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Hello (f)

What is the couch version of a throne? Because thats where Im sitting right now 🙂 (f)

Its my birthday today! ?(f)

Dont mind the goosebumps on my ass! (F)

Its a tiny chilly 😉 (f)

I love how every womens body is totally different in their own way. We truly are some of the most beautiful creatures on this earth! (F)

Bored at work. What part of me caught your attention first? (F)

craving some sensual touches all over ? (f)

I want someone that really loves me (f)

imperfect, but Im still me 🙂 (F)

should I just give up on my life and become a pornstar? Hey you might all get to see my face because of it (f)

all Im good for, so enjoy (f)

flashing off my pretty thighs and smile 🙂 (f)

dont you wish you had a wife that looked like me? (f)

Why do the guys Im with always go soft around me? There must be something wrong with me, because it happens a lot (f)

Tell me something unique about me! something to make me feel special? (f)

I dont think Ill ever experience true love from another person (f)

laying on the Christmas couch (f)

Describe my body in your own words ? (f)

which side is better (f)

I wish I had monster boobs (f)

Its whatever (f)

Pale and pink (f)

I know theyre not very big, but do you still like them? (F)

Would you choose me in a room full of women? (F)

Am I special? (F)

How does my body make you feel ? (f)

For my bush lovers out there 🙂 (f)

please help me (f)

Im 58" curvy, pale, curly hair, petite tits. Am I anyones cup of tea? (f)

Heres my twat ? (f)

Would you ask me out if you saw me in amateur life? If so. Where would we go? What would you say? (F)

Take me on a date? (F)

Whats something about me that youre curious about? (f)

curves (f)

spread (f)

from the back (f)

I feel like when I stand far away from my mirror, I looked curvier. But then Id have to zoom in, and it becomes blurry. I still wanted to share the pic though in case you guys like it. (f)

Dont mind me (f)

What do they need to be a 10/10? (f)

Nude at work (f)

Heres my rear 🙂 (f)

So where we going for our date? (f) ?

feeling lonely (f)

Someone talk to me? (f)

heres my undressed body, since thats all Im good for anyways (f)

Dont be intimidated... (f)

Ive been gone for more than 2 weeks, has anybody missed me? Probably not... (f)

This didnt get much attention the first time I posted it, so Im trying again ? I love how my boobs look in this! (f)

Trying to appreciate my own hot ? (f)

I liked how my tits looked in this 🙂 Which parts of me do you wanna taste first? (f)

Showing off my curves for you 🙂 (f)

Come over and put your face between my legs ? (f)

Im imagining your hands on my body ? (f)

on/off lakeside titties ;)) (f)

Let me smother you with my thighs ? (f)

Hot enough for you? let me know (f)

I got bored in the car (f)

Ive been hating my tits recently. If someone out there likes them, please let me know ❤️ (f)

You can touch it if you want 😉 (f)

A sexy friend of mine gave me the brilliant idea to take some candlelight nudes, so here you go ? I hope you enjoy!! (f)

A small on/off for you 😉 What do you like about them? ? (f)

Do they turn you on?? (f)

Dive on in ? (f)

Ready for a smack 😉 (f)

Good enough to eat? (f)

My pretty petite body ? (f)

What poses would you like to see me in? ? (f)

What would you rate my ass? (f)

Almost all of me 🙂 (f)

Come slip into bed with me and we can cuddle ? (f)

Take me out to dinner, and Ill be the dessert ? (f)

Whats the first word that comes to your mind (f)

My body in the sunlight ? (f)

I feel like my tits get overlooked sometimes (f)

I prepared a sweet treat for you ? (f)

Will you be my valentine? (F)

Some valentines day lingerie for you all! ? Unfortunately I dont have pink or red, but black green looks better on me anyways 😉 (F)

Its my birthday so I thought I would share some of my cake 😉 (F)

Here is my body 🙂 (F)

For all the butt men out there ? (F)(21)

I need some attention, pretty please. (F)(21)

Im back. Here are my titties. Do you think theyre special? (F)(21)

How does my ass look? (F)(21)

Wanna taste? (F)(21)

Can somebody please help me upload a camera on here! I have a really good video, I just dont know how to upload it ? Im using the freeselfshotgirls app (F)(21)

Legs spread for all the professors of freeselfshotgirls 😉 (F)(21)

Good morning (f)

Who wants to take my panties off? (F)(21)

Can you help me learn to love myself? (F)(21)

Touch me? (f)(21)

Where do you wanna touch me? (f)

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