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Mommy milkers Monday! (f)

Thick & Nerdy. This is the way. (F)

(f) Its dangerous to go out alone! Here, take these:

Waifus are bae! (F)

Nerdy girls are the most fun to be around! (F)

Would you crit all over them? (f)

Doomslayer titties. Rip and tear (my panties)? (f)

(f) Thick nerdy thighs, save nerdy lives!

Come, youre invited to play WoW with me (unless you just wanna suck on some titties?)! (f)

Hope you love nerdy nipples to play with! (F)

"Hi!" (f)

Happy Holidays, from your (f)ave Tolkien nerd!

?️ ?? ? What did you notice first? (f)

Busty nerds are the breast! (f)

Tiddies!!! (f)

Tuesdays are (f)or anime ninja titties!

We are Titties .. er...VENOM!! (F)

Nerds have the breast booba! Cant argue with meh!! (f)

Just breeding some Charmanders for Scarlet/Violet! (F)

Which one should I begin? (F)

The lesser known, Marvels Power Princess! (f)

How many of you would want to crit on this ass? (f)

A quick peek at my sweater puppies! (f)

(f) Sleep with them in your mouth?

TiTooines "two suns"! Wanna (F)arm some moisture with me?

(F)or the Alliance!

ok, seriously. Who would pretend to be in trouble, in order to have an Amazon save them? (f)

(f) Yay!!! My DF xpac finally came in!!!

Come to bed? (f)

Happy hump day! (f)

(f) Would anyone use me as their wallpaper?

I think I know what Machamp is reaching (f)or..

Arent Shinies the breast? (f)

Get over here!! (f)

Sending smiles and boobies your way! (F)

I love the "Tifa in a suit" look! (F)

How many (F)oolish Mortals like busty milfs?

Remember when Tifa visited the Italian Senate? (F)

Heres to hoping KH4 will be amazing!! (F)

Lets turn the "casual" controls OFF.. (f)

Be Wonder Womans simp? (F)

This series is one of my favorite Marvel comics since Superior Spider-Man!You?(F)

The Evenstar necklace never existed in the books. The more you know ? (f)

Anyone else love " Shinies"? (F)

Just a huge titty nerd saying "Hi!" (F)

Just having a casual day, playing Animal Crossing! (F)

Anyone remember when Tifa visited the Italian Senate? (f)

Thick and Nerdy = Best Booba! (f)

I love lenticular posters! (f)

Hinata is bae? (f)

I prefer this ring of power. (f)

The way a nerdy mama greets her man! (f)

Most women just think its a pretty necklace. Most men dont see the necklace ? (f)

This isnt Leahs lightsaber, but did you know the Late Carrie Fisher wanted her lightsaber to be purple? For some reason they scrapped the idea, even though they had made some concept art of her dueling Luke with a purple saber. The more you know! (f)

Youre cool with strong women that have monster booba, right? (f)

(f) Smash or Pass Wonder Woman?

R2-DDD2 (F)

My newest addition! (f)

Lets celebrate Violet & Scarlett our way!! ???✨(f)

Hinata is girlfriend material? (f)

(f) LoZ, ftw!!!

(f) Hope you dont mind a nerdy mama! (Marvels Power Princess vibes)

Thats the ship that ran the Kessel run in just how many seconds?? (f)

Yeah, lets turn casual controls OFF! (f)

Love playing on my 3DS! It was one of my favorite systems..Still is! (f)

Wanna duel? (f)

Anime titties are best titties! (f)

(f) These ARE the titties youre looking for..

Hopeful for KH4! You? (f)

New marketing ad for the eShop? (f)

This is very relaxing! (f)

Nerds have best booba! Am I right? (f)

Wish me a happy cake day!! ? ? (f)

LoZ, Represent! (f)

Need a mouthful of Neko titty? (f)

Would you lose to this Grey Jedi? (f)

Tifa Milfhart? (f)

Should Hinata have had her nipples pierced, to help with the beauty jutsu? (f)

What do you think o(f) this build?

Big titty gamers your thing? (f)

New Lego marketing campaign? (f)

Happy hump day! May booba bring you smiles today! (f)

Team Mystit (f)

So did you know that bullets can bounce off of these? (f)

Is it ok if I cosplay (f)

Its ef(f)in beautiful outside. Gotta dress appropriately!

Down with the thiccness? (f)

Milfs with big (f)ox ears your thing?

What color are my eyes? (f)

I wanna be the very breast! (f)

R2-DDD2 (f)

Should WW have her nipples pierced? (f)

Legos are the breast!! (f)

My (f)avorite KH game was on the 3DS! What about you?

