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If I’m busy, it’s because I’m playing with myself (f)

I hope this gives you some morning wood (f)

I hope you’re not afraid of some butt play (f)

Are you going to fuck me or should I do it myself (f)

Should I go to the beach like this? (f)

I missed showing you my sexy tiny body (f)

I missed showing off my beautiful little body (f)

I’ll have you covering me as soon as you wake up (f)

Is this what you wanted to see? (F)

I wonder if you’d like to see what I’m capable of (f)

I can’t stop playing with myself when I should be working (f)

I’m always too horny to get any office done (f)

I want you to pinch both my nipples (f)

Presenting my pussy for your pleasure (and mine) (f)

Big tits, large lips, now I just need a big cock (f)

I’m tiny but I don’t let it stop me from riding huge cocks (f)

It’s not just the lighting, I am a homemade bang doll (f)

Ready to be roughed up and tossed (f)

Mondays suck but I hope this close up makes it blow less (f)

For everyone stroking before bed and everyone just about to wake up (f)

I just need you to cover me in cum now (f)

Something to brighten up your Sunday (f)

Grab me by the ankles so you don’t slip out (f)

How I normally am while on freeselfshotgirls (f)

All you have to do is mount me (f)

You don’t need to wait for me to be revealed to (f)uck me.

Horny and waiting to be played with (f)

My butt looks so soft but you can still go hard (f)

I hope you’ll join me in wine tasting off my butt (f)

I have a husband but I still love making you hard (f)

I love spreading my booty for your pleasure (f)

A good woman always makes sure she looks inviting (f)

Not been feeling myself lately, but happy to be back (f)

I hope you love small rock hard nipples (f)

I love oiling up my breasts before I stroke you (f)

I just want you to imagine going in for the first time (f)

I think my nipples give away what I’m busy doing (f)

Horny with no one to play with. Anyone want to lend a helping hand? (F)

There’s no better feeling than sliding it down my throat (f)

I look like a bang doll but I also play the part (f)

My body feels tight, I need someone to stretch me out a bit (f)

I may look innocent but I love the thought of making you cum (f)

I hope you all like a good slutty Hotwife (f)

I hope you don’t mind a good slutty Hotwife (f)

Lighting is good but your cum would look much better on me (f)

The lighting is good but your horny cum would look better (f)

I can confirm, the innocent ones are the best sluts (f)

I can be innocent or I can be your good tiny slut (f)

I may be small but my twat can take the whole thing (f)

You’ll need to fuck me everyday if I’m your bang doll (f)

I hope you find me fuckable in blue (f)

I want you to cover my landing strip (f)

The only thing hotter than a good young is an oiled one (f)

I’m just hoping I can help you cum today (f)

I might be tiny but my hips can take a pounding (f)

I want you to squeeze my thighs while you fill me (f)

I wish you could reach down to feel how wet I am (f)

I’m too busy rubbing myself and imagining being used (f)

Feeling extra beautiful today (f)

Reach down and feel how wet you’ve made me (f)

I’m too busy on freeselfshotgirls and rubbing myself (f)

My dildo might look realistic but I’d still prefer yours (f)

I’m too busy being hot and rubbing myself (f)

Is it too early to be playing with my toys? (F)

I couldn’t be more in your face, I want to be banged (f)

Once my booty is spread for you, there’s nothing you can’t do (f)

I hope you imagine yourself covering my small nipples (f)

Something about my nipples makes guys want to pinch them so hard (f)

I’m pretty much sexy from the moment I wake up (f)

I always wake up beautiful and begging to be used (f)

This is me begging for you to give me what I deserve (f)

Don’t be shy, make me feel how hard you are (f)

Imagine how slippery I’d be as you pound me back and forth (f)

I hope you’re ready to watch my tits bounce while I suck you (f)

I hope my tits get you as hard as my butt did (f)

I get so wet you may need to grab my ankles so I don’t slip off (f)

I don’t know why guys always want to plow me in the ass… (f)

I don’t know why guys always want to fuck my ass… (f)

You can grab me by the ankles to make sure I don’t slip off (f)

I don’t know why guys always want to bang my ass… (f)

If I’m oiled up for you, you can use me however you want (f)

