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are you eating my rear or my vagina (f)irst? x

i’ve had so many requests for cute lingerie, enjoy (f) x

dinner’s ready ?? (f)

will you grab onto my hips or my thighs? x (f)

shy girls are always the (f)reakiest >.<

respectfully asking for your attention hehe ??(f)

a cute lil work on/o(f)f… would you call me into your office? ?

hello again it’s been a while, let’s talk~~ (f)

hi again fssg >.< it’s been a tiny while, did you miss me? ??(f)

can i be your valentine? (f) ?

are you into athletic body types? (f) ?

swimming on/of(f) - come & watch me get wet? ??

a quick small gym version of on/of(f) ???

do you know what else is so(f)t & pink? ??

i know i always ask you questions on here, but this time ask me something instead? (f) ☺️?

are you going to pin my hands above my head or behind my back? (f) ??

the most popular request was a on/of(f) so here’s me in my work clothes hehe - let me know if you want to see more ??

my ass is missing a (f)ew handprints don’t you think? ??

what’s your (f)avourite position? xx

do i make your imagination go wild? (f) ??

i’m 5’6 - does this mean i’m tall enough to ride? (f) ??

i’m of(f) to bed now, but how would you wake me up? ??

goood morning gone wild, what would we be doing i(f) we had a whole sunday together? ?

describe me in one word (f) ?

sooo, i heard you guys like my thighs? (f) ??

the panties i was wearing le(f)t some marks, would you leave marks on me too? ?

imo (f)it girls are better because we can bang all day xx

loving the morning light today ?? (f)

looks like there’s a gap between my thighs, can you help me (f)ill it? ?

goodnight fssg ~ have a (f)antastic day <33

a tiny bit of on/of(f) hehe… which do you prefer? <333

lay me down & let’s play (f) <3333

gooodnight fssg, would you pre(f)er to use my titties or my thighs as a pillow? >.<

just something simple hehe (f) do you like pierced titties? ?

(f) just posting a tiny hello/goodnight to anyone who might be in bed too, it’s so warm & comfy here… what would you do if you were in bed with me? >.<

hey everyone!! (f)irst time posting - how is everyone’s night going?

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