Can I be your nerdy mama? (f)

Where my fellow nerds at?? (f)

Would you let Hinata sit on your face? (f)

Nerdy Booba = Best Booba (f)

Hiya!! (F) I have Booba.

Do you want to blow on Hinatas titties? Asking (f)or a friend..

DC has Wonder Woman, and Marvel has Power Princess. The more you know! ? (f)

Dont worry, its very protected! (f)

Wonder Booba! (f)

Who likes Tifa Mil(f)hart?

Hinata used the sexy jutsu! (F)

I want you to hold it up like Luke! (F)

Hello there! (f)

Finish you or (f)riendship?

R2-DDD2, wink wink! (f)

Smile for Hyrule! (f)

Roll hard, and crit all over these? (f)

Smile (f)or me!

They feel nice and (f)ull!

All my gamers know whats up! (f)

Darkside may have cookies, but we have titties! (f)

Tifa cosplaying Hilda for Pogo(f)est 2022!!

(F)inish him...

Ever heard of Marvels Wonder Woman? Power Princess! (f)

Tifa Milfhart (f)

(f) Spend time with Hinata?

(f) Does Hinata have suckable nipples?

(f) Would you crit on my titties?

(f) My hands are getting tired. Can you help, or are you scared?

(f) Insert Master Sword (Masters Sword ?) here:

(f) Hinata using hot jutsu...

Hang out with Hinata? (f)

That sound that happens when you find a rare item in-game...(f)

Wonder titties (f)

Let me smush your face into them! (f)

Wonder Woman going out to dinner! (f)

Not gonna lie, Im excited for KH4! (f)

I love today!! (f)

Light or Dark side? (f)

One of my favorite tops! (f)

Dragonball Fighter Z is a bit addicting (f)

Using my DDD20s to crit on your face! (f)

(f) Sending you positive vibes (Booba)!

Sending positive vibes! (f)

Nerdy Booba is best Booba! (f)

Thick (milf) thighs, save lives! (f)

Hilda is Thicc. (f)

"Hai!!! ?" - from your (f)avorite busty mom

Tifa should get her own game. (F)

The Booba of Powa! (F)

When was the (f)irst time you played Doom?

Its Tuesday! Here are some titties for ya ? (f)

This is the way! (F)

Pokemon Go Tour Day!!!! (F)uck Yeah!!!

Its almost Pokemon day! (f)

(f) Wanna rest your Master sword here?

(f) Tattooine has two moons. Just sayin!

Can Hinata distract you with the sexy jutsu technique? (f)

(f) Lord of the Titties..

Can I be your goddess? (F)

So, Im thinking this is the strongest day of the year (on Earth) for this corps ?? Thoughts? (F)

When you walk in on Tifa getting dressed.. (f)

Just casual cosplay ? (f)

Tifa can be such a handful (of titty)! (f)

Tifa for president! (F)

(f) Casual nerdiness.. ?

Which Link your favorite? Im a fan of toon Link! (F)

(f) "Dual wielding".

Any Tifa (f)ans in here?

Tifa cosplaying a Milf. (F)

Where are my fellow FF7 (f)ans at?

Apparently Tifa Lockhart interrupted the Italian Senate (if you dont know about it, look it up now!)! (F)

Honestly, do the glasses suite this mommy? (F)

The 3DS make everything just PoP out at you! (f)

Anyone into a busty, nerdy mil(f)?

You can let it rest here, while you play with my Joy-cons ? (f)

Too busty to be (f)

Wonder booba! (F)

The (F)orce is strong with these...

(Busty) Star Wars (f)an!

Can you tell this is a Pop! Flash (DC) t-shirt? No? Oh well, hai anyways!!! (f) ?

(F)lame on!!

This is Boob-2, standing by! (F)

What no one at office has ever seen! (f)

R2-DDD2 (f)

Wanna come play with me? (F)

In my 40s, and still casual cosplaying! (F)

Anyone into nerdy milfs with thicc milkers? (F)

Wanna have an unexpected journey with me? (f)

Its ok to check out Narutos wife, right? (F)

Suckable? ? (f)

Its dangerous to go out there alone. Here, take these Hylian mommy milkers! (F)

Wonder titties to the effin rescue! (F)

Raise your dicks if youre into busty nerds! (F)

Will ? Kingdom Hearts ❤️ ever be awesome again? Or did their time pass? (F)

Any anime (f)ans here?

