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sunday (f)un day

(f)at titties

are you a (f)an of my tan lines?

(f)at titty tuesday

waiting for (f)riday

my (f)uck buddy’s view

saturday sel(f)-pleasure

end o(f) weekend pleasure

got stood up…you wouldn’t (f)ail me like that, right?

had a super (f)un night

(f)alling out

(f)eeling good this hump day


one year o(f) posting my fat tits

hump day (f)un

end o(f) the weekend, sigh

robe coming of(f)

excited to be o(f)f work tomorrow

couldn’t (f)ind my bottoms

(f)eeling cozy


hope it’s been a (f)un weekend!

got stu(f)fed with two BBCs last night

rainy day (f)un

ready for (f)un

hope it’s been a (f)un saturday!

ready (f)or bed


(f)ighting off the sunday scaries

(f)eeling good

(f)eeling cozy

hope it’s been a (f)estive one

merry christmas (f)or all

rainy day (f)are

(f)resh out of the shower

time (f)or bed

bathtub (f)un again

outfit (f)rom a freeselfshotgirls friend

waiting for the tub to (f)ill

(f)rom last night


(f)ell out

had a (f)un lunch break

on (f)resh hotel sheets

happy hump day (f)or all

letting them (f)ree

fat tits in the bath aka you’ll (f)loat too

feels like (f)all


(f)lashback wednesday

can’t (f)orgo this lighting


breasts be(f)ore bed

let’s (f)loat

(f)rom the DMs

goodnight (f)lash

lil (f)lash

lingerie o(f) the day

and now rinsed of(f)

(f)inna hop in the shower

showing o(f)f some bush

coming out o(f) retirement

built-in (f)lotation devices

one hard nip one so(f)t


another excellent night of sel(f)-pleasure

(f)aq: they’re real, and i’m surprised so many people asked!

(f)reshly clean and hanging out

post-o (f)ace

quick (f)lash

tits out (f)or some reason

morning (f)lash

staying in watching (f)boy island finale ?

feeling (f)ine

finally got (f)ucked today

time (f)or bed

(f)ighting off the sunday scaries

another massive tit pj (f)lash

a(f)ter shower lounging

just jacking of(f)

another pj large titty (f)lash!

sun-day (f)lash

saturday night (f)lasher

pj (f)lash


(f)inishing hump day with a photoshoot

(f)reeing the nipple once again

(f)aq: cannot reach nipple

post-shower (f)lash

massive titty (f)lash

ready (f)or bed

pjs (f)lash

saturday (f)lash

(f)riday night lingerie shoot


morning (f)lash

monday (f)lash

morning (f)lash

pj (f)lash


just got (f)ucked very well


(f)alse alarm, now i’m ready

waiting for my (f)uck buddy

daily (f)lash

o (f)ace

(f)lannel but make it slutty

nipples (f)reed

tobias (f)unkë hands

tobias (f)unkë hands

bedtime (f)lash

daily (f)lash

(f)aq: IUD (mirena gang 4 life)

feelin’ (f)risky


small (f)lash, monster boobs

(f)rom this morning’s shoot

(f)estive hump day!

new (f)riend told me they’re even nicer in person

remote hand not quite (f)urtive enough!

(f)estive hump day to all

so (f)resh and so clean (clean)

more bath (f)un

sunday (f)unday

love (f)lowy clothes and their easy access

and (f)ully out

hal(f) nip slip

(f)aq i like girls too

no (f)rown here

tongue out, brow (f)urrowed in concentration

(f)resh out the shower

(f)rom the DMs

(f)rom the DMs

i(f) you’re DMing it better be to tell me what to show

stoned a(f) - whatcha wanna see

got (f)ucked like this last night

hello (f)rom the couch

(f)aq: doggy style

(f)aq: one favorite author is brit bennett

nipple of(f)ering

(f)aq: no boyfriend either

(f)aq: in my early dirty thirties


it’s (f)our twenty somewhere

(f)aq: no husband no kids

(f)aq: 5’6”

must be (f)rigid in here

my cups over(f)low

(f)aq: 36G

outtake: (f)iddling with remote

new shipment o(f) lingerie just dropped

wish i could wear this to the o(f)fice

they just wanna be (f)ree


off to help with a birthday fucking (f)antasy

paint me like one of your (f)rench girls

quick (f)lash

(half) o (f)ace

thinking about (f)lood myths

getting ready (f)or 2 BBCs tonight

mood: of(f) work tomorrow

i tried but i can’t (f)asten this lingerie by myself lol

from (f)riday’s photo shoot

(f)it to be tied

o(f)ficially weekend mode

(f)ree the nipple


(f)rom the archives iv

in a (f)oul mood but the tits look good

and a view of a different (f)ront door

(f)ront door peephole realness

a thin (f)lash as i watch tv

kind o(f) obvious i got some sun this weekend

wishing you a (f)estive mammary monday

(f)rom the archives the third

impatiently waiting for my (f)uckbuddy to arrive

by popular demand and (f)or a limited time only

(f)inal post today, i swear...must be a good tit day or something


lunch break (f)un part 2

(f)rom the archives pt. 2

i just love baths, don’t care if i’m stewing in my own (f)ilth

down a de(f)unctland youtube rabbithole

evidence from lunchtime (f)un

from a (f)resh perspective

(f)rom the archives

(f)irst open cup lingerie

happy squirting sunday (f)or those who celebrate (i just did)

why are all my (f)uck buddies busy tonight

what part o(f) me thought they’d stay contained in this outfit

sel(f)ie light arrived!

mixing it up - lingerie on or o(f)f next time?

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