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3 posts today; none of them tits! Un(f)athomable. Happy Titty Tuesday. ?

A(f)ternoon delight?

I’d bet my bottom dollar that hourglass figure on/of(f) pics never get old.

Full frontal, clear definition, no (f)unny business. ?

These cheap, old jeans don’t (f)it right anymore. Can’t you tell? (On/off)

Professional -> suddenly very unpro(f)essional

Dessert be(f)ore bed?

On / Off / Completely Of(f)

Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, freeselfshotgirls. (F)

(F)inally bought a tripod and light. Teach me how to use it?

Dripping ? (F)

Last day by the beach. Pros (f)or going home: privacy, creative freedom. Con: less reasons to walk around half naked.

On/Of(f) Swimsuit Titties. ? And yes, they love to be sucked.

Sagittarius risings are supposedly characterized by long, strong legs and hindquarters. Don’t know about all that but... (F)

I snuck this on/of(f) while fixing dinner for my grandma. Where does that leave me, virtue-wise?

I want to be stretched. ? (f)

Ode to the (F)ertility Goddess

Where shall we begin? (F)

Slippery when wet… lucky (f)or both of us, there’s a lot to grab.

Tan Line Update 2.0 (f)

On/O(f)f Cozy Beach Night

Washed the day of(f). Now what?

Success(f)ul beach day. 🙂

Start your day by slurping down some… co(f)fee?

Good morning. Ready (f)or a day of posts?

Want to help me track the progress o(f) my summer tan?

I love the (f)eeling of pulling a wet swimsuit off after a sunny day. <3

Treat your hands to a nice, chubby ride. (F)

Got a thing (f)or rushed work selfies? Almost got caught.

Sugar, spice, everything nice. (F)

What are you staring at? (F)

Happy Thor’s Day. Got a hammer I can use? (F)

The light in my of(f)ice is hitting just right. Ah, Sunday Funday. <3

Good morning stretch. <3 (F)

Pretending to be a good slut (f)eels sooo good.

Bored teen Sunday (f)unday.

Can you help me? My hands are (f)ull.

Quickie be(f)ore work?

Thick thighs save lives. (F)

Hope your (F)riday night involved some tension release. 😉

Such a shame to take these of(f)… blue really suits me.

(F)inished Working. Bought some clothes. Time to play.

Paused housework to show of(f). ?

Heard some o(f) you like artsy photos with weird angles. 😀 can oblige.

(Insert clever title with mention of (f) here)

Got called (f)oxy by a coworker today. 🙂

I do love a cozy (f)it 🙂

Hair is (f)or pulling. 😉

Curves: Protection (f)rom the Cold

Can you (f)orgive my too-tall thigh highs?

Here’s some soapy tits (f)or your Monday. 🙂

(F)eeling Clean Everywhere <3

Now accepting tips on ass pics. (F)

I(f) I ask nicely… will you come to bed?

Imagining snow and a (f)ireplace

Oh, the weather outside is surprisingly un(f)rightful…

Post-Shower (F)lannel

Travel makes me beautiful (F)

Travel makes me sexy (F)

(F)ull Figured

Com(f)y Cozy

Slippery when wet. (F)

Last night’s shower was missing a (f)ew things…

Wet (F)ertility Goddess

Would you help warm me up? (F)

(F)riday nights are for releasing tension, and taking nudes helps me. Hope they help you, too.

Happy birthday to me ? (f)

Hump Day ? (f)

(F)inished voting… time to exercise some freedom. 🙂

No one to rip my clothes of(f) when I walk through the door… guess I’ll do it myself.

(F)ridays on the Couch ?

(F)inally, some sweater weather.

Any love (f)or that “just rolled out of bed” look?

Late to class to post this. (F)

(F)lawed & Feminine

So(f)t ?

Cozy (f)riday night


Con(f)ession: I have dirty thoughts about a coworker.

Lace Appreciation (F)

Happy why not show your (f)ace Wednesday. 😉

Con(f)ession: this is an ironic titty Tuesday post.

(F)inally Home ?

Masks + not being able to take my bra of(f) = Mondays are rough.

(F)riday Night On/Off

(F)airly Curvy

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