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(36F) Time to have myself an audio “listening party”

(36F) Up early and writing.

(36F) Still in bed at noon.

(36F) Having a good hair day

(36F) An audio editing day. Listening back for the 100th time…

(36F) Bit of light reading

(36F) First one awake today

(36F) Ugh, laundry. #milfproblems

(36F) With my thighs still wet and trembling

(36F) Lounging

(36F) I just love the lighting in this room

(36F) Cold here this morning! Need someone to help warm me up

(36F) A tiny New Year’s glitz

(36F) Sideboob!

(36F) Headphones on. Time to settle in with some audios

(36F) This game of strip poker isn’t going how I thought it would.

(36F) Freshly showered and off to start my day

(36F) There isn’t too much extra room in this bed, but I bet we could make it office

(36F) Cozy new sweater

(36F) Taking a break from late night gift wrapping

(36F) My dumb joke about nat20s would’ve worked a lot better if I had bigger dice (or smaller boobs???)

(36F) “Things to see. People to do.”

(36F) We’re in a hurry - just pull the top down and push the skirt up

(36F) On hands and knees on a hard floor (ow)

(36F) I hear it’s Thigh Thursday

(36F) Let’s stay in bed and spoon

(36F) Loving this gold nail color

(36F) Have a hotel room to myself tonight

(36F) Morning, y’all

(then20sF) A throwback, shared with sir’s permission

(36F) Bit nipply out, good thing I’ve got a blanket

(36F) Anybody for pancakes this morning?

(36F) Curls looked great this day

(36F) Enjoying a bit of Florida sunshine

(36F) Keeping warm in thigh high socks and a sweater

(F) Good morning from the birthmark on my left hip

(36F) Lazy Sunday morning in bed

(F) Autocorrect gone wild: tit ducking ?

(36F) Thinking about my freeselfshotgirls crush’s hands all over me

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