Just a quick peek at my DDDs ? (f)

Community Day in PoGo.. Whos coming with me? (F)

Too busty for ??? (F)

Whip out your Master Sword? (F)

What I hide underneath my jacket at work.. (f)

Where I place it, when I need (f)ree hands ?

My team, baby!! (F)

Wanna come over and play with me? (F) No distractions though! We gotta focus ?

Should Hinata have had her nipples pierced? Asking for a (F)riend ?

Wanna try and crit all over them? (F)

Where did Wedge wedge himself? (F)

Mommy Milkers (Cyber) Monday! (F)

Wanna hang out today and play some D&D? Ill be GM! (F)

Turning my "casual controls" off... ?(F)

Dual wielding like a boss! (F)

Mil(f) Hinata!

So would you call these cat ears or (f)ox ears?

(F)orce sensitive Milf, with thicc Tatooines..

Game On! (F)

Are thicc anime ninjas your thing? (F)

Suckem or (F)uckem?

Wanna try and crit on my chest? (F)

So, who here likes big, Hylian, mommy milkers? (Cause I do! ?) (F)

I want you to smile, or get hard. Either way, I want you happy! (F)

(f) Sexy jitsu...

This Mil(f) is looking for her hero of legend... Is your sword at the ready?

Coming in for a landing! (F)

Wanna come play with me? (F)

How strong is YOUR Willpower? (F)

Its dangerous to go alone... Here, take these (titties!) (F) ?✨

Nummy used FLASH! (F)

What Im hiding my shirt, (f)or our date ?

Duel welding to (f)ight off No Nut November!

So, Smash or Pass on anime tiddies? (F) ???✨

Am I a (F)oxy lady?

Have a Wonder(F)ULL day!!

Am I nerdy for having extensive comicbook knowledge, over a decade o(f) experience on associating with Jarls, and having fat glasses?

Dear anime (f)ans...???

Where are the lovers of hokey religions and ancient weapons? (F)

Just saying "Hi"! ? Wanna play? (f)

Its dangerous to go out there alone. Here, take these ? (f)


Where are my LoZ (f)ans? (Ive been playing my 3DS copy of Hyrule Warriors lately☺️)

My mommy milkers needed a bit of sun today! (F)

What was your favorite Keyblade? (F) ?️??

Are you into busty gamers? Asking for a (f)riend ?

Would you like to try to crit on my chest? (F)

Wouldnt it be Wonderful to be breasties with me? (F) ✨?✨

Would you come to the Undying Lands with me? (F)

Machamp is a bit handsy, if you know what I mean ? (f)

Wanna show me how (f)orce sensitive you are?

May I bounce on you (f)or a bit?

How do you like my DDD20s? ? (F)

Are you (f)orce sensitive?

Wanna cosplay with me? You bring the lasso, Ill bring the titties ? (f)

I think I would lean towards being more of a Grey Jedi, what about you? (F)

Its dangerous to go out there alone. Here, take these ?? (f)

Should Wonder Woman be busty in a live action (f)ilm, like she is in the comics?

Wanna try to crit roll all over my chest? (F)

Have a Wonder(F)ULL day! ?✨

Opinions on my DDD20s? (F) ????

Dual wielding like a boss ? (f)

So, being a mom mil(f), would you still cosplay with me?

Thick elven milkers your thing? ✨?? (F)

(F)ML, I was drafted into the Sinestro Corps!

Let me see your pokeballs! ?? (F)

Hand bras. Cool since (f)orever.

I LOVE D.vas bangs! ?? (F)

I think I look like an elven villian wearing this much red ? (f)

(F)ellowship of the Triforce.

I wanna be a Star Sapphire!! Theyre e(f)fin badass!

Whos your (f)avorite busty ninja character? Asking for a friend..

NummyNomNoms is about to use (F)lash!

Been a while since Ive enjoyed some Pokemon on the 3DDDS. (F)

Im not ignoring you, I just really wanna finish this mission real quick! (f)

Its dangerous to go out there alone... Here, take these! ? (F) ?

Anybody here into Doom? (F)

Does Hinata do it for you? (Asking (f)or a friend ?)

Just giving support to my (f)ellow rebel scum!

Is this a good resting place? (F) (I mean, I know is not, cause they dont charge it, but I use them to let my hands rest for a couple of minutes ??)

Just had to whip out this old gem o(f) mine!

"Youll (f)ind Im full of surprises" ?

Got the Grandmaster UltraSaber. Feelin the (F)orce with this baby ?

