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(F)lareon and Eevee need more cuddles ? I need to find Jolteon and Vaporeon now..

Hey there Puddin’ ? what’s cookin’?? (F)

Hey there Puddin’ ? what’s cookin’?? (F)

Have you seen my Puddin’?? (F) ?

Have you seen my Puddin’?? (F) ?

Ready (f)or adventure!! ?

Ready (f)or adventure!! ?

(F)riday equals gaming late into the night for this thin panda bear ??

(F)riday equals gaming late into the night for this small panda bear ??

(F)eeling so lonely, but cute! Care to join in isolation..? ?

A petite tied up (F)

Please.. lots o(f) spankings.. ?

(F)eeling sleepy after a looong Monday.. cuddles please ☺️

Rolling around, causing shenanigans, just a typical Sunday (F)

Having too much (f)un playing with rope ?

(F)riday rear time ?

(F)eeling so cute ☺️

Let’s do something (f)un ?

(F) What a beauty morning, come soak with me ☺️

(F) Happy Hump Day ?

O(f)ficially one year older, let’s play in the snow ??

Oh no! I’m slipping it of(f).. happy Monday ?

Some boobies on a rainy Sunday (f)or you ☺️?

How about some nice rear (f)or your Saturday baby? ??

(F)eel free to take a peek ?

Good morning.. help me slip it of(f)..?

(F) Happy Hump Day ☺️?

(F) I like them cuz they’re see-through ?

(F)eeling ready for a new week! Happy Monday ☺️?

(F)eeling cute and ready to slip it all off darling..

Showing of(f) what’s underneath my dress ☺️

(F)eeling cute this morning ??

(F) Happy Hump Day ?

(F)eeling cute.. and ready for massages please ☺️

(F) Have a wonderful Monday darling ?

(F) Have a relaxing Sunday.. ?

(F) Come help me feel better.. ☺️

Happy (F)riday.. panda is feeling quite bold.. ?

I’m (f)eeling much better darling, come play.. ??

(F)eeling so cute this morning ☺️?

(F)or your Sunday morning.. come cuddle please ☺️

Any (f)un plans for your Saturday night darling..?

(F)eeling so feisty this Friday!! ?

(F)eels like a new year.. of panda booty ??

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