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Wishing everyone a tight Saturday night ?? (f)

BANNER: Better late than never is what I always say ? how dare I let these pink sparkly pasties go to waste?! (f) Happy VERY BELATED Valentine’s Day y’all ?

Thought I’d show off my favorite new necklace ✨ (f) Happy Monday!

Everyone gets a giant gold star for (F)riday! ?????

Happy Full Frontal (F)riday! ???

So maybe I was a tiny late on my submission for a monthly challenge… but I figured - why withhold my hard work from all of freeselfshotgirls to view? ? (f)

Fashion advice: Yay or nay on these vintage snake skin boots? ? (f)

Even though I’m not happy that the weekend’s over, wishing everyone a Happy Monday - I hope my post makes you feel cheeky! ? (f)

SOS someone come help warm up my tiny body ? this beautiful bath isn’t enough ?? (f)

It’s officially UGG season! This year, Santa got me a pair of pink ones ??? don’t you just love how warm they are?! (f)

Thursday night game night ?: Select the vagina of your choosing and do whatever you damn please (don’t worry you get multiple turns ?) (f)

I think I need to be completely filled with cum… idk maybe it’s just me ?‍♀️?? (f)

Banner: My peppermint stick DEFINITELY tasted even yummier than it did prior to shoving it in and out of my pussy ? (f)

Only two more days till Christmas ? ya filthy animals ? (f)

Thinking about using a couple huge candy canes in each one of my holes… kinda sounds delicious ? (f)

(F)eeling that special Christmas tingly feeling in my tight wet pussy????

Well I may be sick this Saturday night but damn am I hornier than ever ? (f)

(F)eeling just rosy this Wednesday night ?

I hope this small but mighty rear makes someone cum like crazy today ???? (f)

Waking up wishing a nice hard cock would just slip into either one of my holes ? (f)

Would anyone wanna eat me tonight? My hole is a perfect juicy dessert ? (f)

⚠️ CAUTION‼️ Extremely slippery when wet ? (f)

Spreading open my legs for anyone interested in examining my twat ? (f)

Oh my… 17 days since my last post ? I guess I have lots of catching up to do (f) ??

Bring on preseason ? (f)

Good morning! Should I start off the day with something bigger in my ass? ? (f)

BANNER: A+ student at school, A+ teen everywhere else #backtoschool (f)

⬆️ then ⬇️ and repeat ? (f)

Goooood morning! I love spreading open my legs for all my neighbors in front of my bedroom window just like this ? (f)

I needed chains and shackles to get me outta bed this lazy Labor Day… ⛓ (f)

I loooove spreading my small pink hole for strangers ? (f)

Well hello freeselfshotgirls! It’s been a horny minute ? hope y’all have a sexy Friday night ? (f)

Debating: do I even keep my freeselfshotgirls? (F)

Allllll ready to get nice n filled tonight ? (f)

Happy Friday all of you r/freeselfshotgirls fans out there - it’s been a minute! ? I thought sharing some fresh nudes might help kick off a fresh start to a much-needed weekend for some of y’all ?? (F)

Nothing better than getting kinky in a dressing room ? (f)

This is my 4th of July post. My apologies for my classic tardiness. Enjoy! ❤️??❤️??❤️?? (f)

Don’t I just look so innocent?! ?? (f)

Sorry to disappoint everyone… I usually sleep completely nude but yes I’ll admit that is a white cropped tank pulled up… what have I become?! ? (f)

Does anybody know how to sew fish net? Asking for a friend ? (f)

Hopefully this adds a tiny shine to your Monday ? (f)

Good morning ? I’m Horny. Hbu? (f)

Everyone knows: you can’t wear white bottoms until after Memorial Day ? Happy June! ? (f)

My tight little body is screaming to be covered in cum ? (f)

Sometimes my petite twat just needs to feel a nice cool breeze you know? ? (f)

Its me, Im the gift today?. Shout-out to my mama for birthing me 27 years ago. Give her all the hype, but your attention to my vagina plz?. (f)

Anyone wanna come play with my purple sparkly booty plug on this purple rainy day?☔️?? (F)

Pink everythang ?✨ (f)

Oh no… I’ve been called to the principal’s office for getting caught blowing my math teacher in the stairwell… in his defense he was only tutoring me! (f) ✏️??

