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(f31) my nipples are so pretty after being pinched.

(f31) I can’t stop taking photos (and imagining strangers seeing them)

(f31) cleaning these hangers.

(f31) wouldn’t my boobs look better with some marks on them?

(f31) desperate to know what you’d do if you found me in your bed.

(f31) back at it with my favorite plug.

(f31) it’s growing.

(f31) my boyfriend wouldn’t even touch me last night because I was a brat yesterday. I’m afraid I’ve been a brat again today….

lazy sunday morning (f31)

(f30) I was told yesterday that I’m not doing a good job of training my asshole, so I’m trying to be better starting today!

(f30) I’ve cleaned the entire house, so I guess I can relax until my husband needs me for something else..

(f29) leave your mark.

(f) my husband keeps flicking my nipple ?

(f) feeling like a desperate girl today.

(f) just letting my boobs free for a bit before we have company.

(f) manhandle me.

(f) in the mood to be used by you and your friends.

(f) just lounging.

(f30) would you slap my hangers around?

(f30) my poor nipple is red from being slapped.

(f30) spending my day on the couch while my husband works.

(f30) spending my day on the couch while my boyfriend works from home.

(f30) just taking nudes while my husband works from home in the other room.

(f) just exposing myself for you before bedtime. ?

(f) will you grab my breasts while I blow your dick?

(f) a perfect spot for you to rest your head.

(f) taking nudes to post here while my stud is sexting another woman. ?

(f) spreading it for you…

(f) watching a movie with my legs spread. Anyone care to distract me?

(f) desperate to be used.

(f) I probably shouldn’t wear these anymore…

I may or may not lie here like this (f)or 2 hours after getting out of the bath…

(f) told my boyfriend that if he didn’t wanna blow on my titties tonight then I’d find someone who would.

Your (f)ace here, please.

any takers to come pull on my nipples? (f)

I just need to be touched. (f)

I just need to be touched. (f)

he gave me a good slap last night. ? (f29)

was told to get bolder wish exposing myself. soooo. (f)

(f)orever curious about how men would like to use my tits…

want me to spread it even more (f)or you?

I could use more handprints, actually. (f)

Whenever I’m drinking I just want to show of(f) even more.

It’s no (f)un to pinch them myself.

wonder which one of us was having more fun... (fm)

just going to make my bf keep taking pictures o(f) me to post for you guys. ?

don’t mind me sitting with my boobs out in the parking lot while my boyfriend is in the store. (f)

bury your (f)ace here and start my morning off right.

(f)eelin good in my new thong.

come play with my hard nipples. (f29)

come stand in (f)ront of me.

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