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so happy to be in bed after a long day (f)

it’s awfully cold in this room (f)

not wearing a bra all day means this could happen at any moment (f)

in need of some stress relief (f)

having a quiet night at home, need entertainment (f)

I highly recommend feeling them for yoursel(f)

Lifting up my shirt usually helps me feel better in these situations (f)

sick, bored and lonely… so here’s my boobies (f)

best way to spend a lazy day of(f)

they (f)eel as soft as they look!

something’s missing here (f)

I love wearing tops that can be pulled down at any moment to expose my boobs (f)

I thrive in outfits with easy access (f)

busting out of my dress all night (f)

I guess I just can’t contain myself (f)

let’s stay in bed today (f)

a successful day of not wearing clothes (f)

you come back into the room and my top is off… what do you do? (f)

I’m making the most of my day of(f). What next?

up late usually means up to no good (f)

needed to turn my bad day around so I put on red lipstick (f)

having a bit of a day, so enjoy my titties to boost my confidence (f)

come feel for yourself! (f)

quick peek at my best assets (f)

waiting (f)or you to come home and ______

it’s hard to stop myself from playing with them (f)

just begging to be played with (f)

well my dress certainly couldn’t contain them (f)

patiently waiting (f)or you to walk in the room

I’d never confuse two vaginas but convince myself I know every dick on here (f)

your hands, my _____ (f)

notice me pls (f)

having a very productive day of(f)

this will be the most conservative picture of me on the internet (f)

can’t get to sleep… can you help tire me out? (f)

having a rough day and need someone to worship these to make me feel better (f)

fell back in love with my (f)avorite lipstick today (featuring my boobs)

you don’t technically have to be a horny young to look at my boobs, but I’d prefer it if you were (f)

when you love your dress but have huge breasts (f)

this dress was made for quick (f)lashes

they’re as soft as they look (f)

lingerie just couldn’t contain them (f)

more than a handful for sure (f)

finally home and comfy! what next? (f)

I think my glasses might make me hotter? They definitely help me see better (f)

up close and personal (f)

my (f)avorite dress

the view (f)rom above

need extra attention today (f)

every moment alone is a good time to show of(f)

one more peek before bed (f)

up close and personal (f)

figured I’d make the most out of my sick day (f)

can’t sleep… what should I do? (f)

taste first or feel first? (f)

my bra couldn’t contain them (f)

Should I go back to sleep or tease myself instead? (f)

bury your face (f)

sometimes I look down and I’m just like “damn those are some tiddies” (f)

the convenience of the wrap dress is that it’s easy to unwrap (f)

no bra under my dress means it’s that much easier to play with these! (f)

how should we spend my night of(f)?

woke up way too early and can’t get back to sleep… what do you recommend? (f)

would feel much better with your hands on them (f)

quick flash before my friend comes back into the room (f)

I like my lipstick to be able to leave a mark (f)

one more peek be(f)ore bed

I think I’m getting sick. Help me (f)eel better?

I think they’re overdue for some attention (f)

sometimes ya just gotta take a picture to remember that you are beauty (f)

lost track of time day dreaming and teasing mysel(f)

name a better pillow, I’ll wait (f)

(f)eeling extra needy today so tell me I’m cute

big tits + short skirts (f)

I can’t sleep. What should I do? (f)

having a very productive day of(f)

my personality is almost as good as my boobs (f)

my favorite dress can’t contain them ? (f)

a very good day (f)

what are we doing (f)irst?

laziest day of(f)

(f)elt bratty, might delete

a classic (f)or your viewing pleasure tonight

It’s good to have something to hold on to (f)

my (f)avorite dress makes an appearance

one more look before bed (f)

it’s a pretty good view (f)

can you have a good tits day? feel like I’m having one (f)

they’re just so much (f)un

waiting to be noticed (f)

last of the daylight (f)

cute but cold (f)

up to absolutely no good tonight… what next? (f)

as close to clothed as I bothered to get today (f)

a (f)un view of what’s under the dress

there’s de(f)initely something to grab onto here

really (f)eeling the red

sa(f)er for office

skipped work and spent my day lying around with my breasts out (f)

things would be a lot better if these were being teased and squeezed right now (f)

too easy to just pull down my shirt (f)or you

gratuitous boobies (f)or more attention ?

aaaaand drop (f)

one of my (f)avorite combos

the daintiest collar (f)or this good coed

you can have a lot of (f)un with these tiddies

best spot to (f)inish

up to some mischie(f) tonight

too horny (f)or my own good

come (f)eel these and you can see what’s under this skirt!

my outfit is sooooooo so(f)t and comfy

help me put this collar to good use? (f)

last night’s vibe continues into the am (f)

come (f)eel on theeeese

having too much (f)un in my new dress

(f)eeling a petite restless tonight

(f)eeling a tiny restless tonight

(f)eeling a small restless tonight

What do you go for (f)irst?

What do you go for (f)irst?

What do you go for (f)irst?

getting com(f)y before bed

getting com(f)y before bed

getting com(f)y before bed

you know you wanna (f)eel them

you know you wanna (f)eel them

you know you wanna (f)eel them

the view (f)rom above

the view (f)rom above

the view (f)rom above

I totally forgot how much (f)un it is to tempt y’all

I totally forgot how much (f)un it is to tempt y’all

I totally forgot how much (f)un it is to tempt y’all

It’s been (f)ar too long since I’ve posted so here ya go

It’s been (f)ar too long since I’ve posted so here ya go

It’s been (f)ar too long since I’ve posted so here ya go

my best outfit, (f)or sure

my best outfit, (f)or sure

my best outfit, (f)or sure

(f)eeling this lip color

(f)un fact—I never wear anything under my skirt

quick peek be(f)ore bed

(f)elt too cute to leave these covered up

pro tip: celebrate the new year by wearing your most scandalous out(f)it

entering 2021 without a bra (f)

(f)eeling extra spooky in my dark lipstick tonight

(f)uck, I woke up beautiful again

help I’m (f)reezing

they’re just so much (f)un to play with

how about a (f)ace full of these?

(f)eelin’ cute in my pigtails

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