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(f)eel free to distract me. It’s going to be a long day- I need a barrage of dirty fantasies this elicits please please please

(f)eeling like feeling someone feeling me while I feel them… again

Good (f)ucking morning, y’all

How would you (f)uck me?

Suck on my (f)ucking tits, please

35(F) disappointed in myself, and suffering a deep sadness, I saw this, and its reflection of my disciplined self-respect for my physical body reminded me of my strength and beauty. It pulled my mind back up with it. That’s power.

35 (f)eeling like feeling someone feeling me while I feel them

35 (f) I don’t know. You fill in the blanks

35 (f) I need a distraction

35 (f) headed into a 2 hr meeting I don’t have to pay attention to. Would you freaks be so kind as to distract me?

35(f) holy hell my tits were so different when I was pregnant. That is the only thing I miss.

An all time (f)avorite of mine

In a new place. Need to break it in… (f)

35 (f) in the mood for anal. Takers?

(F)eeling some kind of way

One of my (f)avorites

35 (f)eeling wildly horny. I need some attention.

35(f) I’m stretching… and I need help with some of it.

A view (f)rom below

35(f)- free love, please

35(f) I hope you all have hot Sundays

35(f) -I want to have my unbridled way with someone right now.

35(f) what do you really, deeply desire when you look at my booty and pussy?

35(f)eeling particularly submissive. What do you want?

The moment I get home (f)rom work…

35 (f)eeling voracious. I literally just got banged but I’m craving more. It’s been 6 minutes ??‍♀️

I’m in the mood (f)or some 69

(F) breakfast nook, again.

My most commonly received picture request is scar + nipple + hair down | (f) |

Pitch me if you want this view while I (34 f) ride you. (hint: I’m animalistic)

34 (f)rontal

Here in the COVID ICU, we get dressed in a thin closet. But it has a mirror ?(f)

34 (f) getting ready for my shift

More battle wounds. (f)

I can’t focus. Advice for a 34 (f)?

34 (f)eeling so horny. I hope this first day of 2022 is filled with great banging

34(f)eeling like a vixen of sorts

34 (f) entertaining herself - What will be my fireworks tonight?

Y’all can thank an anonymous freeselfshotgirlsor for this collage o(f) my body

34 (f) just being honest— I need to get banged deep and rough

34(f) spending way too much time on freeselfshotgirls. Someone get me off

I’ll just place this picture of my 34 (f) butt right here

Some 34 (f) titties for your Monday

34(F) - Someone please come lick my breasts and my pussy

34(f) really wishing someone would take care of me. Like, properly please.

I’m a 34 (f) all by myself after a long shift. What a shame someone can’t help me get to sleep.

Sometimes I have to pullover in between home nurse visits (f)

What i(f) you were here now during my baby’s nap?

(F) Just need someone to take me please

34(F) - make me wet

34(F) single milf with a few ideas

34(f) I know I’m single because my booty can hang out without getting grabbed. I miss it. (Not him, just the ass grabbing, to be clear)

34 (F) ugh, Lifes been heavy lately. Distract me please.

A breakfast nook, where — breakfast is served 34 (F)

I’m feeling needy again y’all. 34 (F)

34 (F) will tell you how I got this scar if you treat my tits right.

34 (F) who wants this view?

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