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A small smile to get your day of(f) to a great start

Would you join the ebony side (f)or me

A shirt to match my shelf (F)

Lets roleplay (F)

A simple mirror selfie to wish you a wonderful weekend (F)

I got a new Anakin figure at the top of my shel(f) ?

Come collect my bounty (F)

Give me your best Slytherin joke (F)

Feeling a bit drawn to the ebony side (F)

Im the crime lord (F)

Lets watch the first episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi together (F) ????

Will you be my Han Solo (F) ????

No hard feelings, its just business (F)

Have a wonderful Saturday (F)

A little Ewok to brighten your day (F)

Who wants to take the role of Jabba? (F)

Sending some love for the week (F)

May the 4th be with you all (F)

This is the way (F)

Have a wonderful Sunday (F) ????

What games shall we play? (F)

We could be partners in crime ???? (F)

I challenge you to a duel (F)

Is someone looking for a princess? (f)

Do you like shy German girls? (F)

Can you beat me in a duel? (F)

Marvel comics or cinematic universe? (F)

Have a horny day ? (F)

We can watch sci-fi movies and cuddle together (F)

Can I be your reward for completing a game? (F)

Happy Monday ? (F)

Have an incredible day (F)

Theres nothing more attractive than liking GotG (F)

Fancy date or lazy day at home? ? (F)

Woolood you let me sit on your lap? (F)

Can you solve the puzzle to undress me? (F)

Join me in bed? (F)

Would anyone like to replace my Wooloo? (F)

Happy Monday from Germany 🙂 (F)

Have an incredible start of the week (F)

What series would you suggest for a binge night together? (F)

If you could visit any planet which would you chose? (F)

Whats your (F)avourite Zelda game?

If you could visit any planet, which would you chose? (F)

We should build a space ship just for the two of us (F)

Movie night at your place or mine? (F)

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