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It’s 2am and I just got home and discovered I never put my only set of sheets in the dryer ??? (F) to my sleep schedule

Getting ready (f)or bed again after the fire alarm went off and prompted a frantic scramble for clothes ?

Happy Tuesday ?‍♀️ (F)

Taking a break from(f)arming wood on Animal Crossing ?

Taking a break (f)rom Animal Crossing to have some fun 😉

Another day, another plaid shirt. Took this in the bathroom between classes, hope no one is scrolling freeselfshotgirls during lecture and recognizes me ? (F)

I have o(f)icially renounced bras and it is incredible

? Girls do what they want // Boys do what they can ? (Yes, I know it’s not the same song as the shirt ?) (F)

Haven’t had an excuse to wear this skirt in a while (F)

Imagine if everyone (f)ound out I’m not wearing anything underneath? ?

What’s your favourite drunk karaoke song? Mine is probably (F)allen Leaves by Billy Talent ?

People keep trying to commiserate with me about being single but I hate commitment and I love (f)reedom ?‍♀️

❄️ It’s a snow day! Warm me up? (F)

The delivery guys for my new bed showed up early and I had to get dressed legit (f)ast. Took everything off again as soon as they left, of course ?

Guys on freeselfshotgirls are much more enthusiastic about eating vagina than the guys I’ve met IRL ? Good to know that y’all are out there... (F)

(F)irst time getting waxed. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be ?‍♀️

I have a stack of library books that I need to (f)inish, but Philosopher’s Stone was really calling to me tonight ?‍♂️

Someone wanted cu(f)fs! Had to take these off with my teeth... sure would be nice to have someone to help out ???

Should I wear this to school tomorrow? ? (22F)

Don’t let me distract you (f)rom the fact that the Canucks have won six in a row ? Let’s make it seven!

Want to cuddle? (F)

If they were just a bit smaller I could get away with a tank top and no bra ? I want (f)reedom!

Anyone got some good hangover remedies? ? (F)

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