You can get me soaking just by playing with my sensitive thin nipples (f)

Going out with no panties makes me dripping wet. If only you could feel me (f)

Soaking wet after my first time with two guys (f)

I prefer not to wear panties when I go out. I want you to feel how wet I am (f)

I’d always make sure you had somewhere to splash your load (f)

I’d love to have you in between my boobs while you pinch my nipples (f)

I can’t let you get any closer than this or I’ll end up cumming all over you (f)

You don’t have to go easy on me unless you want to (f)

If you look closely, you can tell I’ve been a good babe (f)

I need a volunteer(s) to make me air tight (f)

This is the last thing you’ll see before I push your head into my twat (f)

I hope this helps explain my username (f)

Don’t be fooled by how delicate I look, you can bang me hard (f)

Don’t worry, I’m sure you can still stretch out my booty (f)

I love squeezing my boobs will my hips grind (f)

I love thinking about making you hard while I spread them (f)

I hope you don’t mind my thin sensitive nippiest (f)

I’m thin but built like a bang doll (f)

I can’t stop rubbing myself since my first threesome (f)

I hope you don’t mind my landing strip (f)

I get uncontrollably wet from attention (f)

I’m mostly boobs and ass, and I belong on your penis (f)

I hope you don’t mind me completely exposing myself for you (f)

Your attention has me rubbing myself on the bathroom floor (f)

I sneak away from my bf just to take nudes for you (f)

My butt is begging to be smacked and filled (f)

My nipples get so hard when you’re about to finish on me (f)

My hole looks like the perfect spot for your load (f)

I haven’t been stretched in awhile so I might be too tight (f)

Run your tongue from my strip till my butt (f)

Spank my butt and use me (f)

My breasts look so slappable, it’s a good thing I love it rough (f)

Imagine having a piece of ass to cum on whenever you want (f)

Please, just plow me. (F)

This is how I’d be for you whenever you shower (f)

I’m just begging to be sprayed in cum (f)

I always put in an effort to make my twat inviting (f)

I want you to grab my heels and put them behind my head (f)

I love making my pussy look inviting for you (f)

I’d love to grip onto you just as tightly (f)

(F) T-shirt should read: Can’t, I’m beauty

I was built to be used and I love it (f)

I know I was made to be used and covered (f)

Can you tell I’m craving attention and want to be filled up (f)

If you want to compliment me, do it with your cum (f)

Your pov after I’ve worshipped your schlong (f)

Impatiently waiting on the bed to be your teen (f)

Don’t think twice. Pull my panties to the side and fill me (f)

You can tell I’m in need of a good stretch (f)

I haven’t been fucked in 2 days. Wishing I had a dick to worship (f)

I want you to come over and play with my boobs (f)

Been hot all day, anyone want to help a woman out? (F)

How I present myself just before you climb on me and pound (f)

I can’t wait to blow you with my hands behind my back (f)

Don’t be afraid to choke me, you’ll just feel me get wetter (f)

Don’t be shy, you can put a thumb in my booty while I ride (f)

It’s hard to be innocent when my body has ‘fuck and cover me’ all over it (f)

Imagine how tightly I’d grip onto you (f) maybe a camera would help.

Staying at a hotel and haven’t been receiving any attention from my boyfriend. Anyone want to have (f)un with me instead?

If you lick my nipples, I can’t help but jump on your dick (f)

I’m always so ready to be drilled when you guys enjoy my pics (f)

I love having my breasts slapped and sucked (f)

I love having my tits slapped around and sucked (f)

I’m built for you to grab my hips and plow me hard (f)

You’d be surprised how rough you can be with me (f)

Your view as you lean your dong down my throat (f)

How I’m usually sitting when posting on freeselfshotgirls (f)

Imagine how tightly I’d wrap around you (f)

I love making you cum, I just wish it was on me (f)

Am I wet enough (f)or you?

I have plenty of butt to go around (f)

I hope you all like shiny asses and heels (f)

Would you prefer to watch or fill my ass? (f)

You’re not going to last long with this view (f)

I’d like to see the ‘after’ when you’re done using me (f)

I wish someone would help my bf cover my breasts (f)

I want you to reach down and feel how wet I am. (F)

Treat me as a canvas for you to cum on (f)

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