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(F) Am I your type? ?

(F) I got my tongue pierced to look even sluttier ?

(F) Kiss it first ?

(F) Extra curves to grab on to ?

(F) Is this skirt to short? ?

On/Of(f) mini skirt edition

(F) Could I convince you to spend some time between these thighs? ?

(F)uck me in the mirror so I can watch ?

The (f)ishnets stay on ?

(F) Pick where you’d cum ??

(F) Make me drool ?

(F) Breeding material??

(F) All that’s missing is some bruises ?

(F) I hope you plow on the first date cause I do ?

(F)ill it ?

(F) use me in the office bathroom? ?

(F) I hope you appreciate my innie here ?

(F) If I texted you this, would you come over?? ?

(F) If I texted you this, would you come over ? ?

(F) I couldn’t decide between boobs or butt so here’s both ?

(F) I hope you don’t mind if I call you daddy ?

(F) Breed it ?

(F) You should see how red my ass gets when you spank it ?

(F) Where are you cumming ? Face or Tits ?

(F)”Why do you take so long in the bathroom??” freeselfshotgirls whores ???

(F)uck me in the public bathroom plssss ?

(F) Get you a babe who takes nudes at work for you ?

(F) I hope sneaky work nudes from a voluptuous woman are your thing ??

(F) I can’t sleep… think an orgasm would help?? ?

(F) Something pink for Valentine’s Day ?

(F) On the date & after the date ?

(F) I’ll let you use my chubby body how ever you want ?

(F) Good morning ☀️ who’s horny??

(F) Will be deleting this so enjoy it while it lasts ?✌?

(F) I should be paying attention in class, instead I’m being a babe ?

(F) Cover my body in cum ?

(F) Join me in the shower?? ?

(F) Leave me so bruises to remember you by ?

(F) use me ?

(F) I like it from behind best ?

(F) waiting to be filled ?

(F) Would you spend sometime between these thighs?

(F) Put my mouth to use ?

(F) Am I your type? ?

(F) Will the fishnets stay on ? Or are you ripping them off ? ?

(F) Slip you penis inside my hole so I can be really fill ?

(F) What pussy are you filling first ? ?

(F) I hope work nudes are your favourite, cause they’re mine ?

(F) Can we have a quickie on my lunch break?? ?

(F)ill my other holes ?

(F) Leave my thigh highs on when you plow me ?

(F)elt slutty might delete later ?

(F) Cover me in cum ?

(F) I need my nipples sucked on ?

(F)elt slutty might delete later ?

(F) Does this make you want to see more of my curvy body??

(F) Do you like my body??

(MF) My boyfriend said he wants to share me with a friend ?

(F) Anyone like pear shaped girls? ?

(MF) He thinks I need a second dick & I agree ?

(F) Spankable?

Patiently waiting to have my (f)ace drilled

(F) Lets get dirty in the shower together ?

(F) Can I be your favourite voluptuous slut?? ?

Looking for a (f)ace to sit on ?

(F) Lick or fuck??

(F) On/Off would you invite me over to Netflix & chill? ?

If you (F)uck me you have to fill me ?

(F) I’ve heard chubby girls have wetter pussies ? wanna find out?

(F) Lunch?? ?

(F) Don’t look at the title, look at me ?

(F) I need a twat to eat & a schlong to bang ASAP preferably at the same time ?

(F) I’ve been a amateur brat lately, think you could put me in my place? ?

(F) I’m going skinny dipping, who’s coming?? ?

(F) I’m going skinny dipping, who coming ?? ?

(F) In case you were wondering I always swallow ?

(F) POV: I’m begging you to eat it

If you want a chubby (F)uck buddy I’m free ?

Can we be (F)riends with benefits?? ?

(F) I hope you plan on blowing my nipples while you fuck me ?

(F) Can I ride your face before I ride your dick?

(F) Can I send you naughty pictures while your at work all day?? ???

(F) Someone please let me hangout nude in their sexy tub this summer ?

(F) Hey, don’t scroll past my butt without smacking it first??

(F) I would say I bang on the first date but I don’t even need a date I just want to plow ?

(F) Please breed me while I wear this ?

(F) Would you rip this off or leave it on while you drilled me??

(F) I want to look like this while riding your dick please!

(F) Do you like your sluts gagged? ?

I(f) I texted you this would you come over & suck my back out???!

I’ll be wearing a ass plug to our (F)irst date! I hope you don’t mind ?

(F) I have 2 more holes I need filled think you could help me out with that? ?

(FF)uck my best friend with me?!? ?

(F) Can you believe no one plowed my booty yet??

Best(F)iends gone wild ?

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