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What goes on under the table during dinner (f)

What’s on your mind..? (F)

Pre shower fun (f)

Who wants it after (f)

Hungry? (F)

Back to this (f)

After a 12 hour shi(f)t

New toy (f)

I f*cked someone (f)inally

So sadly, you’re seeing a person who’s still a virgin. (F)

I think I’m (f)inally losing my virginity tomorrow

Pre shower activities (f)

Dinner is ready (f)

Good morning (f)

Hello there (f)

(F)inally going to bed

I(f) you had me for the night… what would you do?

Welcome to my red room (f)

What would you do if you walked into the living room and (f)ound me like this

My (f)avorite and only valentine

Goodnight (f)

Taste me (f)

The longest day calls (f)or some fun

Come give me anal please(f)

The temptation to sit on this is so high (f)

Come lick this mess up (f)

I’ll take it from this position please (f)

Dripping (f)

Hey there(f)

(F)ingered tonight but not f*cked. Sad day

Can’t sleep (f) please help

(F) story time: last night I almost lost my virginity but I chickened out. Also the stud finished all over me.

(F) I don’t wanna go to bed

Good morning (f)

(F) make me cum

(F) I got a new toy and all I can say is wow who’s going to use it on me

(F) I’m ready for you

1. Yes I’m still a virgin, 2. The pants are off now (f)

(F) waiting to be used

(F) guess what’s happening under the blanket

(f) missed me?

The dude that I want doesn’t want me.. can someone make me feel wanted? (f)

(f) Replace my toy with you

Hand prints are missing (f)(19)

I’m beauty 24/7 someone (f)uck me already. Please.

(f) Scrolling through your pictures

(f)ill my other vagina

(F) This would probably look better on the ground, who’s taking it off?

(f)inally some alone time

Update: still a virgin and for those asking (19)(f)

(F)inally home

(f)eeling sleepy

(f) bucket list: 1. Lose my virginity

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