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Sirs personal bang dildo (F)

Do you think Sir should let me cum? (F)

AMA while I play with myself? No question off limits ? (F)

(F)ace down, ass up, thats the way Sir likes to fuck

Treating you to the rare sight of my unplugged twat for once ? (F)

presenting myself for Sir (F)

who would like to tug my jewellery? (F)

waking up to my bruises always makes me wet again (F)

choke me while you (f)uck me

Happy Friday! how are you spending the weekend? (F)

who wants to join my slumber party? (F)

would you let me be your play thing? (F)

Lost a little weight but now Im worried my titties are sagging.. (F)

New Year, same Anal Slut (F)

Ready and waiting to be used and abused (F)

hump day hole pump - all it needs now is a massive cream pie (F)

what should I do today? (F)

Tell me your filthiest fantasy (F)

waiting for you Sir (F)

ever banged a slut with G cups? (F)

Playing with my pumped pussy to all of your comments ? (F)

dinner is served (F)

Would you put your penis between my tits? (F)

happy (f)riday from my phat pumped hole

Sunbathing in the garden - what would you do if you were my neighbor? (F)

put your hands in the air for titty tuesday ? (F)

Sirs little (f)uck toy reporting for duty

my pumped twat is so (f)un to play with

My treat at the end of a long do you like to unwind? (F)

What should I do today? (F)

Empty your balls over my tits daddy? (F)

how is No Nut November treating you?? (F)

ready and waiting to be put in my place (F)

trying to stop being a girl and take a tasteful revealed for once (F)

My slutty twat is in need of some attention (F)

Would you put this filthy teen in her place? (f)

what would you do to a plow teen like me? (F)

treat me like your personal plow young (F)

playing with my pumped vagina for Daddy (F)

playing with my phat, pumped pussy gets me dripping (F)

nothing feels as good as my phat, pumped pussy ? (F)

Would you take me from behind? (F)

what is your (f)avorite way to wake up?

Put your schlong between them? (F)

Hands up if youd pump my teen body full of cum (F)

Describe me in three words? (F)

Happy (F)riday ?

waking up horny... Again (F)

Spending the evening playing with my twat to the nastiest freeselfshotgirlsor comments (F)

put your penis between my tits? (F)

Where are you jizzing? (F)

Happy Halloween - if you do the trick, Ill bring the treat (F)

Describe my body in three words (F)

Need my slutty holes filled 24/7 (F)

Waiting for you to join my zoom call (F)

Would you pull out? (F)

Give me something to do this afternoon (F)

Join me for an afternoon soak daddy? (F)

Would you breed this plump pussy? (F)

Spitroast me like your personal bang toy (F)

Should I show you how plump my hole is after 2 hours pumping? (F)

Would you put your between my titties and cum over my face? (F)

would you breed this plump pussy? (F)

Ready (f)or my throat training Sir

Any freeselfshotgirlsors like a pumped pussy? (F)

Playing with my swollen vagina while reading freeselfshotgirlsors comments (F)

starting the week right with a swollen twat - happy Monday (F)

Sundays are for pumping (F)

Edged, denied and begging to cum (F)

Playtime for this (f)ucktoy - how would you use me?

what should I do today? (f)

do you like big, British college woman tits? (F)

Should I be allowed to cum today? (F)

Where are you nutting? (F)

need to be (f)ucked until I forget my own name

What should I do today? (F)

Would you kiss it or spank it? (F)

(F)isted my ass for Sir ❤️

Describe my body in three words (F)

to the freeselfshotgirlsor who told me anal was dangerous...kiss my swollen ass twat (F) ?

how I attended my online course today - glad I wasnt asked to turn my webcam on (F)

Love feeling my swollen rectum after a fisting (F)

my rear is still tight even after a fisting (F)

freeselfshotgirlsor told me anal was dangerous so I (f)isted myself to squirting

(F)isted my asshole until I squirted - all without touching my twat

afternoon light making for a taste(f)ul naked

(F)lashing in public gives me such a thrill - what would you do if you caught me?

should I be spanked harder? (F)

how is your day going? (F)

what would you do with a naughty slut? (F)

what should I do this evening? (F)

Sundays were made (f)or rest and relaxation, would you give me a hand?

