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(F) just in love with a good sunlit photo

(F) two pillows ?

(F) Here for a good time not a long time ??

(F) Always in the sun but no one’s son is ever in me ☀️

(F) ?

Easily a hand(f)ul. Maybe even two

(F) Honestly, I’m thick and tired ?‍?

(F) yea, I do have my cdl

(F) Record it so I can see the back shots after ?

(F) haha, nice. ??

(F) Mondays are hard but I bet I could make yours harder ?

(F) softer than they look

(f) I know you didn’t sneeze but thought I’d bless you anyway. ?

(F) can you imagine the back shots tho??

(F) Just tell me when you’re ready and ima paint your body with my lips ❤️‍?

(f)They say I should watch the shit I post, oh, god, damn. ??‍♀️

(F) Hey Alexa, play Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

(F) intoxicate me gently with your loving ❤️‍?

(F) Happy Fri-yay ?

(F) I’m the whole package ??‍♀️

(F) Too pretty


(F) You’re tall, black and I’m handsome ?

(F) promise I’m cute ?

(F) it’s an art project

(F) ❤️

(F) Sometimes all I think about is you

(F) You’ve got me seeing stars brighter than ever ?

(F) honestly, thick and tired ?‍?

(F) Netflix and chill kinda night ?

(F) Looking mighty soft in this one?

(F) She kinda tho… Yea she’s kinda hot tho

(F) noice ??

(F) ??‍♀️ but shirtless

(F) it’s an experience

(f) Happy Wednesday ??

(F) Let’s make it last forever

(F) ❤️‍?

(F) oldie but a goodie ?

(F) ?

(F) Happy Valentine’s Day ?

(f) thighs so thick ?

(F) Drunk selfies are always a nice surprise the next day ?

(F) Make you mine for a petite while ❤️‍?

(F) gm ☀️

(F) good morning ☀️

(F) Make you mine for a petite while ❤️‍?

(f) We can blame it all on human nature

(F) ?? nice

(F) softer than they look

(F) Let me steal your sweater in the morning ?

(F) cozy ?

(F) a national treasure, honestly.

(f) *seduces in Spanish* ❤️‍?

(F) ❤️‍?

(F) photo of my butt but side boob takes the show ?

(F) it’s giving ???✨?❤️‍?

(F) thick in all the right places ?

(F) I really, really enjoy being wet ?

(F) ?

(F) the sun was hittin just right ??

(F) Work of art ?

(F) ?‍?

(F) sweet dreams ?

(F) Dangerous

(F) Turns out the sun does shine on my ass. ??‍♀️

(F) Sometimes I feel bad about myself and then remember this picture of me exists and remember who I am legit quick ?

(F) ⚠️ wide load ⚠️

(f) side boob ?

(F) Saturday mornings are for cozy clothes and cuddling. ?

(F) 3 am thoughts ??‍♀️

(F) I’ve got the winter blues and reminiscing on when I was this tan

(F) Record it for me so I can see the back shots too ?

(F) gives good hugs ?

(F) Tell me I’m cute ?

(F) Wanna make a movie??

(F) Wanna make a movie??

(F) your POV

(F) ?

(F) ? ??

(F) Got that glow ✨

(F) Dangerously thick thighs ⛔️

(F) visually impaired but I make up for it in other ways ??

(F) visually impaired but I make up for it in other ways ??

(F) dark skin, pretty dark eyes ?

(F) ?

(f) feeling brave ??‍♀️

(F) Pretty ebony eyes ?

(F) Pretty brown eyes ?

(F) ?

(F) ??

(F) I got a cute face tho

(F) the drip ?

(F) shower time

(F) Tell me how you want it. 3, 2, 1 and I’m in it ?

(f) easy access sweaters are where it’s at ?

(F) made ya look ?

(F) I’d like to think I have a lot to offer

(F) wfh isn’t so bad ?

(F) Record the back shots so we can watch it together later ?

