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(F) Space either side of me, just sayin’

(F) Happy Friday!

(F) Nipple clamps feel so good

Outdoor pics are so much more fun (F)

Happy TT! (F)

(F) The sunlight looked good whilst we were driving so that always means picture time

(F) With breasts like these sometimes I just gotta pinch myself

Can anyone help, I seem to have slipped out? (F)

A simple on off for you (F)

(F) Happy TT!

(F) Fuck me on this table please

(F) Evening, freeselfshotgirls - heres my tits.

(F) Pics I sent the boyfriend whilst hes away

(F) Good morning freeselfshotgirls

(F) The bed next to me is empty, would you look over if you were there?

(MF) I love that warm feeling as it drips between my breasts

(MF) always aiming for that perfect shot

Is this appropriate attire for watching the world cup? (F)

Lazy Saturday lounging (F)

(FF) Playing with some friends tomorrow night. Photo suggestions welcome!

(F) Refill my wine glass and bring me your dong

(F) Scrub me please

(F) Caution: distracted driving ahead

(MF) Play with my tits while I blow schlong

(F) Can you get me a refill?

(F) I think its starting to get a small wet in here

(F) How do you like my coconuts?

(MF) just lay right there and let me take care of the rest

(F) Where would you finish on me?

(F) Happy Friday!

(F) how long before my driver pulls over for a quickie

(MF) Theres space on the other side for more.

(F) Tits need attention

(MF) Live view from our bang room, just missing another couple

(MF) Enjoying Saturday night.

(F) Its been a long week, cant wait for hubby to cum home

(F) Remove the caged bra and use the wand.

(F) 100% recommend daily doses of vitamin D

(F) Flashing on the porch. What would you do if you saw me?

(F) hubby needs to wake up & make me cum

(MF) Looking for another couple to play with!

(F) Ready & waiting for you

(F) Dining outdoors. Topless

(F) Breakfast is ready

(F) Waiting on our photographer to arrive.

(MF) Morning! Come plow with us on the balcony?

(F) At a resort. what should we do next?

(F) Can you add to hubbys load?

(F) Ill kneel in front of you and make you cum over my tits

(F) Wondering if anyone saw me outside wearing this.

(F) come play?

(F) Patiently waiting for a dick to play with

Your (f)ace belongs between (m)y legs

(F) Theyre soft, you should feel for yourself.

(MF) Caution: slippery when wet

(F) bend me over and make my breasts bounce while you plow me in front of the mirror?

(F) Anyone willing to lend a helping hand (or mouth) to get me off?

(F) Riding whilst we were next to friends enjoying each other on the same bed.

(FF) Playtime with some friends tonight

(F) Oil applied, just need a dong to suck on.

(F) Baby its cold outside but warm between my thighs

(F) Ive been told my body is irresistible when covered in oil

(F) Keep the top on, or off?

Lazy Friday on the sofa (MF)

Lazy Sunday on the couch (MF)

(MF) He insisted on dessert.. so I let him have as much as he wanted

(F) I think hubby enjoyed himself

(F) I think they look better covered in cum

(F) Anyone seen the rest of my clothes?

(MF) Vote on where he cums - Will post picture of the end result ?

Kneel next to the wi(f)e and cum on her tits?

(F) I like this view!

(F) More hands needed.

(F) Naked couch cuddle & Netflix?

(f) can anyone add to hubbys load?

Someone come watch us (f)uck?

(F) Tits out in new lingerie. How would you make me cum first?

(F) Your view right before you cum all over me

Fuck with the top on, or off? (F)

(F) How bad do you want to cum between my tits?

(MF) trying to blow the life out of his glorious penis

(F) Just because we go to bed early, doesnt mean were going to sleep.

Checking out the view before we (f)uck in the window

its a lovely day for some light reading...or something (F)

(F) Its a lovely day for some light reading..or something

I get the best view when shes riding me (MF)

(F) Anyone else like getting ready in the nude? Just me? Okay

Getting ready to blow husbands fat cock to get this weekend started off right (M)(F)

BJC Best Juicy Cock Ive ever had (F)(M)

Is it weird that I like to watch mysel(f)?

Been having fun flashing of(f) with this top

We want to fuck, be watched, and have pictures taken of us. Any volunteers? (MF)

Does my top look better like this? (F)

Watching porn, who wants to join us? (MF)

Getting ready to suck his penis (MF)

(F)(M) This view while watching video makes me soaking wet ??

Titty Tuesday, but would anyone prefer to see my pink taco instead? (F)

Happy (F)riday freeselfshotgirls! Enjoy this morning pick-me-up!

Happy Titty Tuesday. Hoping someone will see me through the door. (F)

I told her to shut up and she said make me (MF)

(F) Getting ready to play on cam, anyone else about this eve?

When hes in control of (m)y toy it leaves me begging (f)or more

A tiny mid-day sex right now (MF)

A little (m)iday (f)ucking right now

I(f) your thirsty, I can let you lap up my juices.

Juicy dinner waiting for my boyfriend tonight (F)

My cage bra always gets him hard (MF)

Riding dong while watching video (MF)

A small Saturday sel(f) love

Live picture of him tongue (f)sucking me

Dining in or take out? (MF)

Every part o(f) my body needs vitamin D

She came pretty hard sucking my penis while using her new toy (MF)

Come plow with us? ? (MF)

Cum over my tits? (F)

Husband is working in the next room, wonder what he would do i(f) he walked in on me like this?

Enough to make you hard? (F)

(MF) Love how he holds me down and makes me cum

Just casually scrolling through freeselfshotgirls (F)

Your view when Im riding (F)

(f) Does my silhouette make you hard?

(F) Its a tit bit nipply!

Wi(f)e on top riding - hows the view?

Wifes latest shower pic, shes awesome ? (f)

My (f)avorite purple robe and toy

Hubby ignores my subtle "lets go to bed" hints, hope(f)ully he cums soon

(F)eeling a bit wet...pulled out my favorite dildos for tonight

Sunday brunch has been served (MF)

We tried a cam site to watch other couples with not much luck, so we ended up just us two ? (MF)

Definitely more then enough room (f)or one, not sure why hubby prefers to watch TV.

Right before I finished on her tits (MF)

My wi(f)e makes cage bras look pretty damn good ?

One of my favorite views (MF)

One of my favorite views (MF)

One of my favorite views (MF)

The incredible view I get when my wife is riding me (F)

The awesome view I get when my wife is riding me (F)

The amazing view I get when my girlfriend is riding me (F)

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