Sirs own personal (f)ucktoy

on my knees, where I belong (F)

hope your dreams are as sweet as my pussy (F)

Would you put a baby in me? (F)

choke me while you (f)uck me

Sir always wakes up to the best views (F)

I was made to serve you (F)

best way to unwind after a stressful day (F)

Playing with myself to freeselfshotgirlsors comments is my new (f)avorite thing to do

ready to drain your penis Sir (F)

Would you let me empty your balls this morning? (F)

would you put a hand round my throat while you glaze my tits with cum? (F)

Did my titties stop you scrolling? (F)

Can my titties stop you scrolling? (F)

How long should I edge for whilst reading freeselfshotgirlsors comments? (F)

how long should I edge (f)or while reading through my inbox?

I hope you know Im touching myself (f)or you

Cant sleep... Do you think I should play with myself to all of your comments instead? (F)

Edging myself to all of your comments is my new (f)avorite way to spend an evening ?

Would you edge me or let me cum? (F)

Would you (F)uck me until I forgot my name?

I hope Im the reason you get beauty today (F)

(F)inally accepting that turning freeselfshotgirlsors on makes me super hot was the best thing I ever did

Do I have permission to play with my pussy? (F)

Should Sir allow me to cum today? (F)

What should I do today? (F)

What should I do today? (f)

would you stop if you saw me (f)lashing in public?

every girls loves new jewellery! (F)

put your dong between my tits? (F)

does the thought of covering my breasts in your beautiful thick cum get your dick hard? (F)

(F)ace down and waiting patiently for Sirs schlong

Did somebody order a (F)uck toy?

please Sir, get me pregnant? (F)

Cant wait to squirt over these sheets (F)

if you (f)ound me like this, how would you take me?

good morning Sir... Breakfast is served (F)

I think my vagina ready for a pounding (F)

little morning spanking never hurt anybody (F)

made to edge and spank my vagina for hours and denied permission to cum (F)

What would you do if you saw me sunbathing like this? (F)

before and after Sir put me in my place (F)

Dripping wet and ready to serve you Sir (F)

Tortured and denied (F)

Desperate, edged cum young begging for permission to cum (F)

ready for a walk Sir (F)

eye spy some titties in need of bruising and a clit in need of a spanking...any volunteers? (F)

hooked, ready and waiting to be used (F)

Nothing makes me wetter than knowing my holes are owned (F)

would you use me like a (F)uck doll?

sat there tugging on my clamps getting wetter and wetter and hoping somebody noticed... (F)

(F)lashing my accessories in public is my new favourite thing to do

need breeding so I can (f)inally milk these boobs

too horny to sleep..need my holes stuffing (f)

Ready to be spitroasted - which end are you taking? (f)

Where would you aim your load? (F)

I hope my neighbours didnt spy my plug ? (f)

Ready to serve you Sir (F)

Oops..lost my panties (f)

Sir forbids underwear to work...would I catch you staring at my nipples?? (F)

Do I deserve your cock yet Sir? (F)

Kitten waiting for Daddys cream (F)

Sir abused my twat and refused to let it cum ? (F)

soaked my panties reading about what youd all do to me so I had to take them off ? (F)

Sirs personal (f)uck dildo

Ready to be taught a lesson Sir.. (F)

Sir abused my pussy and refused to let it cum (f)

My booty might be in use but my vagina is still (f)ree Sir

Where are you aiming your load? (F)

Ready (F)or your schlong Sir

Can I interest you in a risky tit job Sir? (F)

(F)lashing in public makes errands more fun ??‍♀️

(F)ound a quiet spot to flash my hook in public

found a quiet spot to show Sir my (f)at, bound breasts today ?

