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some juicy (f)ruit

(F)resh peaches! -Amethyst

Nothing like pool time! (f) -Mr. Fox

now this is how you enjoy a Monday (MF) -Mr. Fox

Got milk? (f) -Mr. Fox

Tits just had to pop out (F) -Amethyst

dude and gals (f), see something tasty? -Mr. Fox

oops, did my blanket slip? (f)

(f)elt cute, thought Id share -Amethyst

Late to the party, but happy Pride month (f) -Amethyst

Did someone say game time? (F) -Mr. Fox

suns out, boobs out! (f)

what a beauti(f)ul evening to enjoy naked -Mr. Fox

Someone (f)elt like enjoying the good weather today -Mr. Fox

Well so much for no sex for Lent... (mf) -Mr. Fox

now thats a monster apple (f) -Mr. Fox

Peek a boob - Amethyst (f)

Happy Taco 2s Day! (F) -Amethyst

Good morning everyone! (F) -Amethyst

Would you replace the toy, or join in? (F) -Mr. Fox

Well someone sure is wet 😉 (f) -Mr. Fox

Amethyst had (f)un teasing me while we grocery shopped tonight -Mr. Fox

Someone is having (f)un cooking -Mr. Fox

Alright, who ordered the eggs? (F) -Amethyst

Amethyst felt kinky with an ice cream bj after my shower (fm) -Mr. Fox

Well someone (f)elt like Jager -Mr. Fox

Who ya gonna call? (F) -Amethyst

Someone had fun before office today (fm) -Mr. Fox

As requested by u/likesiceandbras on the request thread, Amethyst had (f)un trying to play with my bone -Mr. Fox

Lunch is served (f) -Mr. Fox

someone (f) was trying to say something when I got home from work tonight -Mr. Fox

someone (f) enjoyed that creampie while plugged -Mr. Fox

someone thought shed try teasing me (mf) -Mr. fox

So, whos turn is it? (F) -Amethyst

Hi hunny! Im helping with laundry! (F) -Amethyst

We found some incredible giant gummi colas to enjoy ? (f) -Mr. Fox

Managed? More like (f)launted! -Amethyst

Amethyst wishes everyone a warm new years (f) -Mr. Fox

Ya know, I just had to have a damned good squeeze before the year is out (fm) Mr. Fox

Happy new years from us to you! (F) -Amethyst

Someone felt like lounging around for new years eve (f) -Mr. Fox

What a needy kitten, playing with my cum in (f) her pussy -Mr. Fox

Well Amethyst loved getting filled deep with that cream pie. What would you do? (Mf) -Mr. Fox

4 days to the new year gone wild fans! (F) -Amethyst

We just learned of the living Xmas banner and wanted to join in! (F) -Mr. Fox

Amethyst dreams of and is ready for Santa coming tonight (F) What would you do? -Mr. Fox

On the 11th day of XXXmas, naughty Amethyst (f)ound a yummy stick to lick -Mr. Fox

On the 11th day of XXXmas, I found Amethyst warming herself like a kitten in front of the (f)ireplace (with a ghostly (m)e behind) -Mr. Fox

On the 10th day of XXXmas, I was found trying to be lazy this hump day (f)-Amethyst

On the 9th day of XXXmas, someone thought shed try hiding behind the tree this Titty Tuesday (f) -Mr. Fox

On the 8th day of XXXmas, a Ferengi bartender served Amethyst some good eggNOG (cue better Star Trek DS9 jokes) (F) -Mr. Fox

On the 7th day of XXXmas, I present...a kitty not being hidden by a cat sweater (F) -Amethyst

On the 6th day of XXXmas, someones tits popped out while bending over (f) -Mr. Fox

On the 5th day of XXXmas, Amethyst has her eyes out on all the presents coming in ? (F) -Mr. Fox

On the 4th day of XXXmas, I found a sassy Amethyst (f) -Mr. Fox

On the third day of XXXmas, someone suggested hanging my (F) stockings with care. Did I do it right? -Amethyst

On the First day of XXXmas, Master Fox found me wearing something yummy on my nipples (F) -Amethyst

On the first day of XXXmas, Master Fox found me wearing something yummy on my nipples (f) -Amethyst

On the 13th day of winemas, we got a second bottle of cabernet sauvignon (F) -Mr. Fox

Someone (f)elt naughty this 12th day of winemas with her pinot noir -Mr. Fox

On the 11th day of winemas, I (F) got some cabernet sauvignon syrah (whatever that means, anyone know?) -Amethyst

On the 10th day of Winemas, Amethyst (f) got sauvigon blanc and is excited to share it later -Mr. Fox

