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(M33) (F31) He made dinner last night, then ate this for dessert ??

(M33) (F31) Always cum on that cock,but with a wand too,even better ??

(M33) (F31) Best position for some sloppy throat sex ??

(M32) (F31) Quite a handful ? M is edging all day so when F gets home he can coat her tongue in a big warm load?

(F31) (M32) How did you make the most of your Sunday? ??

(M32) (F31) He gets head nearly everyday, cant beat the taste of that penis ??

(F31) (M32) He loves taking pics whilst Im drooling all over that delicious cock ?

(M32) (F31) Got to love a blowjob whilst gaming ?

(F31) (M32) Anyone else just love thick dick? ??

(M32) Throwback to this great pic,what a load she (F31) got! ?

(F31) (M32) After a long day at work, we like to relax by letting him use my mouth,nice big load to swallow ??

(F31) After sucking his (M32) dick nice and hard,he gave me this load ??

(F31) His (M32) view last night,he couldnt resist taking a pic and having a taste ??

(F31) (M32) A thin drool always helps ??

(F31) All trimmed and smooth,ready to be ruined by him (M32) ??

(M32) (F31) How we spent our Sunday ??? how did you spend yours?

(F31) (M32) When Im not sucking it,love just stroking it when its covered in drool ??

(F31) (M32) Just another pic we took from our last session ??

(F31) (M32) Another busy day,now time to unwind with his cock/cum down my throat ??

(M32) (F31) Look how good this cock stretches ? petite bit of afternoon fun..

(F31) Had a shower,came downstairs and pushed my hole into his (M32) face. Dinner is served

(M32) (F31) So..we may have been a petite late for office this morning..?

(F30) A nice warm shower before all the fun later ?

(f30) Just got to lay on the sofa,pull up my t shirt and tease him (M32) ??

(F30) (M32) Pizza and a blowjob ? is it obvious I love sucking cock? ???

(F30) (M32) edging/sucking him equals what a mess! love it ???

(F30) Sometimes Ill just walk around the house like this, see his (M32) reaction ??

(F30) (M32) Another day,another large warm load ?

(F30) (M32) He games and I blow his dick. Seems like a good deal to me ?

(F30) (M32) There isnt a day goes by this schlong isnt in my mouth. He says my lips were made for blowing cock..

(F30) (M32) Him using my mouth usually results in a big warm load for me ? addicted to his cum ?

(F30) Swear Im addicted to this dick (M32). How it looks,how it tastes, Id suck it all day If I could, proper schlong girl me ?

(F30) (M32) say ahhh ? love tasting this penis ? a tiny addicted..

(F30) Nice warm shower,wet hair,wet titties and ready to sit on his (M32) face. Whats not to love ???

(F30) A few little licks soon gets him(M32) rock hard down my throat ???

(F30) (M32) After teasing him with a pic (see profile) he came home and filled me up ?? love a thick dick!

(F30) Sent this to my bf (M32) at work. Lets just say when he gets home Im in fat trouble ?

(F30) Sometimes I just love to stroke his(M32) dong through his boxers until he makes a monster yummy mess ?? tasted good!

(F30) Fun Saturday morning for me,getting rough fucked and covered in a yummy warm load ???

(F30) (M32) cant beat a mouth full of warm yummy cum after a sloppy blowjob ?? love feeling it coat my tongue daily!

(F30) (M32) The fun we had last night ? I got soaked!

(F30) (M32) Got to love a thick veiny penis against your tongue ??

(F30) The position Ill be in later as I get drilled into next week and covered in delicious cum! ??

(F30) (M32) hows everyones weekend going? having a fun Sunday? weve got ours planned ??

(F30) Anyone else into having their nipples pinched and sucked ? He loves it and always gets a petite rough ?

(F30) I get home from work, first thing I do is drop to my knees and slide his (M32) schlong down my throat ? think Im addicted to sucking there a help group? ?

(F30) My bf (M32) unwrapped his Christmas present ? Ill be unwrapping mine later...

Yummy treat ?? love it! (F30) (M32)

(F30) (M32) I just love drooling and choking on this cock! Just look at it?! ?? Hows your day going?

(F30) Decided to put an outfit on for when he(M32) got home from work..ended up being bent over and fucked ? anyone else like naughty outfits?

(F30) Sometimes I like to just pull up my shirt and show him(M32) my titties ?? suckable right?

(M32) (F30) Sometimes a dick ring adds to the blowjob fun,so thick and veiny! ??

(F30) Anyone else just love teasing and stroking penis randomly,feeling it grow,just waiting to be choked on ? (M32) is very restless,and insists hes making me gag later!

(F30) (M31) Can you tell I love sucking cock? ?? Not a day goes by it isnt in my mouth!

Cant wait to get this penis back in my mouth again later ? a petite bit addicted to sucking it tbh. Hope your all having a chilled weekend! (F30) (M32)

(F30) (M31) Were having a food/gaming/sex day,just had the fucking part ?

(F30) Dessert is served ? (M31) soon licked it all off!

(F30) In a proper blowing mood today,any chance I get, his (M31) cocks down my throat ?? anyways,feel free to comment or say hello!

