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Sometimes you just need to get home and play with yoursel(f)

Pre-work shower (f)un is a great way to start a Monday

(f)ollow the chain with your tongue

What i(f) this was your desk instead…?

How do we (f)eel about the purple?

Been dreaming o(f) your cock at office all day today. May I have it now please, Daddy?

What would you do i(f) you were standing over me like this?

(F)irst time playing in my new lingerie and I like it so much, I had to play in the mirror

I want to be your (f)ucktoy

Any volunteers to help me recreate this with homemade cocks? I think it would (f)eel even better

Would you yank on them (f)or me?

Enough room (f)or friends to join me?

Would you (f)uck me bent over my desk at the office?

Can you (f)ill it for me please?

Is this what you want to see when you get home (f)rom work?

POV: I’m seeing your schlong (f)or the first time

I’d rather be (f)ull of your cum than mine

I(f) you came home to this… how would you react?

Would you (f)uck me even with no makeup on?

Anyone near MS wanna (f)ilm something with me?

Anyone hungry (f)or a midnight snack?

Captured the per(f)ect moment of me cumming after office today

How many loads (or (f)riends) would it take to totally cover my tits?

Swallowed one load and open (f)or more. Help a slut out?

Does my butthole look better when it’s wet? Would you join me (f)or a bath?

Would you rather shoot your cum over my (f)ull body?

The response (f)rom y’all was overwhelming! But I’d rather YOU spread me instead 😉

Consensus last night was that I should take the pants of(f)… is this better or should I spread them for you?

Do my new jeans (f)it nicely or should I take them off?

Sometimes I cream all over my dildo (f)rom thinking about you…

I think blue looks good on me… but does it look better o(f)f?

I couldn’t wait to get home and play with mysel(f) today. Should I cum or edge?

Is this as much o(f) a turn-on for anyone else as it is for me?

Titty Tuesday when the scrubs come of(f)

Another one (f)rom after work yesterday. I kinda wanna get a plug to wear to work but can’t decide…

Oh no! A bruise! Can you kiss it better (f)or me this #TittyTuesday?

Which would you rather have in your mouth? (f)

I love it when he (f)ills me

Bath time (f)or me!

Bath time (f)or me!

Had a lot of (f)un while I was at Target too! What if you had caught me…

Drove home (f)rom Target like this tonight! Don’t worry, I was wearing a seatbelt- I like to be restrained ?

Does the mirror office well (f)or me?

Anybody want to help me get dirty be(f)ore I get clean?

Anybody have love (f)or mirror selfies anymore?

Only (f)Ive minutes left in #TittyTuesday I hope I’m not too late!

#ShareSomeLoveSaturday (f)rom me

Tell me what you want me to post (f)or you

How could I make this better (f)or you?

Super sel(f) conscious about myself in this one- what do we think?

Want to have some (f)un with me on the couch?

Cum add more white stuf(f) to my body? Pleaseeeeee- I’ll beg

Would you prefer it was you instead o(f) my toy?

Thoughts on scars (f)rom a reduction? Are they still pretty?

Are my reduction scars a turnof(f) or would you still plow them?

I love tasting my vagina off my (f)ingers

Would you watch somebody else (f)uck me with my mouth between your legs like this?

Would you get out o(f) bed for me at this hour?

Should I lower it onto your (f)ace or your cock?

Your (f)ingers would feel better than mine- true or false?

which twat would you play with (f)irst?

I (f)ailed at not masturbating BUT I loved sucking my cum off my dildo after

Going to start watching porn and see how long I can resist (f)ingering myself. Suggestions or stories that might break me?

Is this a better view o(f) me licking my own DDD’s?

Would your hands be on my breasts or in my hair while I sucked you of(f)?

There’s room (f)or two in here- care to join?

Love getting home and taking my bra of(f). You can use your imagination about what comes next…

I(f) I tongue this nipple, where would your tongue be?

(F)irst time posting in here- enjoy!

Would you tell me i(f) you weren’t going to bang me? Or would you make me beg?

Wishing my lips were wrapped around my (f)avorite penis right now instead of my toy. Does it miss me as much as I miss it?

Do you think I should drop the towel? (F)

(F)ar from home and hornier than ever… idk why vacation turns me on so much

(f)orgot to pack a vibrator for vacation so making my fingers work. Give me good thoughts to cum to?

Thinking about posting to r/gwcouples … would you want to watch me getting (f)ucked?

Anybody care (f)or a midniht snack?

Which lucky freeselfshotgirlsor wants to (f)uck me next? I’m soaked just thinking about it…

Would my hole look this nice full of YOUR cum instead of his? (f) 24

Would you (f)uck me even though my stomach isn’t flat?

Very high and very hot ? Tell me something to for me to masturbate to (f) 24

Where would you give me my Valentine’s Day kiss? (f) 24

Would anybody like to (f)ilm with me? Why should I choose you?

Where would you want to cum? (f)

Let’s have some (f)un on my lunch break

Think you can make me wetter than right a(f)ter a bath?

You think I get this wet just (f)or you?

You think I get this wet just (f)or you?

Grab a (f)ist full of my hair and give me a vagina full of you please. I hope you know how bad I want you.

Anybody a (f)an of a lady in red?

Cum and take me please Daddy. You know you want to (f)ill me up

Would you (f)uck me in this or take it off?

Did you ever have a (f)antasy of fucking a cheerleader?

How do you (f)eel about girls that wear glasses and nothing else…

Go Navy! Showing some support (and some under boob) (f)or those who protect us

Got dared to drive home (f)rom another city like this. What would you do if you had seen me?

What i(f) you saw me playing while you were getting gas?

Could you tell I was playing with my rectum (f)rom outside the window?

Do I arch my back enough (f)or you?