Amethyst was naughty and (f)orgot to post Winemas day 9 yesterday, so here she is with a Merlot -Mr. Fox

One freshly (f)ucked Amethyst with her favorite wine (Moscato) to enjoy on winemas day 8 ? -Mr. Fox

On the 7th day of Winemas I have some red blend (f) - Amethyst

And on the 6th day of December, Amethyst flashes her (f) hidden stash of Rose wine ? -Mr. Fox

On the 5th day of December, Amethyst (f) got a bottle of cabernet sauvignon merlot ? -Mr. Fox

Happy Thanksgiving ? (f) -Amethyst

How do my Pumpkins look? (F) -Amethyst

(F)elt silly with this pumpkin - Amethyst

Happy (f)all everyone - Amythest

Can anyone tell me what we are having for dinner? (F) -Amethyst

A nice clean and shaved twat (f) -Amethyst

Well someone sure is awake and needy this morning (FM) -Mr. Fox

Breakfast is served! (F) -Mr. Fox


Harvest Day 1, 80 lbs Tomatos and 5 lbs Peppers. Having (f)un! -Amethyst

I found an Amethyst (f) hiding with the ? garden -Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox had to cop a feel this morning (f) -Amethyst

Who wants to have some (f)un? -Amethyst

Happy 4th of july ( f) -Amethyst

Mmm, love these strawberry bubbles EXPLODING in my mouth today! What else should explode? (F) -Amethyst

I wanted to do laundry today (f) - Amethyst

Make it SEW! (F) -Mr. Fox

Hope youre enjoying the view down there ? (MF) -Mr. Fox

Someone had fun last night, question is who? (MF) -Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox caught me making break(f)ast -Amethyst

Relaxing at the arboretum (f) - Amethyst

A stroll in an arboretum (f) - Amethyst

Which pair of legs would you want to spread?(f) - Amethyst

Lingerie I picked out for Mr.Fox. Dont you think it matches my sheets? (F) -Amethyst

Went commando while getting coffee -Amethyst (f)

Happy friday, hope everyone enjoys their weekend like my breakfast enjoyed seeing my breasts -Amethyst (f)

Happy hump day everyone. (F) -Amethyst

Are you a(f)raid of the dark? -Amethyst

Anyone in the mood for some chicken porridge? (F) - Amethyst

Im enjoying nature to start the week off right, pictured as suggested by u/MyNextMistake2020 (F) -Amethyst

What a way to start the week. Happy monday. (F) -Amethyst

Nachos anyone ? (F) -Amethyst lewd comments encouraged

Wanna have a picnic? (F) -Amethyst

Pussy and tits are amazing in the bathing suit (f) - Amethyst

Titty pop a(f)ter outside getting a tiny tan -Amethyst

Which one would you suck? -Amethyst (f)

Someone had some fun being taken ? this morning 😉 (MF) -Mr. Fox

Enjoying a sunny day, time to get a petite tan. (F) -Amethyst

Looks like Im holding up the sun today. Hope everyone has a great day -Amethyst (f)

Monday mornings are always the hardest to wake up but here I am. (F) -Amethyst

Ahh what a day to relax and sit in bed. (F) -Amethyst

When you want to keep knitting but it makes you sleepy as hell. (F) -Amethyst

What a good breakfast (f). -Amethyst

Mr. Fox thought my nipple would be a useful ring holder for his engagement ring. (F) - Amethyst

Chilling with Mr. (F)ox yes it has to the stuffies name. Had to be adorable when the legit one isnt around to cuddle. - Amethyst

(F)eeling lazy today didnt want to wear pants - Amethyst lewd comments encouraged

First slip in after a good shave. (M,f) - Amethyst

Ahhh.... What a good way to lighten up any cold day. (F) - Amethyst

(F)eeling cute with some coffee - Amethyst

Post titty goosebumps from climax (f). Lewd comments encouraged - Amethyst

Another shot from the tub. Thought it was super relaxing so had to drop into again. - Amethyst lewd comments encouraged (f)

Creamy from Mr. Fox. Who would want to lick me clean?(f) lewd comments encouraged - Amethyst

Someone is up for the morning (f) -Mr. Fox

Its the elusive sleeping Amethyst (f) -Mr. Fox

Someone decided she just had to enjoy some tub time tonight while we could (f) -Mr. Fox

(F)elt cute with new stuffie Mr. Fox got me - Amethyst

Mister Foxs breakfest sausage (mf) lewd comments encouraged - Amethyst

Mister Fox enjoying his first breakfest (no milk though)(mf) - Amethyst

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