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(FM) Getting a lil lotion for the burn

(FM) He can be such a tease,I want to take every inch of that dick

(FM) my hands cant contain them

(FM) Sips and strokes from the girlfriend

Some morning humps ? (MF)

(FM) Just a lil pre lovin fun

(FM) Trapped and wrapped

Purr for nip slip (f)

(FM) covering what is mine

Happy hump day everyone (f) ?

peek a bun (f)

Im gonna need some help in the shower any volunteers?! (F)

Eeee got an early Christmas present! (F)

(FM) Making eachother cum hard is one of our favorite activities;)

(F)reshly covered ahhhhh

(FM) Everyday is a sexy ride when you got what we have

Candle light can be so (f)lantering

staying cozy n dry on this dreary day, join me?! (f)

(F)resh from the shower ahhhh feels so good

Ghostie boobies are coming (f)or you

Just needed to (f)eel the breeze

Beast said sit, I obliged (F)

What would you do upon seeing this (F)

Sooooo smoooshie (F)

(F)lip me n bend me over 😉

Cum game with me (F)

Ahhh having so much (f)un posting today!

No pants allowed here ? (F)

(F) would you like waking to me like this?;)

Started getting pink then beast had to get some sleep, finish up where he left of(f)?!

In serious need o(f) a spanking

Lazy day lounging and a large ol nip slip (F)

Got a splinter and cant use a lighter, anyone wanna help a girl out?! (F)

Craving a good spanking (F)

The punishment has been chosen (F)

Need a light 😉 (F)

Just doing some a(f)ternoon stretches 😉

(F)eeling nipply

Think you can make me meow? (F)

Purrrr (f)or me

(F)eeling extra round this evening hehe

(FM) enjoying a night of naughty fun, you?

Bet you wish I was gaming in your lap 😉 (F)

Happy Halloween hehe (F)

Its bountiful opps I mean bootyful (F)

My lumps 😉 (f)

Waiting (f)or my beast to cum home to me

Waiting on my knees like a horny (F)

Just a lil late night topless gaming 😉 (F)

Pillows (f)eeling extra fluffy today

Lil sneak peak while our for coffee (f)

Lil wash up a(f)ter being made very dirty

Getting ready (f)or date night! ?

Now that I have my outfit on you can use the rest of the roll as you see (f)it ?

Think you can get my other hand? (F)

I got one hard, can you make the other match? (F)

Love how so(f)t my nip is in this pic, dont you?

(MF) Beast cums for his beauty at night

Gotta love toppless gaming! Try and guess what Im playing!? (F)

Cum take a sip you know you wanna (F)

Some hard nips (f)or your titty Tuesday 😉

Beat beast to bed now he is gonna have to work (f)or his spot

Just ordered pizza, does answering the door in this count as a tip? (F)

Oops I dropped the soap! (F)

A so(F)t touch is what I crave(M)

Love when my lips play peekaboo how about you? (F)

Ahh the water is a perfect temperature, wanna (f)eel?

When you get creative a(f)ter an orgasm ?

Beast really wants his beautys butt but shes just so tight, think it will fit!?! (MF)

Getting ready (f)or an adventure, wanna join?!?

I need help showing me how to put this on (F)

I(f) you can get the second hard Ill get you hard

Thinking o(f) hair redo, color suggestions anyone?

Ive got a second towel i(f) you have the time to scrub me clean

Take me to pound town (F)

(F)eeling extra naughty tonight, you?

Ahhh the breeze (f)eels awesome

Freshening the pillows before I fluff them (f)or you

Ahhhh all (f)resh now

Rise n shine my lovleys! In need of(f) a good morning cuddle!

Can this bookworm see your snake!?! (F)

You have me on the bed what next? (F)

How a beast tames his hot (f)

Let me wake you up with a smile (f)

Wanna tuck in next to me?!? (F)

The girls love when i take them (f)or a stroll

Need a huge spoon (f)or my afternoon nap

Even shadows have nips (f)

(FM) Clothing optional lazy days

Rainy days are purr(f)ect for curling up with a good book n boob

Junior and I are waiting for a goodnight kiss (f)rom a special someone

Be a good lil boy and I will let you have the key (F)

Your face here now please (f)

Im not sure I understand the concept of buttons (f)

Shower time! Sweaty knockers need a scubbin boys ? (f)

Blushing (f)or you

Anybody else want to take a turn holding them, getting to heavy (f)or me

How a good pet greets her master (f)

So hoping the neighbor looked up (f)rom their yard work...

Part my lips to (f)ind the treasure

Loving how white my nips are looking today ? (F)

I want to replace this with something a lil bigger? (f)

Any ideas what kinds o(f) games you can play with this?!?

Such a beautiful day (f)or a walk on the trails ?

Begging (f)or spank!

Any volunteers to help a kitty scrub (f)

Such a purrfect day for some fun in the (f)orest!

What a beautiful titty Tuesday! (F)

Wouldnt it be such a treat to wake up next to me (f)

Just a lil on/ off for yall (F)

Ready and waiting (f)or a spank or?

I wanna switch it up tonight (F)

You know you want to bend me a lil (f)urther

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