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(F) My rear was filled first... where will you cum?

(F) Cum and leave me leaking? (You can plow my rear after if you’re up to it)

(F) Help me cum by telling me your dirtiest fantasies? (Kinks:CNC, NC, BDSM, breeding etc)

(F) Okay, my boyfriend said you guys can cum inside me if you want, as long as I keep my ass stuffed!

(F) Look at how much is leaking out... do you see the puddle under my ass? ?

(F) Practicing DP for when you and your friends come over ?

(F) Fill my booty and hole before I have to go to class? It’s a long one... it’ll be stuck inside me for 3 hours ?

Who wants to (F)I’ll me next?

(F) Just because Rex gaped and creampied my hole doesn’t mean he’s done!

(F) Double stuffed! Just look at how big Rex’s knot is..?

(F) I know I look innocent... but I really want every one of you to take your turn painting and filling me ?

(F) How would you use this drunk whore? 😉

(F) 7 shots and 2 beers in... tell me what I wouldn’t remember in the morning ? No limits!

(F)uck my hole while my booty is full? ??

(F) Cum and add to the mess? I want to be completely covered. ?

(F) This is after fucking my new toy... Back to normal!

(F) Feels so good... would you help him? ?

(F) Wanna see him go deeper? ? (MESSAGE not DM)

(F) My new dildo just got here a few minutes ago... I think we’re warming up to each other!

(F) See how tight I am? Message (NOT DM) me what you’d do to me ? no limits ??

(F) Knotted by Rex in my Ass, While Nova gapes my pussy! (Messages open ? not dms)

(F) Don’t be shy... send a message ? (not DM)

(F) Slut covered in cum... would you add more? ?

Is this how it (F)eels to blow off Bowser? ?

(F) Cum on my chest... I love how it feels!

(F) Leaking after Rex has had his way with me ?

(F) He’s too long to fit his bulge inside, but that won’t stop him from trying!

(F) Rex taking what he wants from me ?

(F) Looks like Rex got impatient! Should I try to stop him?

(F) Getting a little excited...

(F) Teasing my big Rex.. he’s being such a good boy!

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