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After some new drama and life transitions, I’ve been away. But I missed you all ? (f)

So I heard y’all like vaginas (f)

Feeling happy today so here’s my butt (f)

When he thinks I’m 5’10 and 130 lbs, but I’m actually 5’6 and 99lbs. I’m already tall and unhappy about it. This hurts my body dysmorphia and doesn’t help my ED ?(f)

What would you do if you saw me looking out the window? (f)

Since y’all seem to love seeing my partial face and I’m drunk (f)

(F) not a very sexual person, but I love taking nudes!!!

These hips don’t lie (f)

The body of one who’s sexually frustrated and cock deprived: (f)

May not be well-endowed, but I hope the creativity makes up for it (f)

On/off of that innocent slut you see wandering in the city. (F)

My favorite ? pic I took (f)

Drunk & beautiful (f)

(F) feeling depressed today, here’s me naked

Woke up cold today, need cuddles (f)

Happy Eid! ? I’m going to hell for this, who wants to join? (F)

Couldn’t not take a revealed on this balcony ?(f)

Doesn’t my twat look (f)at here?

Please be gentle, they’re sensitive (f)

I sent this to somebody but I still feel like I want a bigger audience ?? (f)

I’ve been doing my squats. It ain’t much but it’s honest office (f)

Mirror mirror on the wall… (f)

I just want to take nudes peacefully in the plane (f) ??

I have no one to share this with ? (f)

Just stopping by to add some flavor to your morning (f)eed ??

Come and taste me (F)

(F)elt cute, wanted to share with some people

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