Fact of the day: my favorite color is pink! Is that relevant to this post? Nope. Anyway yeah come bang this tight twat plz ??? (f)

Looks so innocent… but looks can be deceiving ?? (f)

Featuring the latest new gem (of course it’s pink ???) (f)

Just saying hello to my new neighbors! Even got one wave back from some DILF walking by ?? (f)

Anyone able to physically hold up/support my tits with their hands while I go for my run? I’d hate to injure my tiny back! ??‍♀️(f)

Leave it to me to post my one year freeselfshotgirls anniversary pic two days late ? ? I hope my poor timeliness doesn’t disappoint any of you guys ?? #happy1year (f)

Lazy Tuesdays (f)

Hope everyone had a fun Friday night ? sweet dreams ? ?❣️ (f)

Quick shot of my tiny innocent rear right before getting it destroyed and bruised from some serious flogging ??? (f)

Happy Funday Sunday! I think I’m ready for a nice relaxing sexy bath ??? (f)

Always gotta bring a backup “comfy” pair of undies with you whenever you’re out… duh ? (f)

This hole is craving to play (f) ?

My butt was persistent that I post this extremely belated vday BANNER despite it being officially 2 days late… ? but hey… then again… vday is a Hallmark holiday anyway, am I right?! (f) ♥️??

Nothing better than a steamy hotttt shower during this freezing weather… someone plz warm me up!? (f)

Morning pussayyyy (f)

9 more days till v-day… who will be mine?! (f) ??

Just a horny gal playing in her favorite tie dye socks ?? (f)

Top of the mornin’ to ya’ll ?? (f)

Late night squats in extra high heels, am I right? ?? (f)

Top of the morning to ya’☀️☕️ (f)

Hump day challenge: go and hump a freaky hottie, in a freaky position, & make sure to do it in a freaky place ? (f)

Can someone let me sit on their face just for a quick second? Thx lemme know (f)

You know what they always say… 2 is always better than 1 ? (f)

Would you plow me on the bathroom floor? (f)

Would someone ever be willing to come join me in the shower and make sure I’m squeaky clean? ?? ? if so I’d dress appropriately…. It may get a tiny wet (f)

Let’s celebrate 2022 with a messy wet splash, undivided and together ? ✌?? (f)

It came down to either finishing unpacking then posting or posting and then finishing unpacking… couldn’t help myself ??? I hope this post helped make at least one person cum on the very last day of 2021 (f)

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” ?? ? ? (f) (jk plz be summer)

God damn this freezing weather is making it homemade hard to take nudes these days ❄️? (f)

Getting all festive in red ? (f)

Whoops lil nip slip hope y’all don’t mind ? (f)

Glowing this Friday AM because 1) I am officially COVID- free! AND 2) I’m beyond banging horny to prove that I’ve been in quarantine waaaay too long ?? (f)

Classic me getting distracted by my own vagina to get my rear in the shower? (f)

It’s fucking freezing outside. Please someone warm me up! ? (f)

The game was almost as tight as my vagina is….We’ll just have to wait until they play again to see if it’ss even possible to get any tighter ??? great game sad outcome. Hi I’m undressed ? (f)

That’s my legit face I swear… (f)

Thanksgiving would have been so much better if someone used me as their bang dildo ? maybe next year? (f)

Maybe it’s just me but my thin rear and tight holes seem almost too fuckable… (f)

Looking back at Monday like ✌? out. Friday can hurry on up already ? (f)

Gotta start the week out with a small good luck gem in your life ? (f)

Nothing better than a petite artificial vitamin d after a looong 14 hour shift on a rainy freezing day ? (f)

HIGHLY recommend this vibrator. Oh ma lord already got the chills reminiscing ? bang now I got my silly little vagina all wet ? (f)

26 going on 18 #tiedye and #smileyfaces (f) ?

Has anyone by chance seen the top half to my slutty mouse costume I wore for Halloween? I think I may have misplaced it… again ??‍♀️ ugh every year I tell you (f) (banner)

Fuck Mondays, anyone wanna warm me back up in my bed? ❤️ (f)

Hmmm.. what to be for Halloween… I mean I guesssss I could be idk Zach LeVine’s private nurse ? (f) (banner)

Would anyone be down to watch impractical jokers with me? I’ll let you have the best seat in the house ? (f)

My grouchy old teacher warned me if I don’t post enough naughty nudes on freeselfshotgirls as apart of my extra credit I won’t be allowed to trick-or-treat this year ?? (f)

Do you think anyone at the dog park will notice I’m not wearing a shirt/bra? (f)

Legs spread up and out if your crushing it this Monday! (f)

Who else is in an ass-eating mood tonight? ? (f)

Just wanted to make sure everyone had a clear close-up of my butt & holes, (f)or educational purposes that is of course ?✏️

Felt it was only fair to show off my pink sparkly teeny petite g-string from a different angle ☺️ (f)

I hope this pic makes y’all just as beautiful as I do when I (f)ind and put on my teeny petite pink g-string ?