(F) haha nice ??

(F) I like the cute little beautiful mark between them ☺️

(F) a petite side boob action bc it’s cute ?

(F) ?

(F) wowza

(F) tried to take a pic of my breasts but my lips had plans to steal the show I guess. ?

(F) Nighty night ?

(F) sweet like ?

(F) Tell me how you want it. Three, two, one and I’m on it ?

(F) sun kissed?

(F) Hey baby won’t you look my way, I could be your new addiction ?

(F) taking Valentine applications now?

(F) That glow ✨

(F) ?

(F) ok ok ok

(F) dripping ?

(F) Blinds half open because who doesn’t enjoy a show?

(f) ☺️

(F) always in the sun but no ones son is ever in me ??‍♀️

(F) thick thighs or whatever ??‍♀️

(F) all about that POV ?

(F) ?

(F) softer than they look ☁️

(F) ?

(f) hi ?

(F) ?

(F) ⌛️

(F) Made ya look ?

(F) Made ya look ?

(F) for the back shots ?

(F) gm ??

(F) it’s been a while. What’s good ?

(F) ?

(F) Might steal your shirt ??‍♀️

(F) What did you look at first? ?

(f) Happy Hispanic Heritage Month Here is one of my favorite pics?

(F) ? ?

(F) ☺️

(F) ?

(F) Cute ?

(F) ?

(F) adding a small tan to this subfreeselfshotgirls ?❤️

(F) Just a petite side boob ?

(F) Oldie but a goodie ?

(F) ?

(F) the back of my head looks great honestly ?

(F) Shower selfie ?

(f) ?

(F) They’re actually pretty nice ?

(F) I just love this pic of me. ?

(F) can confirm that my skin is as soft and warm as it looks in this pic. ?

(F) two hands required

(F) classic ?

(F) coffee? ?

(F) Oops. Did that slip out? ?

(F) good morning ☺️

(f) oldie but a goodie ?

(F) just a squishy tummy and terrible lighting

(F) hi ?

(F) mommy milks but not a mommy ??‍♀️

(f) a petite surprise in the background ?

(f) yes, I have a cdl ?

(F) it’s always the quiet ones ?

(F) GM ?

Oo(f) ?‍?

(F) a little nip slip ?

(F)Just a curvy tiny cutie ?

(F) I’d stop scrolling too ?

(F) I’d stop scrolling too?

(F) Reason number 46 why you should let me ride:

(f) a cute booty for your feed ?

(F) Work from home things ?

(F) Nighty night ?

(F)Just a voluptuous little cutie ?

(F) Chances are we should both probably be working but instead here we are ?

(F) Curvvvy⏳

(F) no cute caption, just boobs ??‍♀️?

(F) ?

(F) bet I could wake you up better than your coffee.

(F) GM ☺️

(F) Sorry for the quality. Issa camera screenshot ?

(F) Happy hump day ?

(F) Got hips like honeey, so thick and so sweet ?

(F) Proof that the sun does shine on my ass… at least sometimes ?

(F) Just got my nails done this weekend ?

(F) No clever caption. Just a bathrobe and some wet breasts ?

(F) just here for the thrill of it ?

(F) I love my nipples and hope you do too ☺️

(F) Hope you love flowers as much as I do ?

(F) Soft and sweet ?

(f) Happy Friday Eve ?

(F) I need a back rub after carrying these around all day ?‍?

(F) Felt cute so I decided to take a special selfie ?

(F) Bet I could wake you up better than your coffee. ?

(F) Baby how you feelin’?

(F) who doesn’t love a good tease? ?

(F) Happy Father’s Day to my future baby daddy wherever they are. ?

(F) Happy Father’s Day to my future baby daddy ❤️

(F) Got hips like honey. So thick and so sweet. ? ?

(f) Hey Alexa. Play Body Like A Back Road by Sam Hunt

(F) I hope they look as soft and warm in this photo as they are irl ☺️

(f) ?

