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(F)un from last night. ?

A little (mf) tease from tonight’s fun

Something simple. (F)

A (F)un outfit ?

So(m)e erotic (f)un

(F)eeling just peachy ?

Something tasteful (mf)

Good old (f)ashioned (m)issionary

Not so SoloJ tonight, but (m)ore (f)un was had.

I should go to bed, but (f)irst, here’s my body from the top view.

Just (f)or tonight/morning? helloooo

It’s been too (f)ucking long.. hello again ?

(F) Happy hump day!

Buckled up for sa(f)ety

(F)lashback to the days of dressing up and posting on the couples page.

Distracted driving (f) ?

(F)eelin’ alright today.

A creative shot? (F)

Sunny Sunday (f)

Sunday (F)un day

Just a peek (f)

Break(f)ast anyone?

Happy (F)riday! ?

Boobs. (F)

Bathroom breaks are (f)or freeselfshotgirls posts. ?

Another older (f)avorite. By old, I mean like a month ago haha.

Okay, okay.. I have to get to work (f) ?

One more before I go in and start my shi(f)t ?

(F)or your Thirstday afternoon.

Looking for a huge spoon for cuddling.. maybe some (f)orking ?

It’s morning, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet. Good night/morning boobies for yewww. (F)

Quick post be(f)ore heading into work. I hope you all have a lovely evening! ?

(F)eel free to grab

Like this, maybe? (F)

PPTTS, a request! (F) ?

A request (f)or heels(wedges). And also kinda fills another request for a spread. But more on the way!

And just what are we in the mood (f)or tonight? Taking suggestions ?

Took the girls (f)or a swim today.

Today’s (f)un got a little wet and messy ?

Gooood morning! (F) ?

Pink (f)

Hope(f)ully everyone is just peachy tonight ?

Oh heyyyy (f)

Pool dazeeee (f)

An old (f)avorite ❤️

Quick share (f)

Yay, i got veri(f)ied!

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