Sir teased my pussy then denied me... would you let me cum? (F)

are tasteful nudes still a thing? (F)

Spank my pussy and tell me Im a good girl? (F)

Would you let me take a seat on your cock? (F)

I loved it when Sir abuses my hole ? (f)

I get so wet when freeselfshotgirlsors tell me they would plow me..I know its naughty but I cant help it ?.. help? (F)

can my heavy, babe boobs get you hard Daddy?? (F)

Sir says only needy sluts want attention from freeselfshotgirlsors...guess that makes me a needy slut ? (f)

i get so excited to dress up as Sirs plow dildo (f)

daily spankings always make me horny (f)

need another round of spankings to put me in my place.. please Daddy? (F)

beautiful and needy..maybe Sir should put me in my place? (F)

freeselfshotgirls user said my boobs were saggy..guess that means he doesnt want them round his cock? (F)

please let me grind on your dong Sir, I promise Ive been good (f)

stuffed and bruised, just the way I like it (f)

Sir told me to expose myself in public (f)

its important to start the day with a spanking (f)

waiting for a spanking like a good girl (f)

gooooood morning Daddy ? (F)

at your service, ready to be spit roasted (f)

on my knees waiting for your schlong Sir (f)

do I need a dick between them? (F)

Okay Im warmed up, now what? (F)

waiting to be taken (f)

treat me like a bad babe (f)

waiting for your orders, Sir (f)

bring a friend and spitroast me (f)

treat me like your (f)uck toy

ready to be ruined (f)

at your service and ready to be ruined (f)

At your service and ready to be spitroasted (f)

At your service (f)

treated like the cum coed I am (f)

Ready to serve (f)

spank me harder (f)

need a schlong between them (f)

patiently waiting to be spitroasted (f)

bruised titties are the best titties, wouldnt you agree? (F)

who wants a soapy tit job? (F)

would you get me dirty again? (F)

Sir always gets the best views (F)

Sir always gets the best views (F)

do you like my new booty plug? (F)

my ass is in use but you can (f)uck my pussy?

i think they need to be used and abused (f)

put on a show and plowed myself in front of my window (F)

Sirs own personal (f)uck toy...

i love keeping my asshole stretched for you (f)

hope my rosy cheeks turn you on as much as they do me (f)

ready to be used (f)

simple nudes are a rarity (f)rom me ?

wishing they were covered in cum (F)

sunbathing as instructed (f)

sunbathing as instructed (f)

what would you to with these clamped tits? (F)

you come home to (f)ind me like this, what are you going to do?

if you (f)uck me I promise Ill hold still

what would you do to a young like me? (f)

you come in and (f)ind me like this, what do you do?

hooked on this (f)eeling

waiting patiently (f)or you to cum on them

ready (f)or you, Sir

you can choose the twat but the thigh highs stay on (f)

Would you (f)uck a kinky milkmaid?

good girls like spankings too (F)

waiting (f)or you, Sir

(f)lashing at the spa like a good woman

(f)lashing at the spa like a good young

how wild do you go (f)or well trained anal sluts?

waiting (f)or you.

being naughty and having my boobs spanked was worth it i(f) it gets you hard..

please Sir can I have your cock? (f)

choke me while you (f)uck me

goooood morning (f)

stuff my holes and watch me squirt (f)

Would you pull my tail? (F)

everytime I wake up and see my bruises I get so wet thinking about how well Sir punished me..(f)

having my tits spanked gets me so wet ?(f)

my vagina gets so wet when you all tell me what youd do to me (f)

such a young (f)or punishment.. I just cant help it

on or of(f)?

do my clamped breasts make your dong hard? (f)

spank my butt and (f)ill me up

(F)uck me while you pull on the chain?

Sir wanted a photo of my new clamps, but now I want to know what you think.. (f)

Sir gave me my day collar AND let me show it of(f) to you guys ??‍♀️

sunburned and owned but would you still (f)uck them?

bathtime is my favourite time of day, whats yours? (F)

bathtime is my favourite time of day, whats yours? (F)

bathtime is my favourite time of day, whats yours? (F)

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