(F) I miss flannel season ?

(F) One more before bed?

(F) Blurry but a goodie ?

(F) Work from home isn’t so bad. I appreciate the privacy ?

(F) Easy access tank tops and cardigans ?

(F) I look good in stripes ?

(F) Happiest with something in my mouth ?

(F) It’s always the question of whether you prefer ass or breasts but what about thighs? ?

(F) Low quality photo of a high quality time ?

(F) no better feeling than warm sun on your skin ?

(F) Went to the beach and no one wanted to play mermaids so I left ?

(F) Feeling brave so here’s my mug ?

(F) It’s a sexy day outside but it think I’m going to stay right here instead ?

(f) might delete later but I like it now so ??‍♀️

(F) The early bird catches the worm but the early freeselfshotgirlsor catches my spicy car pic ?

(F) it started raining on my way home from the beach and I had to pull over but at least I got to take my first ✨special✨ car selfie ?

(F) hiii ?

(F)eeling a tiny vulnerable posting this silhouette but fuck it ??‍♀️

(F) Took a 2 hour long bubble bath last night and was so sleepy after I forgot to post ?

(F) Oldie but a goodie ?

Who doesn’t love a (f)ace reveal?

(F) Unrelated to this post but I learned how to squirt recently and holy shit have I been having a good time. ?

(F) When he said, “My queen got machine gun hips, better duck once they go off,” I felt that ?

(F) nice and wet ?

(F) Posted a while ago but d a m n. This is one of my favorites of mine and I wanted to share with you. ?

(F) lunch time ?

(F) one more before I turn in for the night ?

(F) like my bra? ☺️

(F) Happy Sunday!

(f) someone said I don’t post my butt enough so... ☺️

(f) ?

(F) I just like the way they look in this picture ?

(F) Whoops there’s my face ?

(F) Happy Friday ?

(F) how do you take your coffee? ?

(F) See the spider bite? ?

(F) Not the best quality but I’m loving the lighting!☺️

(F) Participating in Throwback Thursday with one of my first nudes ?

(F) hope you have a great day today. ?❤️

(F) Would you be there in the morning?

(F) I forgot about this one ?

(F)look at those cute small sun spots ☺️

It’s (f)un posting while in Zoom meetings ?

(f) You can always find me in an easy access sweater ?

(F) Hi here’s my ass ??

(F) I really only own easy access sweaters ?

(F) Cozy ?

(F) POV ?

(F) Might steal your flannel. ??‍♀️

(f)Some sun stripes for your viewing pleasure ☺️

(F) goodnight ☺️

(F) ?

(F) Let’s make a porn ?

(F) GM. ☺️

(F) If you need me I’ll be in the ?

(F) Nighty Night ?

(F) Gained some weight during quarantine but thankfully some of it made it to my butt ??‍♀️

(F) Always feel pretty in pink ☺️

(F) ?

(f) goooood morning ?

(F) Bath time ?

(F) ?

(F)Got your pillow ready ☺️

(F) Happy Friday ?

(F) Sun stripes and boobies ?

(F) Oldie but a goodie. I love the tiny sun spots ?

(F) Just a cute selfie ?

(F) Throwback to one of my first nudes ☺️

(F) Feels a tiny risky posting my face but I guess that’s the thrill of it ?

(F) waiting for a shower buddy ?

(F) outta this world ?

(F) A petite motivation this Monday ?

(F) ??

(F) Just a photo of me dripping wet ☺️

(f) ?

(F) An oversized sweater and a pair of panties is my favorite lounge outfit ?

(F) Pretty in pink ?

(F) Pretty in pink ?

(F) Sweaters are fun because you never know what’s hiding underneath ?

(F) Wish I could live in a bathrobe all the time ?

(F) Sometimes I forget how big they are ?

(F)resh ?

(F) How do you take your coffee? I like a tiny cream ?

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