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Love a bit of me time ? I invited my (f)ist toy and satisfyer to join me

They call it a satis(f)yer for a reason! I feel very satisfied ?

You in the mood (f)or a coke? ?

A(f)ter 6 weeks of recovering from surgery, it feels so good to have my Mega Chubby back inside ?

Ready (f)or a licking ?

Bury yoursel(f) deep inside!

I(f) dude wasnt meant to eat pussy, it wouldnt look like a taco ? Happy Tuesday lovelies!!

If your le(f)t leg was Halloween and your right leg was Thanksgiving, would you let me come for dinner between the holidays? ?

Think you could get me this wet? ? (f)

Starting a new job tomorrow, so taking the day to have some much needed me time ? (f)

If only my wings could help me (f)ly. Id fly straight to you ?

(f) Thinking about you ?

Legs up. Plug in. Waiting for you to (f)ill me up

When youre in the middle of a workout and your titties decide they wanna be (f)ree ?

Happy Hump Day my sexy friends ? (f)


Cum play with me ? (f)

Do we love a prolapsed pussy? (f)

Waiting (f)or you

Sometimes you have to take care of things yoursel(f)...

Its Frisky Friday! Hell, lets make it a frisky weekend ? Im even (f)reshly shaven

36 and Ive never had a one night stand. I must be that good...they keep coming back (f)or more ??

When youre wet and theres no one around to take care of it (f)or you ?

Boobs and coffee. What more could one ask (f)or on a Monday? ?

(F)uckable and suckable ?

If you date me, theres a high chance Ill wake you at 4am (f)or sex. Sorry ??

Its rear appreciation day ? how shall we celebrate? ? (f)

Happy Valentines Day ❤ (f)

(F) Balls deep ?

Come cuddle (f)

Daily reminder to hydrate ? (f)

Does not want Monday to come. But you sure can ? (f)

Im ready ? (f)

The crowning jewel (f)

Got new shower (f)oam and just had to recreate this video scene ?

36 years old and my breasts still look amazing. Better even ? (f)

Spent the day cleaning but Im ready to make another mess. What do you say...wanna get messy with me? ? (f)

(F) My hole would look good on your lips ?

Need a good (f)uck session

My POV ? (f)

Random curiosity: How many guys here actually know how to make a young squirt? In my 35 years only 1 dude has managed it with me. (F)

(F)eeling cheeky ?

Would you (f)uck me like this?

Better than leftovers and a better way to spend Black (F)riday ?

Ready and waiting with your co(f)fee ?

Take a ride down the tunnel of love ?? (f)

Think I need someone elses hand to help me out ? (f)

Can you please come tend to my needs? ? (f)

You walk into the kitchen and see me like this. Whats your next move? ? Happy Hump Day! (F)

May I please borrow your mouth? ?? (f)

Take me from behind while I play in the (f)ront ??

Love how wet I get during anal play ?? (f)

You guys o(f)ten say I post stretching content without flashing the here, this is result of todays stretch sesh ??

Return o(f) the plug. You guys asked for it ??

Took a break (f)rom the heat ?

(F) Your view if you were standing above me right now ?

?Spread your wings and learn to (f)ly?

Ready and waiting ? (f)

Good morning lovelies ? Its (f)lirty Friday! Youre cute. Can I keep you?

(F) Psst...its Hump Day. Are you thinking what Im thinking? ??

I lost my hand. Can you help me (f)ind it? ?

Lips of honey. Eyes of (f)ire ?

(f) Exams are starting to take their toll. Please come de-stress me ??

This is how youre supposed to eat an apple...right? ?? (f)

Wings are on the menu tonight ?? sneaky warehouse (f)loor shot...dont tell the boss ?

what did you see (f)irst? ??

Can you handle me? They say Im a hand(f)ul ??

sitting here thinking about what we would be doing i(f) you were here ??

Relaxing on the couch. Come join me ? (f)

something is missing...oh are ? (f)

Its Titty Tuesday, so come play with the girls on their special day ? (f)

Battle of the (f)avourites! Which do you prefer. My eyes or tits? ??

Happy Monday lovelies ? Hope you all have an amazing week (f)

Happy Sunday lovelies ? Lets have some (f)un before the stress of another office week begins ?

Break(f)ast is served ?

Press me up against the glass and take me (f)rom behind ??

We go home the day a(f)ter tomorrow. Gonna miss the quiet of the country...but excited to reunite with all my toys ??

Happy Hump Day lovelies! Lets not disappoint the co(f)fee gods...we should get to humping ???

Good morning lovelies ? Happy Titty Tuesday ? (f)

I lost my hand ??? (f)

We made it to my dads house ? (f)

Happy Monday lovelies ? going away for a couple days! Look (f)orward to some outdoor content ??

Dinner is served ?? (f)

Will you be the Robin to my Batman? ?? (f)

Saturdays are (f)or staying in bed all day! Who wants to keep me company?

Whos hungry? ??? (f)

Pull my pigtails and ride me into the weekend! Happy (F)riday lovelies ❤

Theres always a wild side to an innocent (f)ace ?

Join me in the shower? Lets get messy be(f)ore we get clean ??

Spread your wings and learn to (f)ly ?

Good morning lovelies ? the weekend is so close! I have a child (f)ree weekend...time to get naughty ??

Happy Titty Tuesday lovelies ? (f)

Someone mentioned I never post my ass?? give the people what they want (f)

(F) Happy Titty Tuesday ❤

Which would you replace? (f)

Happy Titty Tuesday! Would love you to slide up between the girls today ?? (f)

Child (f)ree and office free week means more time to office on myself ???

Whole new meaning to game play ?? (no joycons were harmed in the making of the photo) (f)

Saturdays are best spent lazing around in bed. Wanna join me? (f)

(F36) Just giving you something to think about ??

(F) Care for some iced tea? ??

Wet for you ?? (f)

Replace my hand with yours ? (f)

Good morning lovelies ❤ Im very sleepy this morning. Can someone please come help wake me ? (f)

(F36) Your mouth and or dong is required ??

(F) Cubone and I are hanging out playing Stardew Valley. Happy Friday ?

(F) Whos going to fill the other hole? ?

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