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Mortal Kombat night.Who is your fighter? (F)

It’s getting sexy herex near the PC (F)

What do you like more, gaming or movies? (F)

Who is your favorite superhero? (F)

Anyone played Jurassic Evolution 2? I finally got my hands on it and I’m excited (F)

Think you can get past Johnny? (F)

My ‘to do’ list for Sunday : gaming (F)

Anime? Hentai? What do you want us to watch? (F)

I like a challenge so you can take me from behind while I try to play (F)

Weekend means more time for RDR2 ? What are you playing this weekend? (F)

I think I like older games more than new ones (F)

Let’s stop some crimes in the middle of the night (F)

What is the best game your ever played? (F)

I already play on Hard, but let’s make it a challenge.Take me from behind while I play Ghost of Tsushima? (F)

Wanna explore Tsushima together? (F)

I’m not much into superhero stuff, but that’s exactllu how I ended up being a Deadpool fan (F)

Spent yet another day in RDR2, mostly in Valentine .What are you playing today? (F)

I got 80 hours in Ghost of Tsushima and I don’t plan on stopping soon .Any other enthusiasts around? (F)

I got seriously hooked on Ghost of Tsushima .What are you playing this weekend ? (F)

I finally get to play Ghost of Tsushima ! 😀 (F)

Would you cum to my aid if I raised you the bat signal? (F)

PS3 is the only console I ever had, and love it.I ocasionally play on it still (F)

Naked gaming is my (f)avorite type of gaming

Howdy partner, ready for a wild ride? (F)

Which AoT character is your favorite? Mine is Reiner (F)

We can start with anim, and then move over to hentai.Sounds good? (F)

Play with my butt and I can play with the controller (F)

Zoo management games are underrated.Wanna try and tame this tiger? (F)

Guess my favorite game (F)

Rise your hands if you like RDR2 too, girlfriend ?(F)

Good ol’ Vice City and chill (F)

(F)inish (in) me!

It’s very late, but never too late for a gaming session (F)

Let me be your Kryptonite (F)

1 and a half year later, I still cannot stop playing this game.Any other RDR fans around? (F)

I finally decided to get my first Assassins’s Creed game and I fell in love (F)

Anime and chill is my way to go (F)

Me and Sadie would make a good team (OC)(F)

New Survey Corps member.Would this convince you to join too? (F)

I wake up to my PC every day and that opens the way for a lot of fun adventures.Anyway, I could use a player 2 on some games.Any volunteers? (F)

I finally got an RBG case for my baby (F)

Someone said on my other post that “gaming is a clothing optional activity” and I live by that since (F)

Late night gaming session.Took a quick one for freeselfshotgirls (F)

Wanna watch anime and chill? (F)

Wanna watch anime and chill? (F)

Wanna watch anime and chill? (F)

Up for a PvP and bananas anyones? Bring your own joystick btw 😉 (F)

Bananas and Mortal Kombat is two things that I love ?(F)

I’m the bounty hunter you didn’t know you needed (F)

So, what are we playing today? (F)

Weekends are for gaming and chill (F)

Come finish me? (F)

Just put up my petite gaming corner.Anyone up for some PvP Mortal Kombat? ?(F)

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