Would you travel to the Undying Lands with me? ? (F)

Wanna play with me? (BtW, Im playing Animal Crossing) (f)

I wanna be the very Breast, like no one was be(f)ore!!!

Wanna see i(f) you can crit all over these?

Dual wielding like a boss! ? (F)

Duel-welding like a champ! ? (F)

Would you keep your oath to me, and let me play with your keyblade? (F)

Help me with a deep tissue massage? ??? (F)

The (F)orce is strong with these ?

Think I can use these to (f)ight crime too? WW vibes today ??

How many Hinata (f)ans do we have in here?

Grogu and I say Hi! ?? (F)

Anyone heard about the new Disney hotel? I wanna e(f)fin go!

No matter where I go, I always rock something awesome! Anyone old enough to remember this? Damn Im old! ? (F)ML...

Think I should casual cosplay Wonder Woman (f)or the next comic con I go to?

I know isnt this busty, but its ok (f)or today, right?

This is my (f)irst face reveal day on freeselfshotgirls!!!! Did I nail the cosplay? ?

Did you see my titties (f)irst, or the King in Black?

Is my con(f)idence hot to you?

Are gamer milfs (f)or real? Yup! And all fuzzy too ?

Wanna try to crit all over my chest? (f)

Would you want to be (f)riends with me?

Ok, Ill give you a peek, but you have to be really (f)ast!

What are your (f)avorite kind of Legos play with/build?

I ef(f)in LOVE this sub!! Everyone on here are my kinda people. ??

Seriously, how many LoZ games have you beaten? (f)

Looking (f)or someone to give me head pats, for head! Any takers? (Have an awesome week everyone!)

My necklace and map = Happy NNN ?. Have a great day, my nerdy (f)riends!

You may not know this, but this single comicbook paved the way (f)or every single multiverse story DC was ever a part of to become canon, including the Marvel colabs! Oh, and titties are awesome ?

Is Hinata thicc enough (f)or you?

(f) I present to you, Grogu!

Hinata Hyuga and her nipples ? (f)

Picked up a (f)ew new comics today. Love this variant cover for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #28!

Grogu is strong with the light side of the (F)orce.

Its a thin dif(f)icult to see past them ?

You walk into your bedroom, and (f)ind a busty queen on your bed, who says shes been waiting for you. What do you do?

Im basically like a living cast-off. Actually, this is one of my (f)avorites!

When you see it... ? (f)

Hilda from Pokemon Black/White is ready for PoGo-(F)est! Are you?

Hinata is busty, right? (f)

Anyone into busty Neko mil(f)s that chat about comics?

I am totally (f)eeling Power Princess vibes (Marvels version of Wonder Woman)! Come feel with me?

I was told that these can de(f)lect projectiles!

(f) I think I know what Machamp is trying to grab...

Hilda (Pokemon Black/White) has a thicc ass! ? (F)

No one has ever (f)igured out what the 3 swords ⚔️ in the background are. Can you?

I was thinking about cosplaying Felicia one day. This series turned out pretty (f)un!

“Its the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs! Ive outrun Imperial starships, not the local bulk-cruisers, mind you. Im talking about the huge Corellian ships now. Shes (f)ast & BUSTY enough for you, old man.”

This t-shirt hides them super well! Whats your (f)av LoZ game?

Where are my gamers in this sub (which happens to be my (f)avorite sub ever!!)?

The (F)antastic 2!

I hide a lot (f)rom my employees, but at least theyve seen the Evenstar around my neck (although most have no idea what that is)! At least you guys appreciate it, right?

Can I be your Wai(f)u?

Are you ok with me cosplaying as (f)rom Overwatch?

This is my (f)avorite petite droid!!!

I just (f)eel like Donna Troy needs way more attention! Suckable wonder twin titties!

De(f)lecting boredom with these babies!

Curious, did anyone here know that DC Comics is making horror comics? (F)un times!!

Pokemon Go community day!!! (F)un times ??

Have an awesome weekend!! (F)??

Lego Grogu, lightsaber, and a busty nerd.. What more could you ask (f)or?

I love my X-Wing!! Its the breast!! (F)

Pull out yer pokéballs, and lets see whatcha got! (f)

Donna Troy (Wonder Womans twin) doesnt get enough attention.. Would this help her? (f)

When they (f)orget to beam up all of your clothing..

How big are they? Big enough for you to play CUM(f)ortably (yeah, thats a word now ?)

If you bring the cookies, Ill supply the ?? (f)

If you bring the cookies, Ill supply the ?? (f)

When they come out with a new (F)antastic 4 film, Im gonna whip out my favorite tank top!

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