(F30) Another day,another massive messy load to the face ? delicious. (M31) loves it.

(F30) (M31) us again! (sorry)? so tonight Im going to tease him with my mouth for a few hours,get him dripping many times do you think I can edge him before he gives in and soaks my face?

(F30) (M31) were on a long car journey and all I can think about is sucking his dong ? need my mouth filled ? think I have a oral/cum fixation ??

(F30) (M31) whats the biggest messiest load youve ever given/received? this is ours ? was so messy but do satisfying watching his penis blow all over me

(F30) What he sees every morning when he wakes up ?

(F30) (M31) We have a good arrangement. He games and I choke on his thick cock ?

(F30) Guess whos getting all her holes ruined tonight? Me! He (M31) said hes going to make me cum uncontrollably,cant wait! ?

(F30) (M31) Decided to have a petite taste ?

(F30) Anyone else just really love sucking,drooling, gagging and choking on a thick dick? ?? He (M31) loves it daily for sure!

(F30) (M31) Happy cum titty Tuesday!

(F30) He (M31) spent the last few hours randomly going down on me,making me cum so damn hard,then banged and stretched me. He said I had to show you all ??

(F30) I sent this to my bf (M31) while he was at office just to tease him ?? he got very hard for me ?

(F30) Got home from work to be throat plowed and a massive load shot all over me,good end to the day! ?? He (M31) cums so damn much.

(F30)(M31) No better way to spend a Sunday than being filled by a thick dick ?? how is everyone spending their Sunday? ?

(M31) (F30) How could you not just want to lick that body then ruin it ???

(F30) (M31) Hes Just having a feel ? when there isnt hands on them,its usually cum ??

(F30) Got to love a messy load after a blowjob! Totally soaked me ??? of course,I licked it all up after off my fingers ??

(F30) Theres just something about some stripey knee high socks isnt there? More so when they are pinned above your head ?☺️

(F30) (M31) Just cant beat blowing and drooling all over a thick cock,waiting for my reward ? whats your favourite thing to do/have done?

(F30) blowing (M31) my favourite snack ? someone order extra spit?

(F30) When its really hot outside,this is the only recommended form of clothing ?

(M31) with (F30) Kinky fun loving couple ? dont those breasts just look so squeezable? ?

(F30) (M31) Anyone else a fan of finger sucking? ?

I (F30) just pegged my bf(M31) for the first time! hes promised to use my booty in return later ? maybe even DP me. Urgh heaven.

(F30) and (M31) What better way to cool down in this weather than to just put a fan on,lay back and blow some dong ???

(F30) blowing (M31) Its cock sucking time again! self proclaimed penis and cum addict..maybe ??

(F30) and (M31) quite a handful ? tell us whats your ultimate fantasy? ?

(F30) so after 3 days of him (M31) not cumming,he gave me a fat messy facial ?? soaked me!

(F30) and (M31) love when he gives them a good squeeze..or a suck ?

(F30) bf hasnt cum in 3 days so I told him tonight hes using my throat and giving me a fat messy facial ?? thought Id tease him first with this pic though ?

(F30) I felt so sexy in this pic ? feeling naughty.. bf loves it too..

(F30) Told my bf (M31) Im going to choke on his dong later,nothing beats drooling all over a thick cock and swallowing the reward everyday eh? ??? Feel free to message us,couples too!

(M31) and (F30) due to various things(work,friends etc) we havnt fucked in 4 days,shes craving it so bad,would it be mean to keep her waiting a small longer? ? Let us know!

I (F30) think I have an oral fixation ? and I love giving blowjobs. My bf (M31)loves it ??

I (F30) think I have an oral fixation,and absolutely love giving blowjobs ? BF loves it ?

(F30) and (M31) Hes finger deep in me,waiting to make me soak them with cum ??

(F30) All shaven and smooth,ready to be eaten ??

(F30) the perfect handful

(F30) Not as thick as I usually like but it did the job at the time ?

(M31) and (F30) Joint account. Dom/sub. I told baby young Im going to be tying her up later,ruining her and using her throat as I please. She got a thin excited at work ??

(F30) and (M31) I spent my Sunday choking on his cock... What did you do?

(F30) I spent my Sunday afternoon choking on penis ? what did you do?

(F30) always enjoy a hot soak after a rough pounding

(F30) Choke me harder baby!

(F30) and (M31) Nothing I love more than drooling all over a thick penis ???

(F30) and (M31) Probably my favourite position,having my hair pulled,ass slapped and just ruined ???

(M31) and (F30) I love my girlfriends pussy, wouldnt you agree? ??

(F30) and (M31) sometimes I just cant resist taking a teasing picture ?

(M31) and (F29) My girlfriend loves my cock,tell us what you think? Were both ready to read ?

(M31) and (F30) she loves when I stretch her hard,a good rough pounding ??

(M31) and (F30) anyone else love coating a tongue in cum as much as me? She loves when I give her a massive messy load

(F30) and (M31) love this picture,she looks good enough to eat ?? anyone got any ideas of what we could post in the future??

(M31) and (F30) "i just love tasting a thick dick and feeling it throb in my mouth"..

(M31) (F30) got to love just grabbing these from behind and teasing those nipples until she bites her lip..

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