you like my pijama? (F)

(F)all nights

(F)ootball Sunday makes me smile

Care(f)ully positioned finger

Sunday (f)ootball day!

Let’s wake up it’s game day! L(F) G

(F)ootball is back, and so am I

Quick nip (f)or the pre-season

Wishing for (F)riday

Keep me up all night? (F)

Happy dra(f)t day! Please distract me it’s going to be a long day!

Peekaboob (f)

Thanks (f)or sorting by new ?

(F)uck it, I’m getting laid tonight!

Hi (f)riends

A(f)ter-shower shot

Feeling like I’m (f)alling

Wanna be my (f)riend?

(F)uck Valentine’s day!

Happy Superbowl!!! (F)

Make me (f)orget Saturday’s loss

Playof(f) pre-game treat

Last of the regular season, next week, playof(f)s

Playof(f) clinched yesterday ?

Good luck boys (f)

Who’s going to take care of me a(f)ter that loss?

Wake up it’s game day (f)

Yesterday was for Christmas today is (f)or the game! LFG!

Is it Christmas yet? (F)

Good luck (f)or the game!

Happy Doctor Who day (F)

Join me for Thursday Night (F)ootball

Sunny pre-game good luck post (f)

Distract me I’m bored (f)

That was (f)un to watch!

Happy weekend (f)rom me

What will you dream o(f)?

It’s my cake day so here’s a picture (f)or you to enjoy

Wake up, it’s game day! (F)

Side Saturday (f)

A bit late, but (f)uck the Jets!

Wake up, it’s game day! (F)

Post-win nudes (f)or you

Ready to be (f)ucked as much as my Pats tonight!

Second loss o(f) the day

Tough loss but here’s my Sunday (f)ootball post

Something (f)or you ?

(F)uck the Jets!

(F)ootball Sundays are back

It’s been a while (f)

Sunday, (f)unday!

Happy Tuesday (f)

(F)elt like posting this today!

(F)elt like posting this today!

(F)elt like posting this today!

Happy Valentine’s (f)rom me to you!

Happy Valentine’s (f)rom me to you!

Happy Valentine’s (f)rom me to you!

My (f)avorite outfit when I’m home

My (f)avorite outfit when I’m home

My (f)avorite outfit when I’m home

Side view (f)

Side view (f)

Side view (f)

Don’t (f)orget about me!

Don’t (f)orget about me!

Don’t (f)orget about me!

Getting ready (f)or today!

It’s been a coule o(f) days, hi!

Post-workout post-shower snap! (F)

Ready (f)or bed

Side view be(f)ore the shower

Quick playoff hal(f)-time picture

Tongue and tits! (F)

I (f)orgot to post this earlier 🙂

Titty Tuesday (f)

Good morning (f)

Join me on the so(f)a!

Feeling (f)antastic! It’s a good day to have a day!

New year, same old me! (F)

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