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When you suddenly wake (f)rom the most delicious dream, and simply cant go back to bed without finding relief...

Theres no way Ill sleep tonight without cumming (f)irst... Help a slut out??

Spread & stretch i(f) you please ?

Slit & soles for a particularly kind (f)an ? Any new requests for me this week??

All I (f)eel like doing today is spreading these legs for you

How can we make the most o(f) this beauty Sunday??

My (f)aces favourite place is in the pillows

My (f)aces favourite place is in the pillows ?

Hi... Am I having my intended e(f)fect??

Orgasms can help get rid o(f) hangovers... May I be of assistance this Sunday??

(F)uck me to sleep tonight??

Looking (f)or the sweet release I need so badly

(F)eeling all soft & squishy today ?

Youre done office (f)or the day... Come back to bed with me

Here to make an argument for staying in on a (F)riday

Are you (f)ree for a play date?? ?

Brushing up on the (f)iner points

(M)ake Me (F)orget My Name

You didnt think I was joking about the (f)orest, did you?? ? (From the archives)

Good morning (f)rom my terribly lit bathroom! ? Let me lead you in to the forest?? (Reposted for title issues)

So what do you say?? Can I keep you company at the o(f)fice tomorrow??

A(f)ter spending the day on my knees beneath your desk, will you stretch me out on top of it to work out all my kinks??

Could you use a thin desk pet around the o(f)fice??

Can you help me relax be(f)ore my interview today??

Care (f)or a glimpse in to my morning routine?? You can guess how we cracked that hairbrush ?

Saying goodnight with the last of my (f)irst full face set. Thanks for the love guys! ?

Lippy, drippy and waiting (f)or you to stretch me out

(F)irst face reveal... Im nervous af but wetter than ever

Toying with the idea of a (f)ace reveal lately... What would you do if you recognized me on the street??

Sunday nights (f)eel extra dreamy

I dreamt o(f) sucking dong all night and woke up soaking wet again

You asked (f)or the back??

What would it take (f)or me to get your attention on a Saturday night??

Lets play in the warmth of the a(f)ternoon sun

We could be (f)riends for the weekend

I should be sitting at that desk working on a hundred di(f)ferent things, yet here I am instead, begging to be spanked.

Ok ok... Last one (f)or the morning. Damn yall are distracting for a girl ?

I saved you hal(f) so you can have two breakfasts with cherries on top ?

Do you ever wonder i(f) the moon watches the sunrise?? This one does.

Head and shoulders, lips, and soles... (F)or those that answered feet last time ?

You checking out that ass, or my (f)eet?? You can tell me, Im not here to judge ?

Thirsty a(f) this Thursday ?

Been hitting a creative wall o(f) late... In need of requests & inspiration

Waiting (f)or Rain to Break This Unbearable Heat

Proper (F)ucktoy Form

Our (F)avourite Way to Pass a Saturday (M)orning

Splish splash, (f)un in a midnight bath

Looking (f)orward to the light of morning ?

I spy with my little eye... a pair o(f) scuffed knees

Basking in the glow o(f) these easy early summer days

Drag your tongue up these thighs & see what you (f)ind

Join me on the roo(f) where the neighbours can watch

Part o(f) a balanced breakfast.

Brie(f) windows of sunlight

Legs & lips (f)or dayyys (by 51 standards anyways ?)

(F)eeling oh so pensive on a dreary day

What do May showers bring (f)orth??

(F)ind me in the flowers

Break me in hal(f)

Would you mind holding the other end o(f) this leash for me??

A patient plaything waiting (f)or Sir.

(F)or the friend who didnt want to play tonight- Im still wishing you all the best ?

(F)resh & wet, for those who said they dont mind a tiny hair ?

I lost my belly button piercing and I (f)eel naked without it ?

Ready (f)or my spanking ?

Both sides at once... Youll have to bring a (f)riend ?

(F)or those who thought me better on my knees, Im inclined to agree. Conveniently enough, my booty was already stuffed ?

(F)or anyone who has a hard time finding it ?

Anybody else obsessed with that (f)reshly waxed feeling?? ?

Do I get to cum (f)or you??

Havent (f)ound a reason to get dressed yet today ?‍♀️

How are yall (f)eeling tonight?? ?

Trying to (f)ocus at office but all your messages are giving me goosebumps! ?

Consider this your (f)ormal invitation to join me at last ?

Steamy enough (f)or you yet??

Hanging out while the shower gets horny (f)or us... are you thinking about what well do in there??

Home (f)rom a late night run and need a shower... Tell me to take everything off.

Of(f) to work a double and dream about getting fucked in the backroom ?

A thin peek up my dress be(f)ore you go to work perhaps?? ?

How many spanks i(f) Im bad?? And would you promise to double it if Im good?? ?

I (f)ramed it for you and everything ?

(F)ly away with me??

Too beautiful to venture outside... Cum (f)uck me with the AC on high instead.

Sweetest dreams (f)rom your sweetest plaything ??

Good morning (f)rom the fire escape ?

Dont worry hun, Ive got lots coming (f)or you ? Guys, I have SO much fun with your requests! ? (Preview)

I just had to take a quick shot to thank you all (f)or being so good to me lately! ? Im here for every single one of you horny people ???

I hit 420 (f)ollowers (❤THANK YOU!❤) so I wanted to give yall some munchies ?

Good Morning! ? (F)rom your sweet small young ?

An itty bitty sti(f)fy to finish off petite titty Tuesday. Goodnight & sweet dreams ?

Do you like (f)reckles?? ☺

Begging (f)or your morning cum ?

(F)ar from home and in desperate need of a solid spanking & a good fuck. Goodnight, Sir ❤

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