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Get on your knees and make my pussy drip (f)


Which will you devour first? Pussy or (f)eet

Missed me? Trace my (f)igure with your tongue

Fall to your knees and (f)east on me

Show me how much you’ve missed my (f)lawless body

Who wants to peel these of(f) and worship my entire body?

I know you wish you could taste my twat too (f)

Trace my body with your tongue (f)

Lick me, make me cum. And don’t forget my (f)eet.

Who’s going to make my morning a (f)ucking good one

Tell me what you think when you look at my body (f)

You wake up to this… tell me how you’d worship me (f)

What will you (f)east on first? Toes, butt or twat

Lick every curve, worship me like I deserve (f)

(f)east on me

Ready to be (f)ucked?

Start my morning of(f) right, you know what to do

Pretty in pink (f)

What would you give to taste the body of a goddess? (f)

Lick. (f)

Get to office (f)

Missed me? (f)

Be a good boy and make me cum. (f)

I’m ready (f)or your tongue

Get your tongue in my holes (f)

(f)uck me with your tongue

Which part of me will you worship (f)irst?

Time for me to (f)eed you

(f)uck me with your tongue, now.

Please me. I’ll let you choose where to lick (f)irst

Lick every inch o(f) my body

Hungry? (f)

Please me post-workout (f)

Happy World Redhead Day (f)

How would you please me? (f)

Dominating the room in heels and (f)ishnets

I’ll whip you into shape (f)

I need a (f)ace to ride

Please me (f)

Which would you rather I use on you? (f)

Who’s hungry? (f)

Worship me (f)

Train with me, I’ll make you work (f)

Where would you start? (f)

Think you could make my twat this wet? (f)

You can lick me through my (f)ishnets

Do you wish your tongue was here? (f)

I’ll let you choose where to lick (f)irst

Stockings (f)or easy access. Please me.

W(f)h benefits. Who wants to crawl under my desk and please me?

Devour me (f)

Head to toe, get to work. (f)

I’m ready (f)or your tongue

You know where your (f)ace needs to be

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