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Come (F)ind out how wet I get when I smoke.

Good morning, how about a smoke and stroke be(f)ore work? 😉

Let’s just get high and (f)uck all day, how does that sound?

Promise to pinch my nipples when you take a hit? (F)

Come take a hit, I know you want to 😉 (F)

Take a hit, and do anything you want to me. (f)

Come take a hit, I packed this bowl just (f)or you.

If you smoke me out, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. (f)

Let’s share a blunt and get high and horny. (f)

Wanna come take a hit? I think we will have some (f)un.

I(f) you get me high enough, maybe I’ll let you see what’s underneath.

I wish I was smoking revealed in bed instead of working. Who agrees? (f)

This is the view you would have i(f) you were smoking with me in bed

I(f) I out smoke you, you don’t cum until I tell you to. If you out smoke me, I’ll do whatever you want.

Let’s smoke a bowl together, and then I’ll let you touch me. (F)

Who is going to share this blunt with me? Smoking makes me so so wet. (F)

Let me sit on your (f)ace while I hit this.

Anyone want to smoke this blunt with me? (f)

Let’s (f)uck all day and share this blunt

Who’s down for a Monday night smoke and stroke? ;D (F)

I wish I was sitting on your (f)ace and smoking this blunt.

Smoking a(f)ter getting railed is a game changer.

Maybe if you’re good you’ll get more of a sneak peak 😉 (F)

I think you should replace this vibrator with your cock. (f)

Can someone shove their schlong in me and make me cum? Please? (f)

(f)uck, I’ve been craving riding penis all day. Someone help me?

I can definitely see another vagina that’s needs to be (f)illed

Good morning! This is how I will be waiting for you until you get home. (f)

Someone come cum deep inside my pussy please (F)

Who is going to let this desperate emo bitch suck their cock? (f)

Wouldn’t it be (f)un to fuck me like this?

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