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Kids are watching TV, join me for a quickie? (f)

these nipples appreciate your attention (f)

Recommendations for new panties (f)

Happy Chinese New Year, I’m celebrating with my favourite toy ? (f)

Shall we start a book club? What’s your favourite erotic novel? (f)

Oops, looks like you’ve walked in on mum in the shower (f)

Oops, you seem to have stumbled on mummy in the shower (f)

Peek-a-boo (f)

Spread my cheeks and lips before sliding in….? (f)

Use your fingers to gently spread my lips before sliding in…. ? (f)

Spank me, Daddy. (f)

Can you guess what my nipples are saying? (F)

So, am I a mother you’d like to (f)uck?

Touching myself whilst in lingerie always hits different ? (f)

Gently lick my areola’s, you won’t be the only thing getting long and hard (f)

Got chocolate milk? (f)

(F) Can I turn you into an rear dude

Pull ups stay on (f,34)

Not so innocent in white(f,34)

(F) Slide right in boys ?

Imagine me under your Christmas tree (f)

Oil them up and slide right in (f)

Boobs, butt or thighs? (F)

hope you enjoy breasts and sheer white lace stockings (f)

breasts and pale lace sheer stockings (f)

Any thigh-ass lovers? (F)

(F) Do you dip your cookies in milk? ? ? ?

(F)Your very own chunky double choc chip cookies ? ?

Wore this under a small brown dress to the school PTA meeting (F)

I’ll melt in your mouth like a Marshmallow (F)

(F) Can I turn you into an booty man?

(F) Do you know what to do with my massive areolas?

(F)I’m waiting for your tongue ?(OC)

Wanting to be pinned up against the wall and plowed (F)(34)

Wanting to be pinned up against the wall and plowed (F)(34)

The best type of wardrobe mal(f)unction ??

Anyone else pleasuring themselves tonight (f) ?

Can someone please pry my thighs open (F)

Does anyone enjoy horny chocolate in the morning? (F)

Good morning (F)

(F) Starting to experiment with BDSM, orgasm denial drives me wild ??

(F)eeling artsy tonight ❤️

(F) Hope this cures any Monday blues

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