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Moments before getting the second D in my P (F) (on Oct 27, 2022)

My (f) bloody pussy makes the best lube for anal sex!

I’m offering easy access to my soaked twat (f)

What would you do if you walked into this unlocked, non-gendered restroom at this restaurant and saw me doing this today? (F)

Had my (f) first 30-minute pump tonight (Jan 29, 2022).

He picked me up, drilled me, and I (f) let the cum drip out of me during dinner at the restaurant.

The first of 3 different-color fluids that came out of my twat today (f)

I’ve got men’s boxer briefs and a cock. What’s next? (f)

Me (f) slurping fresh cum from a tasty pussy

Wednesday night (f)un. I hope that my Sir enjoyed the show.

Peep show be(f)ore bed time

Seriously need to be fisted for once (f)

A still from the webcam of me being choked unconscious while getting fucked (f)

I had to finger my very wet slit before going into the grocery store just now (f)

❤️? (F)

Sneak peek from my session with my Sir (F)

Trying to fit 3 fingers in. My Sir wants me to train for his fist. I can’t wait. (F)

Does anyone want to cum and read me a bedtime story? (F)

Didn’t have time to put on panties today. Standing at my work desk. (f)

I’m ready for my panties to be pulled aside. Fimed tonight, Oct 26, 2016 (f)

A snapshot of what I got done on my lunch break in the car today at the work (Oct 26, 2021) (f)

Getting off work and wanted to flash my tits in the car while still in the parking lot (f)

Love pushing new dildos into my twat and the putting pants on and going out and cumming in public. (f)

Sir asked me to prove that I masturbated for him, so after this he demanded that shove my panties inside of me to show how wet I was (f)

Plugged with his schlong (f)

I was tied up and was forced to cum over and over. Usually I can push him away after one because I get overly sensitive, but not this time. I had so many I was going insane! (f)

Another one from my pussy-hook experience (f)

The first time I got choked unconscious. I came so sex hard! (f)

Wish I could get the webcam of this to upload. Yep, a hook in my ass. (f)

(F) Didn’t wear panties to office ?

Last one before I need to get back to work. - Laced in chains and ready to finger my bloody vagina last night. (Oct 19, 2021.) (F)

Ass up last night (F), before it got plowed

(F) Sir used the riding crop on me. I deserved it because I was very good. And when I’m VERY good, I get the belt buckle.

(F) Eating my man’s cum out of another woman’s pussy after he came in her. I made slurping sounds trying to get it all down. I even wiped the insides with my finger to get it all out. (This was probably is June 2021.)

(F) Just after he yanked the tampon out of me and drilled me hard last night. He came out nice and bloody afterward, and I loved it.

(F) Here’s a nice one of my Master making me cum last night as I begged him to please push a second finger into my booty

Because someone just asked to see my guy’s cum in me (f). This was a couple weeks ago.

(F) Between the fuckings last night. I am His Sweet Slut , always. We want more kinky suggestions

(F) Got me masked, collared and leashed a couple of weeks ago

(F) Outfit number 2 last night

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