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Can I be your fuckdoll? (F)

Would you like tits for breakfast daddy? (F)

Am I too dirty for you? (F)

Been ghosted and lied to. Cant you just love me for me? (F)

Needing to know that someone would still fuck me(f)

Looking for someone to manhandle me.. (f). Don’t keep me waiting…

Can you hurry? Mommy is waiting for you… (F)

Hopping in the shower. Would you wash my back? (F)

My husband wont plow it… would you?….. (f)

Hearts are for Valentines. They are also for my ass. Would you be mine?(f)

Sometimes I just need to show my butt (f)

Am i underdressed? I know it is winter but it is intercourse sexy up in here (f)

Do you prefer with or without? (F)…..

Saturday’s are for sucking. Which will you choose?(f)

You are cordially invited: Please RSVP. Will you cum?(f)

PROCEED WITH CAUTION……. Dangerous curves ahead….. (f) for my butt lovers

Fuck, lick, suck or bite? (F)or other suggestions?????

Want to sit in mommy’s lap? (f)

Help wanted: must be proficient with your tongue. Apply inside (f)

Can you do me a favor? These breasts need sucked (f)

Sneak a peak….. you want to see more? (F)

Want to lick my candy cane? (F)

Breakfast is served…(f)

Have you seen my panties?(f)

“If you think i’m sexy.. and you want my body….. come on baby tell me so….?? (f)

I think you need some cream in your coffee (f)

Would you lick this clean? (F)

Do you want a taste? (F)

Where will you release your load? Tell me… (f)

Busting out. I hope you don’t mind (f)

Was this rear made for fucking? (F)

Is it time to (f)uck?

Like my vagina floss? (F)

Peter peter pumpkin eater(f)

Who wants to Ride? (F)

Is there enough room for your cock? (F)

I really like my boobs sucked. Biting is acceptable too (f)

Good morning my Loves (f)

Unzip my shorts? (F)

Are they Nipple-icious? You want? (F)

Who wants to see more? (f)

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