What would you do i(f) you saw this in the window?

Would you (f)uck me with the window open like this?

Can I sit on your (f)ace and ride you after?

Which dildo would you rather be? (f)

Want to post a porn (f)or you but don’t know how. Teach me?

Wanted to see how much I could (f)it tonight. I kindof like how the stretching feels…

I’m already wet (f)or you. Come have a taste?

I spread them (f)or you. Now what are you gonna do?

Want to help (f)ill my mouth all the way up? Now taking applications

The water (f)eels so nice running over my nipples

Woke up like this (f)rom NYE alone- can you come give it a kiss?

Any other HeyDudes (f)ans out there?

Toy Tuesday instead o(f) Titty Tuesday?

I’m horny and masturbating isn’t doing the trick tonight. Give me some (f)un ideas to spice it up?

Which one do you want to (f)ill tonight?

Got my nails done- are you a (f)an of the color?

I’ll be waiting (f)or you under the tree tomorrow

Anybody got some mistletoe (f)or me? It goes right here

Need some red handprints and white drizzle to complete my Christmas out(f)it. Can you help?

I’ve been a good coed all year, do I deserve it in my rear tonight? It’s all I want (f)or Christmas…

Dear Santa, would you accept this instead o(f) milk and cookies?

Anybody else get really beauty when you shower at your (f)amily home? Or is it just me?

Where would you rather put your mouth? I’m (f)ull of choices 😉

Super (f)ucking hot today. Help me fix it?

Soaking wet playing with my dildo (f)or you

Is it bad my porn was on but my clothes were of(f) for my licensing meeting?

(F)or lunch today I wanted anal, but had to settle for a dildo instead

What’s your favorite part o(f) me?

“wanna have some (f)un in a hunting stand?”

(F)unny caption here

What do you want to put inside o(f) me tonight?

Think your (f)ace would look good there?

(F)inally got to take my bra off after a long day

Gonna play with mysel(f) tonight. Give me something to think about?

(f) What’s hotter- me or the water?

Had to shower of(f) on lunch break I was so wet from your comments

At my coworkers apartment this morning… whoops (f)

Wouldn’t it look (f)ire dripping with your cum?

Dessert is on the stove (f)or you if you want it

Do I look (f)uckable today?

Is WAP Wednesday a thing where you’re (f)rom?

Would you let me stop after I came once from DP, or (f)orce me to keep cumming?

Got a Bluetooth/RC plug, have some (f)un with me?

This tub is too large (f)or me by myself…

(F) I know it’s Titty Tuesday but can you show my vagina some love too?

Comment what you want to see more o(f)? Taking requests

Think that would be (f)un?

(F)inally home from office and ready to relax. Any suggestions?

(F)an of the black and white?

Would your penis make my pussy gape like this? (f)

So do I look better (f)rom behind?

Would I look better (f)rom behind?

Do my titties look better when I’m a brunette? (f)

Home (f)rom work and finally got naked. Care to join?

Sel(f)ie from the bathroom at school. Do they look better from the front or the back?

If I posted more videos, would you watch them? (f)

On Wednesdays we wear pink… to teach class (f)

Goodnight pic (f)or you 😉 sweet dreams

Girls that gape (f)or you. Turn ON or OFF?

A (f)ew hours late but can’t forget Titty Tuesday! Do they look better with or without the piercings?

Always been self conscious about my belly. Would you still (f)uck me?

Got cancelled on (f)or tonight. Will you come use me instead?

Shaved my hole because I’m having company over tonight 😉 would y’all want to see pics of what happens? (f)

Anybody wanna come share on my lunch break? Gotta grab it with your mouth though… It’s been a tough day teaching (f)

Snuck this in the classroom between classes. What i(f) you caught me?

Snuck of(f) from teaching to take this just for you 😉

This is what all teachers wear under their clothes, right? (f) Should I show you more at work?

Good morning 😉 (f)

I came so hard tonight thinking o(f) you. Want to come lick it up?

Am I wet enough (f)or you, Sir?

How do I post GIFs/videos? I want you to see how bouncy my breasts are 😉 (f)

The lighting was too good to take the time to do makeup (f). What stands out to you most?

Be(f)ore the breast reduction, for those that wanted to see…

It’s Merlot Monday! What type of content would you want to see more o(f)?

Give me something kinky to think about while I touch myself? It’s been a long day and I need to relax… (f)

I like to walk around with my boobs out and (f)eel the cold air on my nipples. Would you mind?

Would you be distracted knowing your teacher looked like this under her clothes? (f)

Are my scars a turnoff (f)rom my breast reduction? Would you want to see before?

One of my (f)avorite memories. Can anybody help me recreate it?

I hope they liked the view (f)

Your comments made me cum so (f)ast. Who can come lick it up before I have to go back?

Can anyone cum over and help me put on a show (f)or whoever is watching on my lunch break?

Should I (f)ind out how fast I can make myself cum on my lunch break?

Are you hungry (f)or a snack?

Anybody need some late night (f)un?

The other end is connected to my plug. (F)ancy a look?

(F)uck me while the neighbors watch?

This silk (f)eels so nice on me skin. Come take it off me?

Care to put your (f)ace here?

Would you like i(f) this was you?

Do you want to come home to (f)ind this?

I want something bigger than my (f)inger in my butt please

Wearing ebony makes me (f)eel hot

Wish I was getting (f)illed like this tub. Can you help?

I bet your bed is more comfortable than my (f)loor. Can I join you?

Do you want me to spread my legs (f)or you?

If I got this wet from my (f)ingers, imagine what your penis would do…

Can you help me (f)ind something to do tonight?

I hope nobody I know (f)inds this

What would you do if you (f)ound me like this?

Come help me (f)eel at home in my new kitchen?

(F) Anyone need a late night snack?

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