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Happy Saturday, should I take the amateur thing tonight? (F)

Would someone eat it in this position? (M,F)

(F) Should I let her have the homemade thing?

The view I had of my wife and buddy this weekend (M,F)

Who is hungry? (F)

Do you think it tastes as good as it looks? (F)

Thinking about taking the legit thing for hubby. You think I should? (F)

Who is ready for their turn? (F)??

Should I let my girlfriend take a BBC? (F)

Anyone want to plow her while I sit and watch (F)? ? She needs a monster cock….

This is how she wants to get fucked while I watch….ready? (F)

Anyone want to lick her while I fuck her like that? (M,F)

Anyone want to cum play? Anything goes. Who is ready? (M,F)?

Would you at least let me lick her while you bang her? (F)

(F) Really want a large schlong to fuck my wife….any takers?

Cum taste? (F)

Can’t wait to get back to Vegas!! Anyone want to join?! (F)

Really want to watch her bang a fat dick. Black or white. Am I crazy? (F)

Football is back and my husband won’t pay attention to me when it’s on. Even when I’m like this. Maybe someone else will! ? (F)

Will someone come plow me like this. My boyfriend really wants to see it. (F)

My favorite thing to look at. Might be better with another dick in it? (F) What is your opinion?

Last one I’m posting from the weekend. You all like?? (M,F)

One more would like good don’t you think? Or another girl? ? (M,F)

Anyone want to help? ? (F)

I wish it was bigger. Ladies anyone want to play with my husband with me? (M,F)

Getting ready for a wedding tonight? Anyone want to come to the after party? ?? (F)

Anyone want to join us (M,F) Everyone is welcome. Don’t be afraid to tell us!

I’m ready for the real thing. Any takers? ? (F)

Please come plow me?? Husband is away! DM ?? (F)

She made me clean her up after. Would anyone else? (F)

Tell me what you want to do to my wife. All are welcome. (F)

She gets really wet. Who wants to try? Let us know! (F)

Anyone want to trade live pics?? (F) DM us please

Really want to eat her vagina while she is like this. Any takers? (F)

Want to hear what you will do to my wife. Would love to see a BBC inside her (F)

From this morning. But she wants more. Any takers? (M,F)

Would you let my husband watch? (F) Or join? ??

Good Morning. It was a great view when I got up! Anyone want to join me and take care of her? ? (F)

Should I eat that for dinner? (F)

Wanting to get freaky in the bathroom (F)

Can’t wait to be in Vegas again soon! Love going out like this (F)

What do you think? She loves to read your comments. (F)

Would anyone taste her after I was done if she wanted more? (F)

I can’t wait for (F)ootball season to start again!!!

Good morning. (F) should I wear panties to work today?

Bored at office (F) Keep me entertained

I’m away and my wi(f)e needs company. Could someone help?

Anyone want to join?? (m,f)

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