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Thinking back to the morning outside a beach hut in Bali (f)

Coffee and back to bed (f)

Glass of wine babe? (F)

Too subtle? (F)

Sitting on the balcony with coffee (f)

Come for a drink at my topless bar (f)

Wrap up warm (f)

Moms sleepy, cum and suck, ask for a boudoir shot (f)

I want to please the men who don’t get much, come her please (f)

Mom says bedtime (f)

Take me to the opera (f)

Come and lie down with me babe. How’s your day going? (F)

Started working as a topless waitress last night (f)

I wanna be ur partner (f)

Get home from work, roll a spliff and come to bed. Suck my nipples ans I’ll stroke your cock until we both cum. Then let’s head out to dinner (f)

Coffee and then back to bed? (F)

Meet me for a drink(f)

Cold morning here, can warm me up? (F)

Let’s have a nap before your buddies cum over (f)

Cum to bed with milf (f)

Come home from work, take a nap with me after sucking my breasts while I stroke your schlong until we both cum (f)

I want to spend the night with you and your girlfriend (f)

I think I’m large enough to handle two men, but would you want to share me? (F)

Drink wine with me by the fire (f)

Nuzzle my nipples while I stroke your cock. Then let’s go out for dinner and wine (f)

Had a boudoir shoot, what would you want to see next? (F)

Come home, roll and a spliff and let’s take a nap together. You can suck my nipples while I stroke your cock (f)

Walk down that beach with me (f)

I’ll make you a coffee and come back to bed (f)

Roll a spliff bed time (f)

Moms here for the ones who need, if you’re lonely, sad, depressed, widowed, come to bed and let me comfort you (f)

Take me to bed with a spliff, lick my nipples slowly while I get your penis hard (f)

You’ve had a long day babe, cuddle me by the fire (f)

Treat me like a lady until we get home (f)

Meet me at the bar? (F)

Oh to be back by the river (f)

Not my normal style, but this is a boudoir shot taken last year, is this better than my normal stuff or no? (F)

Out with friends (f)

Snuggle up by the fire with me baby, how was your day? Dinners in the oven and I’ll grab you a beer (f)

Let’s play where’s the soap (f)

Smoke a spliff with me with me and then let’s hang out in the steam room (f)

Get back from office and join me in the bath babe. Let’s soak and then head to bed? (F)

Make me a hot chocolate, it’s bed time babe (f)

I’ll be you mom(f)

Lie down and drink milk, I’ll get your penis hard slut (f)

Come home to me, roll a spliff and suck my breasts while I enjoy a glass of wine. Then let me stroke hour cock while you get high. (F)

My local art school needs live undressed models. Do you think they’ll want me? (F)

This is after the jacuzzi confession (f)

After work let’s get into bed, have a spliff, you lick my nipples gently until you’re hard, and then cum inside me. Nap and then head out for dinner? Am I wife material? (F)

Let’s have lunch in the garden babe?(f)

Sunday morning lie in, make a cof(f)ee and come snuggle up

I’m your new neighbour, come round for a drink?(f)

Need an afternoon coffee break (f)

Bedtime babe, roll me a spliff (f)

Let’s have coffee on the balcony, I love the morning sun (f)

Please take me somewhere public, undress and and lick my nipples (f)

Mom needs to you to have a bath, then dinner and bed (f)

Cum here and let me look after you? How are you feeling? Lay on my lap and let me stroke your hair. Talk to me slut xx (f)

I’ll be wife and wait for you in bed a(f)ter work?

Cof(f)ee in bed sweetheart?

Are you ready for your massage sir? Can I get you anything? (F)

Bedtime honey (f)

Mom wants to take care of you, cum and fall asleep, let me stroke your hair (f)

Moms ready for bed, bring a glass of red wine and a spliff (f)

Let’s find a cozy corner in a wine bar coed (f)

Come take a bath with mature (f)

Mom’s here. What do you need honey? Come lie down with your head on my knee. I’ll look after you (f)

Taken by the pool at a hotel least year. Around seven in the evening just next to the bar, with a big party sitting and having a beer (f)

Early morning on the balcony for coffee, join me? (F)

Mom’s here, let’s have dinner (f)

End you day by taking a nap with me babe, pour a glass of red and let’s cuddle (f)

Ready for the jacuzzi with your buddy (f)

Halloween is coming, trick or treat? (F)

I own a high end bar, welcome and what can I get you? (F)

Come over for dinner? (F)

10 minutes to suck on this I feel sexy as (f) uck

Last one just (f)eeling sexy night all

For 20 mins only this is me right now (f)

Invite your (f)riends round to watch the game babe

What should I wear for our first date? (F)

Your waitress is ready (f)

Cum get in the jacuzzi with me (f)

I’ll make you a co(f)fee and come back to bed

Teaser (f)

Got caught in the rain, help me dry off? (F)

Come and sunbathe with me on the deck? (F)

Want to see more(f)

Sitting in the neighbors garden (f)

I’ll be your server tonight, what can I get you? (F)

Your masseuse is ready (f)

Time for bed (f)

Working at the topless bar tonight (f)

Let’s sunbathe on the deck (f)

Get steamy with me (f)

Thinking of heading down to the river. Come with me? (F)

Volunteering at the hospital today (f)

Need to cheer my neighbors up. Going over for coffee (f)

Trip to the beach? (F)

I want a three way. Two guys or a stud and a girl. Who are you bringing with you? (F)

Have breakfast in bed with me? (F)

Out walking the dog. Care to join me? (F)

I’m curious, this has been liked by more gay men than straight. Tell me why?(f)

Bars open, who can I serve next? (F)

Do I give you wife vibes? (f)

On a break with my coworkers (f)

Will my customers like this look for Happy Hour? (F)

Love giving the guys a flash when I serve their drinks (f)

Let me sit on your knee? Your friends won’t mind will they? (F)

Took a walk in the rain (f)

Ready to meet your friends (f)

Hi (f)

Bed time? (F)

Teaser (f)

Come and keep me warm (f)

I have a serious kink for an old dude to wine and dine me while I’m topless (f)

Hiking yesterday, had a whole lot of fun with two strangers ? (f)

Come to bed with me and drink Ted wine (f)

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