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I just love Hump Day, don’t you? (f)(oc)

Let out your wild side and give it to me (f)(oc)

Am I teasing you first, or are you teasing me? (f)(oc)

Hope you’re having a good Titty Tuesday! (f)(oc)

I want to feel your tongue all over my body (f)(oc)

What are you playing with first? (f)(oc)

Your breakfast is ready ?? (f)(oc)

I love a good shower head. Anyone want to give me a hand? (f)(oc)

Looking for a workout wife that can really make me sweat (f)(oc) ?

Let’s have our own Sunday Funday (f)(oc)

Double the pleasure. Double the fun! (f)(oc)

Housework makes me beautiful (f)(oc) got anything I can clean for you? ?

Wednesday Addams trying to celebrate Hump Day ?? (f)(oc)

Let’s add some motion to the ocean (f)(oc)

Riding my pillow and wishing it was you (f)(oc)

Hi there! Would you like to make an appointment ? (f)(oc)

Fresh out of the shower and wanting you to keep me wet (f)(oc)

Let’s stop the boat and let them watch (f)(oc)

Wine down with me (f)(oc)

What do you want to taste first (f)(oc)

Cum have a great Monday with me (f)(oc)

Will you please help me study (f)(oc)

I love a good stretch session in the morning (f)(oc) will you be my partner?

Where are you putting your tongue first (f)(oc)

Let’s do clothing optional yoga (f)(oc) what position first

Looking for my favorite rod..can I try yours (f)(oc)

Take it all off with your mouth (f)(oc) then what do you do

Panties and slippers only..and I’d be happy to take them off too (f)(oc)

If you’re feeling dirty, I can take care of that for you (f)(oc)

Let’s try out new yoga poses (f)(oc)

Can you clean me off so we can get dirty (f)(oc)

Ready for you to frisk me (f)(oc) touch wherever like

Can you be my new favorite thing to ride (f)(oc)

Tell me where you want to lick me first (f)(oc)

Wishing you were under me (f)(oc)

Are we sex before or after we go out on our date (f)(oc)

Let’s start the weekend off right (f)(oc) what should we do first

Boats n Hoes (f)(oc)

Boats n Hoes (f)(oc)

Be gentle with my sun burnt body (f)(oc)

Help me forget tomorrow is Monday (f)(oc)

Cum on a walk with me (f)(oc)

Soaked (f)(oc) keep me that way

Good morning. How do you like your coffee? (f)(oc)

How should we spend Saturday night? (f)(oc)

If I was your gardener, Id put your Tulips and My Tulips together (f)(oc)

I’m on my lunch break..sneak in the bathroom with me? (f)(oc)

Titties and tan lines (f)(oc)

Let me be your petite firecracker (f)(oc)

Let’s make it amateur beautiful in the kitchen (f)(oc)

Finish taking them off (f)(oc) what’s your next move

office up a sweat with me (f)(oc)

Where are you going to start(f)(oc)

Tuesdays are for breasts and tight tasty holes (f)(oc)

It’s Saturday night but let’s stay in (f)(oc)

Suckin or fuckin...jk we’re doing both (f)(oc)

Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue (f)(oc)

These are my favorite leggings but they’d look better on your floor (f)(oc)

What are you playing with first (f)(oc)

Easy access to all the goodies (f)(oc)

Do you want me to be a good slut or a bad babe (f)(oc)

Ass or tits..Jk play with both (f)(oc)

What are you playing with first (f)(oc)

Ready to ride. You can pick what (f)(oc)

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