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Enjoying Tears of the Kingdom heaps ? whats your fav thing about it? ❤️ (f)

So who is actually down to watch Naruto with me? ? (f)

Twilight Princess is my favourite Zelda game ?? (f)

Some of my dice collection ?? (f)

Rise, Tarnished ⚔️ (f)

PS5 date? ? (f)

Come over... I have Lembas Bread ? (f)

Extended Edition and chill? ? (f)

Youve had breakfast, but what about second breakfast? ? (f)

Doom date? ? (f)

Got dice? ?? (f)

Playing Crusader Kings 3 ? (f)

Are you playing Resident Evil 4 remake when it releases? ? (f)

Just watched The Mandalorian! ? (f)

My twat is like lembas bread... ?‍♀️ (f)

Anyone else like The Thrawn Trilogy? ? (f)

Lets adventure in Middle Earth ? (f)

Lets go on an adventure in Middle Earth ? (f)

Pokémons Misty ? (f)

Gaming date for Valentines Day: what are we playing? ? (f)

What games are you playing this weekend? ?? (f)

Have you played the Dead Space remake yet? ? (f)

Which D&D class do you think I usually play? ? (f)

Tribute for your queen, Tiamat? ? (f)

Do you aim better than a Stormtrooper? (f)

What PS5 games should I play during my covid isolation? ? Nothing too intense, (f)eeling awful ?

Cast Mage Hand to play with my dice? ? (f)

I love PC gamers with dad bods ? (f)

PS5 date anyone? ? (f)

Like my dice collection? ? (f)

Roll for initiative ?? (f)

My idea of a date is talking about castles ? (f)

My Elden Ring strategy guide arrived! ? (f)

Written on the pages is the answer to a neverending story ?? (f)

Roll for initiative ?? (f)

Got a PS5 for my birthday! What should I play first? ? ? (f)

Mellon ? (f)

This is the Way ? (f)

Roll for initiative ?? (f)

Are you more interested in my book shelf or my d20? ? (f)

Anyone else love Alan Lees illustrations for Lord of the Rings? ? (f)

Get in, were reading my Alan Lee illustrated hardback of Lord of the Rings ? (f)

Do the magic hand thing ? (f)

Andor and cuddle? ? (f)

I finally got my copy of Spelljammer! ?? (f)

Let’s fill out our D&D character sheets together ?? (f)

Beards can be red, a blade can glow blue, theres only one precious... and that must be you ? (f)

Yes, I have a fiery Wookie Cookie ? (f)

So excited for Rings of Power in just a few hours!! ?‍♀️ (f)

Resistance is futile ?? (f)

Wanna be my personal Dungeon Master? ?? (f)

Who are you choosing as your starter in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet? ?? (f)

Wanna read about castles with me? (f)

I dont have much experience being a DM, wanna help me prep? ?? (f)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Redheads? ⚡️? (f)

Painting Warhammer undressed ? do you collect 40K or Sigmar? Or (f)antasy for those who remember! ?

Would you challenge Totoro to a duel to get to me? ? (f)

Playing Crusader Kings 3 as the empire of Scandinavia ?? (f)

There is a hint of Armageddon in the air... reading Good Omens this week ? (f)

Whose lightsaber is your favourite? ⚔️ (f)

Anyone here ever played Adventure Time Fluxx? ? (f)

Where are the bards at? ? (f)

Lord of the Rings themed adventure anyone? (f)

I went too far with my dice goblin shenanigans... (f)

Wanna play with your food? (f)

Naruto and chill? ? (f)

Invite me over to see your dice collection ? ? (f)

Roll for initiative ? (f)

One does not simply walk into Mordor... (f)

Wanna play some MTG? ? (f)

Liberty Leading the People - Eugène Delacroix (f)

I cast fireball ? (f)

Hello there ? (f)

Speak friend and enter ⚔️ (f)

Am I the droid you’re looking for? (f)

Anyone else playing Stellaris this weekend? ? (f)

Let’s play Doom Eternal! ? (f)

Happy Star Wars Day ? the Kenobi trailer was awesome - so excited!! ? (f)

It’s a mature jeans and D&D shirt kinda day ? (f)

Roll for initiative ? (f)

What’s your opinion on Rogue One? ? (f)

May the force be with you ? (f)

Gym leader Misty ? (f)

My Valentine’s date is gonna be my gaming PC and a whole lotta getting myself hyped up for Total War: Warhammer III ? (f)

I need you to make a Wisdom saving throw… (f)

The helmet stays on ? (f)

Who’s excited for Strange New Worlds? Ft. playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus ♥️ (f)

Let’s watch Book of Boba Fett with some snacks? ?(f)

My dice mask is my favourite ? do you have any cool masks? (f)

Totoro and I come as a package deal ? (f)

What are your opinions on Strixhaven? ? (f)

I’ll take… one adult red dragon to go ❤️‍?(f)

Any volunteers to re-watch Dune with me? ☺️ (f)

Have you read Adam Tooze’s The Deluge? What did you think of it? (f)

Start the year as you mean to go on… playing D&D! Happy New Year! ? May all of your characters live long lives, and if not… then may you have another one prepared ☺️(f)

Did you like the (f)irst episode of Book of Boba Fett? ♥️

Chaos ensues as I form the Empire of Scandinavia in Crusader Kings III… (f)

Did you choose Triss or Yen? ? (f)

Rikku (f)rom Final Fantasy X/X-2 ?