Felt like a camel toe was the appropriate post for hump day… hope I’m right! (f)

Ride and shine! ? (f)

Happy belated hump day from this small gem! ? still counts right? (f)

It’s never too early to play ☺️ (f)

Hmm… thinking a nice huge rear plug is missing from my little asshole… I think I’ll go shove one in now ? (f)

Learned to love my body - that’s why I love flashing it off. I usually ignore rude remarks but this one guy just told me “your front is great but you really need to office on your ass.” Idk why it’s bothering me now… is it that bad? ? (f)

Per request, my butt and subsequently my hole both wanted me to share that they would like to be “spread, filled, stretched, and licked.” As their legal guardian, I give my full consent ?? (f)

Don’t you just love Monday mornings…. Eating rear is a PERFECT way to start the day off fresh?? but that’s just me (f)

“I’m blue if I was green I would die if I was green I would die if I was green I would die…” -a wise man once said (f)

Is it just me or is my dog’s stuffed animal back there checking me out? (f)

Fuckable? (f)

Can someone please help fix my air conditioning? Too damn hot in here can’t keep on any clothes ? (f)

Have a sparkly Tuesday ? (f)

Up close and personal ? (f)

Just WAPing it up like Cardi and Miss Megan this Saturday night. Will someone eat me clean? (f) FYI I came a lot ???

Happy Friday! ? (f)

Damn I gotta say these bad boys aren’t looking too shabby this morning ? (f)

Good afternoon from my horny heart to yours ? (f)

Ass looking like it could use a fresh hand beauty oil massage ? (f)

Definitely need a massive dong to ride all night long ? (f)

This is an example of what I like to call excellent proper pre-dick-taking position ? (f)

Self salutation for the day: I will learn to love my petite but mighty and sexy booty! (f)

Nothing better than just laying around free n naked just thinking about naughty things ?? (f)

Yay or nay? (f)

It’s August and I finally have tan lines… ?? anyone have experience tanning nude? Might just have to do that instead… ? (f)

I hope everyone has a cheeky Tuesday ?! (f)

Hopefully this sugar gives some of you babes the #mondaymotivation you may just need today (f)

If anyone by chance finds the huge ebony ass plug with the pretty pink gemstone featured in this pic please lmk as it is gone MIA and is DEARLY missed ? (f) #cumhome

Sweet dreams to all of you hot people out there. I hope each and every one of you have the wettest of wet dreams tonight ?? (f)

It’s Friday baby time to get freakyyyyy. Would you get freaky with me?! ??? (f)

Naughty nurses deserve to spread eagle too ? (f)

And as hump day starts coming to a close, my legs seem to be doing just the opposite and my holes are craving being stuffed and completely filled ? (f)

This would be an appropriate business casual summer look right? (f)

I am so sex horny. Will someone please let me ride them? (f)

Life lesson: always get breezy underwear for the summer months ?? especially for work ? (f)

Pussy pink is my favorite color. ?What’s yours?! (f)

Post 4th of July twat #patriotic (f)

Omg ? I just came... twice. I think I’m ready for round 3 ? (f)

Titties out to every past current and future daddy??! Who knows what the future may hold!?? (f)

It wouldn’t be humpday without some serious humping ??? (26f)

¡Feliz fin de semana! Now go n get some pussaaaaay ? (26f)

Hat szn ? #Burberry (f)

“My neck my back lick my twat and I’ll sit on your face” (f) ~me

Thx for all of the hot bday wishes ?. Now who wants to (f)uck me? ?

Sigh... when birthdays start making you feel like old goods ?#onemoreday #stillgotit? (f)

Starting off Monday with a petite morning motivation (f) ?

To all of you kinksters out there, wishing you the kinkiest of kinky weekends??? (f) #18+ #bigtits

Was just a petite gem this weekend (f)

Saturday afternoons doe ? (f) cum chillax

Hopefully this makes your Monday a petite less gloomy ? (f)

My twat is really wet... what does that mean? ? would love to keep it this way (25f)

Friday night horniness ? (f)

Feeling kinda knotty today (f)

I think my earrings match PER(F)ECTLY with my outfit. Thoughts? ?

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