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Go wild for a while (f)

Goodnight from your (f)av kiwi hehe

Double trouble (F)

Get your mind out of the gutter - the things behind me are just cool soaps ? (F)

Just another mirror selfie (F) I hope you guys don’t mind…

I’m sure I’m forgetting something? (F)

Accidental (F)lash

Natural DDs for your evening (F)

I(F) someone could please teach me how to upload gifs/videos to fssg I’d totally love that, I have some videos I wanna share hehe. It never works when I try and load it through IMGUR!

Dinner time (F)

I literally just burnt burger buns in the oven so I’ve thrown that idea in the bin and now I’m just doing what I do best 🙂 (F)NZ

Committed to a face reveal after my last post a few weeks ago hehe… enjoy (F)19 | NZ


Might do a face reveal :p do you wanna know who the kiwi babe is you’ve been following? ? (F)

I’m back ? (F)

Same but different (F)19

Where would you cum? (F)19

Déjà vu (F)

Good morning world (F)

I am so lucky his wife didn’t come home!!!!! (F)19

This is my favourite subfreeselfshotgirls so why not post twice in one hour ? - this is what my office gets to see vs what freeselfshotgirls gets to see (F)

Wet & wild baby (F)19

Attention seeking ain’t all bad (F)19

It’s a nice cool day outside (f)19

Just a school coed trying to get you into fat trouble ? (F)19

What happens when the cheeky grin comes out to play (F)19

Spank me, I’ve been a bad coed today. (f)19

I had a brie(f) meeting today and couldn’t stop wondering how the cardi would look if I were nude underneath it. Safe to say, I love the feel of it on my skin ?

Pull my hair & make me yours ? (F)

Your partner thought I was a real maid, now come here ? (f)

Any excuse to get my breasts out and I’ll do it ? (F)

(F)riends: “wanna hang out?” Me: “sorry I’m busy taking car park selfie’s for freeselfshotgirls”

(F) Left: How the public sees me. Right: how you guys get to see me....

First thing I do when I get up, run and take a selfie in the morning sun. (F)

“Style begins by looking good naked” (F)

Me again, turns out I made it safely out of the changing room (f)rom my last post and back home for more photos ?

I left my sneakers on so I can get ready to run i(f) the lady who was in charge of the changing rooms today asked why I was taking so long ??

Have to post an Easter theme photo right?! ? (f)

The Easter bunny wasnt the only one who came (f)

Since you guys blew up my post a (f)ew days ago of the front view, I thought I’d share the back ?

Princess is right ? (F)

I’m (f)eeling real wild tonight ?

On my knees waiting for you... ? (F)

I had to share this with you all ? (f)

“The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up”? (F)

Panties to the side ? (f)

(F)eelin blue ?

(F)eelin blue ?

(F)eelin blue ?

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