I hope you’re staying warm, and maybe drinking some Earl Grey ?? ♥️ (f)

Hello, Master ? (f)

Anyone ever (f)ound a copy of Morgenstern’s unabridged, original work? ?

Got my Tiamat (f)igure! ?♥️

Like my pussy? ? (F)

Shall we cuddle up and read a Discworld book today? ♥️? (F)

Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo ♥️ (F)

I will now be called (f)ireball, because my hair is pretty and red (and because I cast fireball ?)

It’s cold, shall we get under the covers and play Animal Crossing? ? (F)

It’s cold outside, wanna help Jiji and I stay warm? ☺️ (F)

(F)izban’s is the first alternate cover of my collection! I’m in love, it’s so horny ?

We should watch Tarantino movies in bed on this cold night ? what would be your first choice? (F)

Who is your favourite Loki variant? ? (f)

This is the way. (F)

Execute Order 69 ? (F)

Welcome to Endor ?? (F)

An elegant weapon ⚔️ (F)

Wanna duel? ?♥️ (F)

Binge Mando and cuddle with my plushies? ? (F)

Eisenhorn is some of my favourite 40k literature ?♥️ (F)

Pull the chain and make me your slave? ⛓ (F)

What’s your favourite Carcassonne expansion? Mine is Inns & Cathedrals! (F)

No wheat = defeat ? (F)

Whole lotta Eldritch Blastin’ (F)

Welcome aboard the USS Enterprise ✌? (F)

Come on baby, do the magic hand thing! (F)

Do we meet in a tavern? ? (F)

After this, there is no turning back… the choice is yours ?❤️ (F)

How does Grogu feel hanging out with Seven of Nine? (F)

Resistance is (F)utile…

I’m usually the warlock of the party… but today, I wanna be the bard ? (F)

Loth-cat wants cream ? (F)

A wild… redhead appeared? (F)

Aw, c’mon, puddin’… don’t ya wanna rev up your Harley? ?❤️ (F)

So what do you think the Blade Runner unicorn symbolises? ? (F)

What class/race vibes do I give you? ?(F)

History nerd in its hairy habitat, working hard to get a place on a Masters course ? (F)

Gifts, hit ‘em with Grapeshot. Beautiful deck… sorry that you had to find out I’m an Izzet player at heart ?(F)

Gifts, hit ‘em with Grapeshot. Beautiful deck… sorry that you had to find out I’m an Izzet player at heart ?(F)

Gifts, hit ‘em with Grapeshot. Beautiful deck… sorry that you had to find out I’m an Izzet player at heart ?(F)

Did you like WandaVision? ? (F)

Wanna give my Loth-cat some milk? (F)

Any fans of Earthsea? ? (F)

Don’t worry, it’s not real cum ? (F)

Do you see any board games you like playing? ? (F)

I guard my spell book very closely… ? (F)

Reading through Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything! Really enjoying Tasha’s sassiness ? (F)

Fellow 5e friends, what’s the book? ? (F)

Seven of Nine if she wore less… (F)

Has anyone seen Vision? ? (F)

The Borg were right? (F)

You’re slowly realising that the Warlock you encountered en route to the Silver Dragon’s lair, has charmed you into worshipping her body ? she likes to wear her clothes like this, making long rests difficult... (F)

You encounter a slut Warlock on your quest to the reach the dragon hoard in the icy mountains; alone and without direction, she wishes to join your orgy for she believes she could be of use (F)

A Pseudodragon will leave if mistreated... (F)

Is my nat20 enough to convince you to cum all over me? ? (I carry a d20 around my neck at all times, just in case ?) (F)

Can I be your Scarlet Witch? (F)

Are you joining me for some Mando fun? ? (Get the popcorn ready) (F)

Can confirm, it is frustrating to balance dice on a stomach... found a use for my prism dice though ? (F)

Wearing my d20 for luck... (F)

Which games do you see? (F)

40K or Sigmar? I personally have a lot of both on my to-paint pile, but the Sisters of the Thorn are definitely up next! (F)

Selling soul for a copy of Inns and Cathedrals > selling soul for a cantrip (F)

Perfect use for a Monster Manual? ? (F)

What do you see in the background? ? (F)

What do you see in the background? ? (F)

These panties are extra-galactic ? (F)

Do I get to go first? (F)

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